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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Q is for QUIET

The following is from a post from Round 9:

When I was in Grade 7, my Mom attended the annual Parent/Teacher Conferences because my report card had indicated that I was "reticent" in class. I had never heard that word before and was, therefore, terrified that I was in some sort of trouble. I later learned it meant "quiet," but my mother could not believe the teacher had written the comment for the correct student. However, it appears I was indeed "reticent" in class - quite the opposite of what I was like at home. We all had a good laugh and I never again worried about what the teachers wrote on my report cards.

I am naturally a very optimistic person, full of good humour, and with an internal strength when confronted with life's indomitable difficulties. However, there have been times (as my regular readers are aware) when life has knocked me down flat on my face. It has been during those times when I have needed the quiet moments to build up the strength to go forward. 

Now this:

My dear Lorne and I have been dealt another blow - the doctors have found 2 spots on his liver and he needs 3 months of pre-op chemotherapy to be followed by surgery in August.  Some of my regular readers will recall that when he had chemo in 2010 for colon cancer, it almost destroyed our relationship.  However, we worked hard and are now happy and content together.  We have talked it out and know what to expect this time - both physically and emotionally - so are prepared for what is to come in the next several months.   He has already had his first treatment and is not feeling well - at all.  But the doctors have assured us that they need him to be as strong and healthy as possible for the surgery that will follow so the treatment shouldn't be as hard on him as the last time.  Plus it's half the time, too.

So whenever I have a quiet moment, I send up prayers for him. And I ask that you might also do the same, even though you only know of him through me (and I'm only a "virtual" friend at that).  I do know one thing - he has lots to live for and hopefully, that will pull him through.  We just filled in a questionnaire for the hospital and one thing that was asked was "What do you enjoy doing to take your mind off your worries and stress?"  He answered: photography, working on his car, and taking the dog for walks.  He also enjoys gardening, but apparently that might be too physically difficult for him because of the PIC line in his arm.  So he's feeling a bit down about that.  But today he took the dog for a swim!  Well, Lorne didn't swim, but the dog did, and he really enjoyed watching her go for the sticks he threw with his good arm.

Anyway, he's having a quiet time of his own right now while the dog has her nap.  I will leave you with some photos of him enjoying his time with Tegan. She's his "brown-eyed girl" you know! 
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jill said...

You are both in my thoughts Leslie and I will say a little prayer for Lorne and send you both lots of love and hugs.Im sure that Tegan brings lots of smiles to your faces in her lively and quiet moments.Love Jill xx

Roger Owen Green said...

Sorry for all of your difficulties. you have had an up and down time, but you seem to always persevere.


ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Melanie said...

You both will certainly be in my prayers. I'm so grateful for your honesty. Serious illness can seriously strain relationships. Pain, suffering, and exhaustion can bring so many ugly things up to the surface. I hope this time, because of what you both have learned and grown from in the past, that it draws you closer.

I know for me, bending down to garden can really wear me out. For whatever reason, it inordinately strains my heart. However, I can garden with plants I place in a windowsill or on a table out back fairly easily. Perhaps Lorne could try starting or tending a plant he never has before that is small enough for him to tend easily while sitting in a chair or standing for a few minutes at a time? Now may be a time to see if he can train one to grow in a fun shape. Just a thought. I know when my health prevents me from doing something I want to do fully, there is usually a way I can still have a sweet taste of it, if I can get creative enough.

As for you, Leslie, what a trooper you are. I think buoyancy is one of your special talents that you've developed over your lifetime. It doesn't mean you won't get pulled under, or that you won't be incredibly tired during the long haul, but it does mean that you will find your way up to the surface eventually, raising others upwards with you as you do.

anthonynorth said...

Sorry to hear about this. Am thinking of you both.

Ann said...

That is another hurdle but we will pray he will overcome. I'm quiet too but have my very loud moments.

Carver said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll be sending out good thoughts for both of you. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you and your Lorne. We may all be virtual friends here, but the thoughts and good vibes and prayers we're sending are real.

Meryl said...

I am so sorry to hear about Lorne and will keep you in my heart and prayers!

Hopefully your strength will help him as well.

All the very, very best!!

photowannabe said...

You are strong Leslie and are so good for Lorne.
I will keep you both in my prayers.
Tegan will be a blessing to both of you too.

Hildred said...

Prayers and good wishes for Lorne, and for you as well, Leslie. Keep hope alive..


So sorry to hear, I am quietly sending good wishes. I hope you find many quiet moments, alone and together, in coming days, weeks, months.

Reader Wil said...

Oh Leslie, I a m so sorry to hear your Lorne is ill again. I remember the first time he was treated for cancer. I'll think of you and pray that he will soon feel better again. Your slide is very beautiful and a great show of Lorne and the little puppie. They look both content in eachother's company.

Liz said...

Leslie, so sorry to hear this. I will remember you both in my prayers. Keep strong and upbeat! And enjoy Tegan. xx

Martha said...

Praying for your dear Lorne.

I don't believe any of you out there are really "virtual" and I don't think I have any "imaginary" friends. I just pinched myself and I'm real, so I'm believing you are too.

Joy said...

My thoughts are with you both, hope things go well at the hospital. Sweet slide show of the twosome.

Lise said...

Healing thoughts with you both. Enjoy the quiet times, and know that things will unfold just as they should. Peace to you both, quality will follow:)

Shady Gardener said...

Thank you for sharing the concern both you and Lorne have. Prayers fr sure.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Quiet times - often alone - are such wonderful healing spaces to settle stressful thoughts. I too enjoy a walk with my camera to ease pressures in life! It is good to enjoy and appreciate that the beauties of small things live on!
Wishing you positive, inner strength at this time!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hahaha, so you are like my son because he can't stop talking at home but the teacher said that he is quiet in class lol.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team