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Sunday, September 03, 2006

LLADRO - Spanish Porcelain

I thought some of you might be interested in seeing my Lladro collection, most of which I inherited from my mother, who was a Lladro Society Member until her death in 2002. First of all, Lladro is Spanish porcelain. This is a section from their website: "Juan, José and Vicente Lladró - Heirs of the ancient tradition of porcelain, the Lladró brothers knew how to make this tradition their own and to bring a type of art that, up to then, had been reserved to a few much closer to people. In 1953, they quit their work at a tiles factory and built a little Moorish kiln in the courtyard of the family home. Their adventure began in Almàssera, a little town on the outskirts of the Spanish city of Valencia. And very near the place where they installed this first rudimentary workshop, is where The City of Porcelain stands today. Over two thousand people now work there, and their creations are exported to more than one hundred countries all around the world and sold in almost 4,000 points of sale." The manufacturing ingredients are kept under tight guard. The process is detailed in a number of Lladró publications and is fully on view for tour groups and individuals at the City of Porcelain. Lladró figurines are made out of an original blend of hard-paste porcelain, which gives the products their unique porcelain characteristics. The glaze ingredients also add to the look of the figures and is an industry secret.

For me, each piece is special because of how I came to possess it. For example, the first piece my mother brought me from Spain is the girl holding a lamb. The story behind it is that I was expecting my first daughter while my parents were away vacationing in Spain and they weren't expected back until after my due date. But, I held on and greeted them at the airport when they got back - they couldn't believe I still hadn't had the baby. But, the very next day, I went into labour (Oct. 29/76) and that Xmas my Mom presented me with this piece.

The other special piece is the girl holding the hat. This was one of the first pieces that Lladro made with colour. My husband knew how much I admired my Mom's collection and bought it for me - just because.

The pieces vary in size and detail but it's hard to tell in the photos. I also have a 12-piece collection of Lladro Christmas balls and bells. Each one is from a certain year (only available to collectors like my mother) and is intricately designed with either a scene from nature or a Christmas story.

I hope you enjoy perusing the photos and some day perhaps some of you might see it in person. The photos really don't do the pieces justice, of course. The intricacies of design and the facial expressions really need to be seen up close. If you'd like to, check out the Lladro website at http://www.lladro.com/

This piece is really very large - it takes up the height of the shelf in the cabinet.

The yellow piece is the one my husband gave me and the girl with the puppy was in my mother's collection.

This is a smaller piece - a young boy dressed as Melchor for a Christmas play.

My 2 1/2-year-old grandson Noah loves to look at these two little boys. The one holding the baseball bat has his school bag behind him and the one playing with the train on the floor reminds me of Noah as he does the same thing with his little cars and trucks.

Cinderella is special to me because my Dad gave it to me for Christmas the year my mother passed away. The girl with the lamb is the first piece my Mom gave me (story above.)

This piece just HAS to be seen in person to appreciate the design of the dress and the flowers. Each flower is made up of individual petals. Amazing!

I have four Japanese pieces. This one is of geisha performing a traditional tea ceremony.

This piece depicts a geisha in front of a cherry blossom tree. She is holding a mirror which can be removed. It is the largest (and most valuable - monetarily) in the collection).

The faces on these two geishas are exquisite. One is holding an umbrella and the other is performing a traditional dance.


droma said...

Hi Leslie,
Llardo should send you an award for the article and pictures. You give it "meaning" by inserting your personal connections to the pieces.
My late hubby gave me a Llardo figurine that is depicting either a nurse or lady doctor.

I think porcelain/ china/ ceramics characteristics reflect the local clay composition.
The ingredients' mixture and manufacturing process give it the makers characteristics.
My sister will drag me to any locally "reflecting" ceramic and glass makers, a beautiful way to see some of the regions' points of interest; and getting me some "culture" LOL.

Labor Day here in the U.S..
Do Canadians celebrate it?

willemina said...

Hi Leslie!
I love your Llardo collection. I have some Hummels that I cherish and will post some pics on my blog next week...right now I have pics of Sylvia and I to share and I have noticed that you visited once already...did you see them all?

my word: givqpcat
Now who is cewpie? and why would I give him or her a cat? I'm allergic to cats and don't have any to give...sorry...

leslie said...

Hi Ellen & Willy, for your comments. I'd love to see your Hummels, Willy. And yes, Ellen, we do celebrate Labour Day. School always begins the day after, although I believe the American kids are already back at it. (they get out earlier, too, I think.)

My mother's Lladro collection was divided among her 3 daughters, so after seeing what I have, you can imagine how much she had and the value of it. She discovered it the first time my parents went to Spain and each trip she got a piece plus then joined the "society." Dad would always buy her the special piece made for Christmas each year, plus she'd get the Xmas balls and/or bells, too. The value to me is that I have memories of the joy and twinkle in her eyes every time she received a new piece and whenever she looked at her beloved collection. Every single piece is a memory of some time or place.

Pennys from Heaven said...

WOW! Very interesting. I am always amazed at how much I do actually learn from blogging!! :)

My Mother collected figurines that were made in "Occupied Japan"..when she passed away we divided up the statues among us four daughters....and I am labeling them for my children, but after I enjoy them a wee bit.


HeiressChild said...

wow leslie, what an exquisite collection. i love knowing the history of the pieces too. not only do you have the memories of a time or place, but it really helps to keep your mother alive in your heart (not that you would need them to do that). thanks for sharing them here.

willy and peg, you should post pics of your collection also.

i'm getting ready to look at your pics from the cruise. thanx for your comments re my trip with willy. california was great. i truly enjoyed grandbaby-sitting my karyce, and will miss her so much.

willy and i had a ball. she is the hostest with the mostest for sure. i'm starting to save $$$ now so i can hopefully come back in spring with you and suzanne. now that would be a lot of fun. maybe some others will be able to join in also.

willy is posting more pics on my blog so be sure to stop over later. now on to your alaskan cruise pics.


raqkjbl = racketball


HeiressChild said...

i meant "hostess with the mostest"

Josie said...

Leslie, very lovely...! I don't own any Llardo, but I always admire it when I see it.

I'm staying at the lake for another week, but I have a new post.


Can you believe my word verification? dzkqpuux... arrggh. Will I pass it?

I did, I did, I passed it. Hah


LESLIE - I have always liked Llardo but said I want to wait until I get to Spain to get my 1st piece. Well we never got to Spain. I wanted to spend a great deal of time there & Gary had a hard time getting big chunks of time. He spoke Spanish (& French)fluently so it is really too bad.

I want to combine a trip there now with Englishtown. Do you have any interest in that?

Maybe we should do lists of places we want to go & if there are overlapping ones we could get a group together.

leslie said...

Ada, that's a great idea about making lists of places we want to see. I'd love to see South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, and Namibia plus go to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Plus a lot of places in the States. Those are all number 1 on my list.

You should look for Lladro anyway - go to their website and look at their catalogue. They even sold some pieces on the ship (Alaska cruise) but they weren't exactly what I had in mind if I were to buy a piece for myself. Each piece needs to be special for something. Why not buy a piece that gives you some memory of Gary? He just might be looking down on you and be very pleased about that. :)

Egad! I failed my own typing test! Let's try this again....

Josie said...

Sooo.... I just read on Willy's blog that you have something interesting in West Vancouver this weekend. Hmmmmm. Sounds intriguing. Hah.


My goodness, without the blogs I would feel very cut off from the world. Thank goodness my brother left his computer.

willemina said...

You did the music thingy!!!
I knew you could :)

Hi Josie...long time no see...I'll visit your blog later...I'm going to watch my grandaughters play soccer right now :)

Marty said...


I love Llardo, and have a couple of them. Several went missing in a couple of military moves, but that is how that goes.

I got my daughter the nurse when she became a R.N.. Noticed that Ellen has a piece similar to that one.

Hope you are enjoying retirement :)


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