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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Alaska Trip Part 1

Here are some of the photos I got during the great adventure to Alaska. I thought most of you'd want to see people since Umberto takes such good shots of the scenery. I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Leslie, Eileen, Cathy at the champagne party when we embarked.

Dancing up a storm at the nightclub first night on board.

Here's Georgette and I - we met in Manhattan Beach and remembered each other instantly.

More dancing - we didn't need to work out after all this!

Eileen (in green) and Cathy (in blue) trying some line dancing.

This is another new friend, Judy, from New York state.

And another new friend, Jane, from Chicago. She is a real sweetie! Our cabins were just 2 doors down from each other!


willemina said...

Hi Leslie! Welcome Home!!!
We've missed you!

Thanks for letting us know that you've already posted some pics :)
I do think the scenery is beautiful but as you've said...we women like to see people...
These are some very good shots and I'm looking forward to seeing some more when you get time.
I can't believe that both cruises are over already...so...did you have lots of fun???
You look great in the pictures by the way...I love your cropped jeans...they're my favorite.

look at this word...iyebjqzj????
I hope I get it right.

beachgirl said...

Nice pictures. I loved my cruise last year.
The scenery is spectacular.
I am glad you had a great time.

droma said...

Welcome back!
You re' looking good!
Shows that you enjoyed yourself.

Right, we like people pictures, especially with names!
Umberto could take a lesson from you, he takes too many "behind" pictures, not what us women care to have "exposed"! :-)

Captain Crabby....looks familiar?! LOL, Leslie.
Just how much of the original itinerary did RR present?
Or didn't you attend the royal lectures?!

Have a great week...its' 1:45 AM monday here in Ohio;

Neva said...

Hi Leslie

Looks like you had a great time!

Nice pictures.

I am sorry we didn't get a chance to meet or chat.

I think you know that in order to place photos of PEOPLE on the web you need WRITTEN permission from them with purpose/dates and limits.
Not to get WRITTEN SPECIFIC permission puts you and others at considerable risk.

That is probably why Umberto does mostly scenery. It takes time energy and lots of patience to get written permission from most.
Public forums also require public notices!

Look forward to seeing more of your Alaska experiences.

Josie said...

Leslie, it looks as if you had a WONDERFUL time on your cruise. And you look FABULOUS, my goodness.

I will call you when I get back from my canoeing trip. I want to hear all about the cruise.


Anonymous said...

Leslie!! Great pictures!!!


Josie said...

HI, Leslie. My brother left his laptop at the cabin. He came up here to make sure his "little sister" was okay all by herself. LOL. We went canoeing. I will do a post about it.

Cheers for now,


HeiressChild said...

hi leslie,

these are great pics. i'm so glad you enjoyed your cruise. you prepared for it and worked hard losing your weight and shopping. you look good. i like the capri jeans also. i could wear them all of the time, but then ian would write an article about me. (just kidding ian!)

my favorite christian artist, michael w. smith, is sponsoring an alaskan cruise next july. i would absolutely love to go on that cruise.

welcome back.

msdsjs = mixed dee jays


DesertFlowers said...

Leslie: You look absolutely stunning! I love the white top you have on - I just can't believe the difference. Your pictures are wonderful and thank you also for putting names with the photos. It's always nice to know a little bit about the people you are enjoying your company with and describing what's transpiring in the photographs. You're really good at that.

So were there any great men there? Were there any couples within the RR scence? Write to me soon.

Love Suzanne

Anonymous said...

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