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Sunday, June 12, 2016

W is for WEEPING

Oh, I am very weary,
Though tears no longer flow;
My eyes are tired of weeping,
My heart is sick of woe.
Anne Bronte

I had a shock yesterday! 

My sister was over and after going out for lunch, she came in and we were talking about some of the old times, old jobs, old boyfriends...

I told her about having seen my very first "real" boyfriend (from university days) about 20 years ago when I went and taught for a year in the area where he lived.  I saw him and talked to him a few times while there, and there was still a bit of a pitty-pat in my heart for him even though I knew it was never to be.

Yesterday, I found out that he is dead!  And it happened 2 1/2 years ago! 

I had seen something online the other day about an event he had been involved in and was looking to see if there were any more photos of him.  

Up popped his obituary!  

My heart broke and I wept for him.

It didn't say how he died, just that he was with his brother and sister-in-law in a different town from where he'd lived most of his life and where I had last seen him.  Apparently, they took him "home" and he was buried beside his father there.

I have always had good thoughts of him and the good times we had - the fraternity parties he took me to, the time we went to a formal dinner/dance and he was speechless when he saw me in my gown and my hair all done up,  the time we got dressed up sort of like "Little House on the Prairie" days for another party, the movies we saw and the walks and drives we took, our overnight ski trip to Mount Baker when during the drive he turned to me and said "You look like an angel with the moonlight shining on your face", the night he took me to a well-known nightclub in Vancouver for dinner and dancing and had our photo taken by a wandering photographer (anyone else remember those days?), our middle-of-the-night "magical mystery tour" to the back entrance to the Capilano Suspension Bridge property with a car load of his buddies and him jumping out from behind a tree in the dark to scare me and me screaming until we started laughing and laughing, how he travelled 500 miles to spend Christmas with me and my family one year and how much my parents liked him, and the kissing....oh the kissing.....and my Dad yelling down the stairs that it was "awful quiet down there" while I was supposed to be ironing his shirt for him.

I've never known someone of my generation to pass away, except for my husband 24 years ago, but that was different. 

 Yet this news is heartbreaking. 

I wish now that I had photographs of him and of us together, but in those days who could afford a camera?  Yet the images are in my mind and will forever be in my mind.  I think I always loved him for being my first true love.

Maybe one day we will meet again.

In the meantime, may he rest in peace here in the meadows beneath the mountains near
Bella Coola, BC, Canada.


Roger Owen Green said...

I had this friend Raoul who died in 1983. I've written about him in my blog, which I started only on 2005. People found out about Raoul's death only from my blog.

So I relate. Oh, my post is ALSO about weeping.


Trubes said...

Oh Leslie,
I am so sorry to read this, what a shock for you too.
It makes one realise, as we all get that wee bit older,
and our old friends and family members start moving toward
the 'Pearly Gates' that non of us is immortal...
I can't do with you AND Roger weeping .... just too much!
You've got your big trip to look forward to... So wipe away
those tears and start your countdown.
Much love and hugs,
Di ..xxx

Leslie: said...

Oh Di...I know this nausea will pass as I've experienced it before when I experienced grief. But it was an awful shock! I am still counting down the days and went today to the bank to check out getting a few GBP for use when I arrive.

Melody said...

Hi Leslie, first of all, a big hug for you!

Thinking about your line 'I've never known someone from my generation...."
Oops... don't know how to put it in the right words... the english not beeing my native tongue.... but i feel a little jealous, I've had to let go to many already, from my generation and even the one after that... in 18 months time, 13 people... since july '14 till december '15 ...I hope my text does not hurt you, thats not my intention!!

But still, i can imagine your shock and i hope you can come to terms with it.

ellen b said...

Sorry for your shock at the news of the death of your first love. We are getting more and more news like this about our contemporaries and it's always so sad to hear. How nice that he has someone to grieve for him. Hope you are comforted, too, even in the midst of your sorrow.

photowannabe said...

I'm so sorry. I can feel the ache in your words.
He sounds like a wonderful man and I'm glad you have such fond memories.

Photo Cache said...


It is shocking to find out the death of people who were important to us once but we lost touch along the way.


Hildred said...

There is nostalgia, and a certain sadness when we learn of the death of those who were dear to us in younger days, but oh, Leslie, it is a pain that we have to get used to with age. When I look at pictures of our younger days, and count the friends who have gone, - many times I am the only one left. The days are precious but they can be sad with the loss of loved ones.

Powell River Books said...

We just had a dear friend pass away after two massive strokes. He was only in his early fifties, but to us he still seemed like the kid my husband has in his aviation classes and on the college's flying team back in 1981. I'm sorry for your loss and how you discovered it so long after the fact. Losing someone always makes me weep too. - Margy

Rajesh said...

My colleague passed away in a road accident on a highway in the night. I knew only next day morning. He was very young and had lot of life in front of him.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I am so sorry for the lost of your friend. I attended a boarding school in High School. Although I've only seen one of my classmates briefly in over 30 years (she was also my sweetheart), we reconnected through a private FB group. I've lost 3 of my classmates since the group was formed, and one of them I was very close too. I know that it's natural that when you get to a certain age some of your friends will pass, but it doesn't make it any easier. May the Love of the Lord bring you comfort during your time of grief.

Joy said...

Beautiful memories now tinged with sadness and loss. Hope your holiday trip provides balm for the heart.

Roger Owen Green said...

Best man at Carol's and my wedding died in his sleep last night. He was 60. I am sad.

Ann said...

Weeping is God's way of helping us release some of the sadness!!!! So many in our country are weeping right now.

Unknown said...

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