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Sunday, May 11, 2014


As I'm sure my regular readers will remember, I got married last week. It was a magical day, from morning until we fell into bed exhausted.  I was tired for the next several days, but continued to keep going on the adrenalin rush.  I looked at all the photos, decided which ones to keep, had them printed and had a couple enlarged to put in frames.  My friend Wendy used to be a professional photographer, so that and coordinating the wedding plus hosting the "after party", was her gift to us.  What a priceless gift from a priceless friend!

The "after party" was a rip-roaring rousing success, too!  Most of the guests continued with us into the evening with a rib-tickling barbecue of chicken, beef and pork kebobs, Greek and Caesar salads, roasted potatoes, and Greek-style rice.  Dessert was whatever was left over from the "tea" plus more wedding cake.  Also, the wine was flowing, margharitas were frothing, and the beer was foaming!  The lights in the trees twinkled under the crescent-shaped moon and everyone from the bride's side and the groom's side mingled to become fast friends.

daughter Jaclyn did my makeup for me

daughter Jamie helped out at the "tea"


At the party, we played what is called the "shoe game," which I'd never heard of before.  Wendy asked us a bunch of funny questions and we had to raise either our own shoe or our spouse's shoe to indicate the answer.  This was probably the question "Who spends the most money?"  lol  I'm a saver; Lorne is a spender! 

And so... back to reality.  The house needs cleaning and the dog needs walking.  Our honeymoon is on hold due to Lorne's need for one more surgery (serious hernias) and we don't want to travel anywhere out of the immediate area until that is dealt with. 

So on Saturday, I took Tegan for our morning walk at Ladner Harbour Park where we stroll the trails, take a break to play Frisbee, and stroll back to the car.  We were almost to the junction where we'd cut up to the car, when suddenly, a tree root reached out and grabbed my foot!  I did a belly flop right onto the side of the trail in the grass, and felt my right ankle go...yes, the one that had just healed from two breaks just eight months ago! 

At first, I thought I might not be able to breathe, but I managed to get up on my hands and knees and took some deep breaths.  Thankfully, Tegan stayed right with me.  Then an older lady came along with her dog and helped me get up onto my good leg, but I couldn't put any weight on the right foot.  Neither of us knew how I was going to get back to my car, but then I saw a couple I knew from church and they came over to help, too.  Long story short, I called Lorne to tell him the ambulance was coming, Candy would drive my car with Tegan home while her hubby Danny followed.  Then, Lorne should come to the ER. 
I am now back in the boot I rightfully called "Frank" (from Frankenstein) and awaiting a call from the orthopedic surgeon for an appointment.  The ER doctor said it appeared that the ankle did not heal properly and it was difficult to tell if it's broken, but he feels I should see the orthopedist for a second opinion.  So, it's going to be rest and relaxation (again!) for me for a while. 

Oh, and one of the questions in the "shoe game" was "Who is more likely to be injured?"  Well, duh!

Have a resounding week, everyone, and remember to give thanks to our resplendent Denise, the creator of ABCW and to our rabble-rousing Roger, our administrator! (j/k Roger!)


Roger Owen Green said...

Congrats, again. Looks like a great time. I never heard of the shoe game either.

Trubes said...

Dear Leslie I just loved the tale of your after party, looks like really good fun and the pictures are very good too.
So sorry to learn of your accident, your poor ankle, you must rest it now, You could do with an electric scooter type chair, like mine, so you can get out and about. In the UK there are places to hire scooters for emergency use.
May be there is such a facility in Vancouver?
Love Di..xx

mrsnesbitt said...

I LOVE having parties! Wayhey! xxxx

Shirley Davis said...

'Yes', to the party! 'Uh oh', to the accident. 'Not sure', to the shoe game - all those smellinesses!

Get well soon, Leslie, you've got a whole lot of married living to do.

Shirley Davis said...

'Yes', to the party! 'Uh oh', to the accident. 'Not sure', to the shoe game - all those smellinesses!

Get well soon, Leslie, you've got a whole lot of married living to do.

Shirley Davis said...

Please delete the repeat, then this one, Leslie. My hand trembled.

Liz Hinds said...

Oh no! Leslie! Those tree roots can be so sneaky!

The party looked and sounded good fun.

Carver said...

Wonderful shots from you wedding and wishing you a speedy recovery.

photowannabe said...

Oh my Leslie, that's no way to celebrate your marriage.
I'm so sorry about the accident and pray for a complete recovery and for Lorne as he goes through another surgery.
You two are keeping the Docs in business....enough already!

Hildred said...

The party looks like such fun, and the shoe game interesting, but I am so sorry about your ankle problem, Leslie, and do hope you will have a good outcome after seeing the doctor, - say hello to Frank for me, now he's back on the scene

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

I like the shoe game and glad the partying lasted for a while and will hopefully continue, ambulance and all.

Here's to wishing you a SPEEDY and LONG LASTING RECOVERY!!

Ann said...

How fun--I think the questions on the shoe game could be a hoot!! Looks like a lovely setting for the BBQ. Get better soon.

ellen b. said...

What a great gift from your friend! Congratulations on your wedding. The after party looked like lots of fun. So sorry about your accident. Oye! Hope you and hubby are all fixed up and ready for an awesome honeymoon soon!

Photo Cache said...

that sounds like a lovely party. i would like to borrow that shoe game someday.

frankly my dear

Reader Wil said...

How unfortunate that you should hurt your ankle again! I do hope that it soon will be better!
Thank you for showing the beautiful photos! The weather was very good, wasn't it?!
Wil, ABCW team

AmitAag said...

Congrats again!
What a gala time you must've had! Enjoy...

Gattina said...

Sad for you just after the wedding ! Hope it heals soon !
ABC Team

Chris said...

Congrats and wow what a lovely day you had.. your dress was beautiful and so were you.
Sorry you have had this fall. lets hope and pray that it isn't too bad an injury and that you will be able take long walks again soon.
We are off this weekend to Leeds for Mike's daughter's wedding and the weather is forecast as good, so we are thankful.
I have sewn her a quilt and will post pics of it on my blog after the weekend as she sometimes peeps at my blog!
Love to you both and many, many blessings
Chris x

bettyl-NZ said...

The things we learn on the internet! The shoe game sure sounds like fun.

Beloo Mehra said...

What a wonderful party it must have been. Congratulations once again. Best wishes to both of you! The pictures are so fun.

Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

Powell River Books said...

Congrats on your big day. I know you've been planning the wedding for a long time. The shoe games looks like fun, but could get sticky on some questions I would think. Hope you get healed up soon with no further problems. What a way to start the summer season. - Margy