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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

DELTA gets the Torch, Part Deux

Okay, well I went down to the festivities and it was SO exciting! Actually, the build-up was almost more fun than when the actual torch went by. I got to the school early and then went out to the sidewalk to help herd the kids until all the adults finally just gave up and let them scream and run out into the street to their hearts' content.

There was a juggler, juggling lit torches, and he was fantastic! "Mr. Spirit of Delta" came by and my friend got a shot of us together. Flags, big and small, were waved and most people were dressed in red and white - several Canada hockey jerseys were seen and lots of the official Olympic mittens. I was given a pair of "Light the Spirit of Delta" gloves that were designed by the mother of some students from my school and they kept my hands warm as we waited impatiently for the runner. It was sunny today, but cold, and I wore a heavy sweater and one of Lorne's sweatshirts underneath his official Canada Hockey team jersey, so I was well-padded.

Before the torch came by, there was a little parade of sorts. There was a blue Royal Bank of Canada truck with guys on the back screaming and hyping up the spectators as well as a red Coca Cola truck - both are official sponsors of the Olympics. Lots of Delta police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police were present and Vanoc trucks. Community representatives were giving out hot chocolate and huge red apples and a Coke rep came by with triangular Coke/Canada flags and bottles of Coke. Too bad the Royal Bank wasn't giving out samples!

Finally, after a very long wait with excited and anxious children and adults alike, the young woman jogged past holding the torch high in her hand. She was flanked by Vanoc officials jogging beside her to keep the crowds at bay but it was an exilarating moment, to say the least.

And then it was all over.

However, excitement is mounting by the minute now, as the torch went through the tunnel to Richmond this evening. It'll be heading through Stanley Park (Arnold Schwarzeneger is running there, by the way!) and then over to West and North Vancouver until it comes back via the Second Narrows Bridge into Vancouver where Michael Bublé will run with the torch for a ways.

And finally, on Friday night someone will run into the stadium with it. No one knows who it'll be, but there are usually a few people who run it to the end. Remember when Muhammed Ali stepped out onto the stage to light the flame in Atlanta in 1996? What a surprise that was! There's lots of speculation that it might be Terry Fox's mother Betty who will light the flame on Friday night, and I think if it is, all Canadians will be extremely proud!

Lorne is now at work until 1:00 am and when he just called, he was hoarse from yelling at the venue. Things are hopping down there as tomorrow is the final (big) dress rehearsal. He's working anywhere from 12 to 16 hour days right now! Everyone involved in security is stressed to the max and tempers are short...but it's all going to be fine in the end.

Friday night is opening night and I have 3 girlfriends coming over to share in the excitement as we watch the spectacle on TV. I'll hang the Canadian flag in the family room and we're all going to wear something red. We'll eat dinner off our laps if there's time between all our "oohings" and "aahings" at the show.

And I know that I will cry from pride when the 200+ Canadian athletes enter the stadium, led by Clara Hughes, a four-time Olympic medalist in cycling and speed skating!


Tumblewords: said...

How exciting!!!!!

Paula Scott said...

That is exciting to be able to witness that! We can't wait for the Olympics to start too!
Thanks for taking me there to witness this!

Powell River Books said...

We had the torch come through Powell River last Wednesday night. We were heading up Highway 101 and the car was stopped to let the torch bearer pass. Perfect for viewing, but too dark for any pictures. Somehow the Coke truck and band just didn't seem in tune with the Olympic spirit to me. I think it would have been less commercial to just have the torch bearer without all the hype. My two cents worth. - Margy

Jedediah said...

I like the last picture best, it captures the mood after somethnig so exciting happened really well. Great narrative!

Andy said...


RuneE said...

That must be called a very appropriate D! The 1994 games were in Norway and I recognize the excitement. Good Luck!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

So much excitement happening..and you and your girlfriends will have so much fun...You do take this all really seriously don't you :-)

lv2scpbk said...

Great posts. On behalf of the ABC Wed. Team, Thanks for participating in ABC Wed.

Roger Owen Green said...

And I'm guessing that next week will be E for Exciting! This is way cool.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Liz said...

You look fab! I hope you have to lots to cheer about!