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Sunday, October 02, 2016

M is for MOORS

As I've been so busy lately, please excuse this repeat from October, 2016.  But I think the new contributors will enjoy it and the old ones might, too.

This week on ABC Wednesday, we're celebrating the letter M as in moss, mother, mist, mushroom, macadamia, melancholy, Manitoba, marching, mud, and magnanimous!  I am focusing on the moors of North Yorkshire where I spent a week visiting my dear friend Jill and her family and friends! It was the most marvelous week and I miss them all very much - the people and the moors and look forward to making another visit some day.

For those who are not aware, the North York moors contain one of the largest heather moorlands in Great Britain covering an area of 554 square miles or 1,430 square kilometers.  When the heather is in bloom, it a magnificent sight to behold!  But even when it's not blooming, if you go up to the highest point on the moors, Chimney Banks, there are vast expanses of gently sloping hills and valleys with farms scattered throughout and sheep grazing on the hillsides.  The coastline here along the eastern edge of Great Britain boasts of small towns and villages, some perched precariously on the edge of cliffs or hillsides.  Whitby, Scarborough, and Robin Hood's Bay are all places I visited during my trip and made me want to never leave!

If you're a fan of the TV show "Heartbeat," on Knowledge Network in British Columbia and maybe on public networks elsewhere in the world, you will see the locations where the show was filmed. So now when every Saturday night at 8 pm, I settle down to continue watching the show, I can make note of places I've seen with my own two eyes - Beggar's Bridge, the high road along the top of the moors, the cemetery at Egton where they filmed all the funeral scenes, the village of Goathland where the fictional "Aidensfield" is set and its train station where parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed, Scripps Garage and the "Aidensfield Pub" where Jill and I had a glass of wine one evening.
I truly believe I could happily move into a small cottage in a small village in this area and spend much time photographing the people and the scenery in all seasons.  And I can picture myself finding spots along the beaches, hills, or valleys where I would take a notebook to do some creative writing.  I know that I am fortunate to live in a country like Canada, on its west coast near the ocean with its spectacular scenery, but there is something about the moors of North Yorkshire that continue to call me during my waking hours and whisper to me as I gently slip into dreamland. 

I hope you enjoy my photos of these moors but I am sorry I don't have any from when the heather is in bloom. So here's one from Mr. Google so you can marvel along with me. I recognize this spot as it's quite near the village of Grosmont where I stayed with Jill. 

I dedicate this post to Jill for her friendship and hospitality and especially for the wine!
Turn up your sound and click for full screen to fully enjoy the video with its haunting music.  With thanks to the merry Melody, our new administrator of ABCW, and to the matchless team of assistants.
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Trubes said...

Great pictures and write up Leslie,
But you couldn't live in north Yorkshire
they have wickedly cold weather there
in the winter...We had a holiday
in the winter
and although snow is lovely to look at, it's not much fun
to walk on icy roads etc.
Hope you and Princess Tegan are well,
Di xx

Rajesh said...

Excellent choice of words.

Norma Ruttan said...

I've only seen moors in a movie "Jane Eyre" (but it was b/w). I had to picture the lavender flowers. Thanks for sharing your wonderful card.

ellen b said...

If you settle there can I come and visit?

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful post and photos ~ love the lavender color photo!

Wishing you a Happy Week ^_^

Hildred said...

When you think of moors you think of 'lonely' moors, - but look how magnificent they are with the heather in bloom.

Photo Cache said...

I too believe that I could be happy living in a small village (preferably by the sea) if given the chance.

Frankly My Dear

Linda Ann Nickerson said...

Mmmmm. The purples are perfectly lovely!

Visiting from ABC Challenge.
Deployed to the void

Joy said...

I noticed the jar of pickled eggs on the bar, I haven't seen one of those in a pub for years. Enjoyed your picture show, nice part of the country.

Roger Owen Green said...

We always want moor from you, Leslie. HB!

Melody Steenkamp said...

Hi Leslie

First of all, congratulations on your birthday. Wishing you lots more of them in the best of health, luck and love!

Wonderful choice for M, the lavender=photo is gorgeous, I guess it smelled wonderful there?

Have a wonderful ABC-day / - week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I associate moors with Jane Eyre. I'd love to see them one day.