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Friday, August 03, 2007

My First Rock Concert

I went to my very first real rock concert on August 2/07! Now don't get me wrong - I have been to concerts in my lifetime. I've seen Tom Jones twice, the Fifth Dimension, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Anka, Leonard Cohen and others but they were more like "concerts," not real ROCK concerts. This was what I'd always dreamed of - feeling the bass as it soared through the ground and up from my feet to my chest where I could actually feel it in my body! Oh baby! the sweet smell of Mary Jane wafting amongst the beer-swilling aged hippies! Dancing and swaying on the spot and raising our arms as though we were praying to an actual god! Singing along and screaming our joy as the music pumped us to a frenzy! John Fogerty was absolutely fantastic and I was young again!

Check out this link for decibel levels: http://www.coolmath.com/decibels1.htm


geewits said...

Better late than never! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Josie said...

Leslie, as Geewits says, better late than never. And who better to see than Fogerty?

leslie said...

Right ON!!! ;D

HeiressChild said...

hi leslie, we're getting better, not older, and having more fun as we do it. glad you and josie had a good time. rick james had a song about mary jane. i thought it was about a lady for the longest time. *lol*

jmb said...

It sounds as if you two really enjoyed yourselves. I've never been to a rock concert so I guess I never will.

pekka said...

My goodness, Leslie finally lost her virginity! ;) I was sort of snickering about it for a little while until a realization hit me hard - I have been in only one rock concert. Providing, that the early "Chicago" can be classified as a bona fide rock band. Where my problem arises with a live rock concerts is the loudness of the music and noisy crowds. Yes I know, this is the whole idea and the feeling of being a part of something large than just yourself is supposedly what we humans are wired to enjoy. Call me (justifiably) crazy, but I love more intimate surroundings for listening even if it is rock.

the walking man said...

To be honest Leslie if i named every R&R show I had ever been too this post would be nothing but names of bands and most of them were free to get into because when I was younger two chicks I knew were expert at grubbing up spare tickets from the crowd.
But as i have said before my last show was July 26th, 1979 because as i sat there rolling up joints and passing them along, stoned on two hits of mescaline, I realized that to the people who were really into the Rolling Stones

raising our arms as though we were praying to an actual god!

actually were turning r&r into their religion and By then I had pretty much cast off the religion of every type.

But that was then and this is now, I am glad you got out to see Fogerty, I hope his voice was as fine as it was in his younger days and that you got a little buzz on even if it was from second hand smoke. And what's the matter with aged beer swilling hippies?

I like the thought of my roots before i aged and joined the military lol



Josie said...

It's bizarre, but Deer Lake Park held more people than the usual "stadium rock concert", and most of the folks there were really young. Fogerty sounds great, just like he always did, unlike Bob Dylan, who for some reason sounds like a woman now. I paid a fortune to see him a couple of years ago, and I was really disappointed.

leslie said...

Seeing Fogerty was an unforgettable experience, but the ringing in my ears has only now finally stopped. At the time, I was wondering at how many decibals they had rigged the sound because I had taught my students about the dangers of listening to music through those little earplugs. Check out the link I added to see that a rock singer screaming in a microphone is higher than human's pain level.

Sienna said...

Good fun!

Hope the ear drums are ok....I reckon he would give good noise, would John..
We have Creedence/John days here at the farm, I so love his music.


Open Grove Claudia said...

Well hurray for you!! I'm so impressed that you would be willing to try something new - and a ROCK concert no less. Our return to rock concerts came with the Blues Travelers at Red Rocks. The people next to us were doing "G" not pot. Different crowd I guess.


Belizegial said...

Sounds like fun was had by all, except for the decibels and the Mary Jane *lol*

I like the carefree photo of you at the rock concert :)

By the way, thanks for the link to Mukhtar Mai's story. I want to read more about this as I had no idea such tragedies were taking place in Pakistan.

Sunday greetings,

Anonymous said...

Someone asked if early Chicago was really a rock concert. You bet. Chicago in 1972 or 1973 was my second actual concert. My first was definitely in 1972. This gentleman was the lead act for the Guess Who at Cleveland's Blossom Center. I was 14 and wondered what that funny smell was.
The embedded video was from his James Gang Rides Again last year.
I also saw John Fogerty last year.

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