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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

X is for eXtra Difficult Days

I couldn't decide which X word to use this week, so I decided to just update everyone on news of some things we've been going through lately that have been extra difficult.

A week ago Monday, Lorne had his second chemotherapy treatment, which is bad enough. But by 7:00 pm he was shivering and shaking so badly I took his temperature - turned out it was around 104F. I dialed 811 (the Nurses' Hotline) to ask if I should take him to emergency and the answer was definitely YES! So off we went, where he stayed overnight. He was put in isolation immediately and tests showed that he had an infection somewhere in his body. IVs were started - saline plus antibiotics. Around 3:00 am, his fever was still at 104F so they had to put him in an ice bath. He told me it was like torture! That helped and between that and another bag of IV antibiotics his temperature finally came down to normal. It took a day or so more for him to feel better, especially since the oral antibiotics he had to take (2 different kinds) made him sick to his stomache.

Something else that was Xtra difficult was that my friend had breast cancer surgery on Tuesday. Luckily, it was only a lumpectomy - so far. Now we're waiting for the biopsies to come back to see if she'll need more surgery. However, she's already been told she'll need chemo plus radiation. I went over to stay with her on Wednesday and today I drove her to pay her property taxes (I had to pay mine, too) and then we went to the school (my former one) for her to check out her office. We went out for lunch before I dropped her off, looking a bit paler than she had been when I'd picked her up. I hope she'll have a good rest this afternoon.

Back to Lorne's treatment...this morning he had to have a blood transfusion because his red blood cells are very low. So that was Xtra difficult for him to go through. I hope it helps with his fatigue as he gets depressed that he can't do much. Then he's seeing his GP to try to get into a program where he can deal with some issues of depression and anXiety.

Thursday, July 1, is Canada Day here and we're going to a neighbourhood street party. We'll wheel over our barbecue, lug over a couple of tables and some chairs and have a rip-roaring Xtra special time.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends!


Beverley Baird said...

What a challengoing, difficult time for you both. You continue to be in my prayers.
May Lorne begin to feel better as does your friend.
Take care of yourself!

Sylvia K said...

Like Beverley, I continue to hold good thoughts for you both. Such a difficult time for each of you. I do so hope Lorne and your friend will be doing better and better! I know this has to be so difficult for you!


Shrinky said...

You are simply amazing, dear Leslie. I do so hope you take a little time out to care for yourself, too. Like all your other friends who have also have grown to know and love you, I'm holding you and yours in my thoughts (x).

photowannabe said...

So sorry to hear how difficult things are for the two of you. You are definitely in my prayers.
Enjoy Canada Day and try to relax a bit.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh Leslie, my thoughts re with you dear Dxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I wish you and Lorne Xtreme happiness, and that all his medical eXams and X-rays come back clear, and that you can eXchange your vows very soon. You deserve it. :-)

nancygrayce said...

I hate that you are having such a time! I know it is difficult .....I went through radiation and chemo with Russell's dad and mom....neither one had a problem with depression thru it all....helped them and us!

Thinking of you!

ρομπερτ said...

One would love you to take all strength away that I call me own.

daily athens

Roger Owen Green said...

for someone i don't even know, i think about you and your xtra difficulties a few times a week.


ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry for your struggles. I have a friend whose son is going through much the same thing. She's having an Xtra difficult time too.

Nydia said...

Leslie, I'm so sorry for all this, and I do hope things get better and your Lorne is back to his self as soon as possible, as well as your dear friend. Hang in there, and take a look at the many love vibes being sent your way. You're wrapped in friendship love, and this is good.

Kisses from Nydia.

Carol said...

I had chemo after a mastectomy two years ago, and I think what I did most of the time was sleep. I had no energy and not a lot of interest. But we got through the treatments and life got much better. Now I feel great, although my energy level is not what it was before. But then again, I'm older than I was too.

Paula Scott said...

Xtra hugs to you both! Sounds like you can use them for quite some time and it can never be enough.
Cancer can bring about gifts in the most unlikely ways. May those gifts keep coming at you in abundance!
Happy Canada Day!

Tumblewords: said...

Wishes of good luck coming your way! eXtra difficult is not fun.

Mara said...

I hope Lorne and your friend will start recovering. In the mean time: have a great Canada Day!

Reader Wil said...

Dear Leslie! Sorry to read that you have had such a bad time. I hope that things will brighten up soon.Take care!
I wish you happy Canada Day tomorrow.
Thanks for your visit. If you can't open the video, you'll probably can find it at Youtube if you search under Xavier Rudd. Next week I'll have another video about the yidaki, which is another word for didgeridoo.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

hi Leslie, I cannot say more than these other lovely people have, but thinking of you and Lorne at this Xtra difficult time.

Take care Anne

Daryl said...

Leslie! I have heard from David who sent me your regards ... we are trying to find a time/place to meet .. he said his list was like this

See Daryl
See Empire State Bldg

I told him I suspected where they are staying he will see the ESB before he sees me!

Hope Lorne is on the mend soon!

Gayle said...

The street party sounds like a nice diversion from all that you've been going through. I hope it lifs both your spirits.

Liz said...

Hope you have a great Canada Day and that lorne feels up to enjoying himself for a short while.

Love to you both. xxx

Shrinky said...

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Canada Day!

Smalltown RN said...

Leslie...what a challenging time for the two of you....ah cancer and the side affects of it's treatment and all the stuff we throw at it. I hope Lorne gets to speak with someone about how he is feeling...that is so important.

And you my friend....try and be good to yourself as well.

I hope Canada Day was a fun day for you. You are in my thoughts.