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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Pennies for Luck

I heard on the news yesterday that this weekend, Labour Day, is second only to Christmas for retailers making big bucks. Unfortunately, it appears that most people are being extremely circumspect in their buying right now. Kids are getting the essentials for the start of the new school year - paper, pens, pencils, binders, shoes, etc. - but the clothing racks remain full.

We have friends in the Okanagan region of BC (a huge tourist mecca for Canadians and Americans alike), but the hotels, motels, and B & B's aren't getting the business they've had in previous years. At first I thought it could have been because of all the forest fires in the region, but the friends say that doesn't appear to be the reason. They feel it's the economy.
My daughter needs something "decent" to wear to an upcoming wedding this month. She's decided that since she's injured her knee and won't be able to dance anyway, she's only going to get a new top to go with basic pants. I bought a Nygard silk swirly printed skirt on sale about a month ago and am going to wear a basic black Tee with it.

Seems we all need to watch our pennies these days. I remember a little rhyme my mother used to say. It went like this:

Find a penny,
Pick it up,
All day long
You'll have good luck.
It might be a good idea to heed this bit of advice these days.


Maggie May said...

In England it is
*Find a PIN and pick it up
And all that day you'll have good luck.*

Some of my best finds have come from charity shops..... but don't tell anyone!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Guess we all react to "recessions" this way - think twice about non essential spending! In these days where people expect what they think they need, immediately, on hire purchase or credit card, the concept must feel strange. Even now that I own my own house outright, I am putting off refinancing for any renovations - it is fine - we can manage, it doesn't leak!

Always loved charity shops - why pay more than you need to - it pads out a wardrobe and keeps the kids warm.

Liz said...

Or 'Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.'