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Saturday, May 27, 2006

CALLA LILIES - Beauties or Beasts???

The peonies are starting to droop but the lavendar just keep blooming! Notice all the calla lilies. This is part of the front garden.
The calla lilies keep growing like weeds! This is along the driveway.
Here's a big rhodo & MORE Callas by the patio.
More rhodos and callas...back garden.
and the other side of the house.
They do make lovely bouquets, though.
Don't you think?
And here's my fireman hero at the Ladner May Days Celebration :)


leslie said...

Hope you all enjoy the garden. Does anyone want to come and help me weed it? LOL Seriously, would love to have any of you come to visit so I can play tour guide. I'll have to get some photos of my favourite locales so you can see the paradise where I live. Soon.

Marty said...

Leslie, your yard is beautiful. I am so jealousy, especially now that I live in AZ. I now call my house a box of rocks :)

I am now trying to put plants in the yard that are not related to a cactus. It is starting to look like a yard with real plants.

Hope you are enjoying your retirement :)


Ian Lidster said...

I envy you your callas, Leslie. Mine are OK, but yours are superb. OK, I'll help you weed your garden if you help me weed mine. Nice picture of you with your little firefighter.

leslie said...

Thx Ian, but I'm wondering about trying to get rid of them. I did try, but they keep coming back up. My sister said to wait until the summer heat dries up the dirt, cut them right down to the ground and then pour boiling water on the roots. I won't get rid of all of them, but a lot!

Josie said...

Leslie, your calla lillies are beautiful. Why do you want to get rid of them?

I have not been in touch with anyone lately. I have closed my blog because compared to everyone else's I have nothing original to say. You are all so brilliant...!

I will talk to you soon. Hopefully this week. Perhaps we can find an outdoor patio somewhere to bask in the sunshine and have a little lunch...? Talk to you soon,


leslie said...

That sounds great, Josie, if the weather holds. My callas are SO bountiful and they take up SO much room. Right now they're so full the flowers are drooping over, so I'm going to cut them down and take some to school to enjoy.

I enjoy having people come over to my blog and every once in a while try to have something intelligent to say. Franny's is still going, but not quite as strong. I think most people who were involved with the SB adventure have moved on. But I'm still really excited about the cruise. Ada sent me the name of a friend of hers who's bringing his 82-year-old Mom, so I emailed him to welcome him aboard.

Thx for letting me know about Ian's blog - it is really refreshing to read and I enjoy commenting over there.

Talk to you soon.

HeiressChild said...

hi josie,

since you closed down your blog, but blog over here, i was leaving you these comments. whatever you say on your own blog is original. that's what makes blogging so great-it's all about what you want to do on your site. i hope you open your blogsite back up again. sometimes it gets a little slow, but then sometimes people blog-hop (as i call it) and leave comments on different sites.


HeiressChild said...


your garden is so beautiful. it looks like a garden right out of the "better homes and gardens" magazine. i think the love and care that is in people comes out in their gardens (plants and flowers).

school's almost out for you, isn't it? are you going to retire now, or wait a bit longer?


willemina said...

Just me blog hopping :)
I love your garden pictures! And I'd love to come for a visit sometime...but first...you need to come to California and visit with Linda and I.
I also have lots of weeds and my garden is a little overgrown. The calla lillies are beautiful...send me some!

willemina said...

Your firefighter is adorable...
Hugs from Willy

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