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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uninvited Guests

There's a party going on inside my body. And not one guest was invited by me!

It started last Friday when I noticed some pin-prickling sensations in my throat. Those prickles quickly turned into pain when those nasty little rhinoviruses invited their friends, the picornaviruses and the coronaviruses, to pop on over.

The party then really kicked off. Those little buggers danced around in the cavernous recesses of my pharynx until, by Monday, I wasn't even able to utter a sound. Even my "cries" of pain were silent. And the acetaminophen, the Cepacol lozenges, and hot tea couldn't ease the agony.

On Tuesday, those irritating rhinos, picornas, and coronas decided to move the party up into the nasal passages. On the way, they must have dropped all their liquid refreshment because for three days now it's all been oozing out my nasal cavities. Then they decided to spread the party out into my respiratory organs. There are so many of those little buggers crammed into my lungs that nothing is moving...the cough medecine my doctor recommended tries to attack these invaders and sometimes there's a sound like a whip cracking as I try to evict them.

I love this comment from Wikipedia: Within a few days, the body's humoral immune response begins producing specific antibodies that can prevent the virus from infecting cells.

"Humoral?" That sounds like the body thinks parties of this type are funny! Trust me, this is NOT funny! I've had to cancel all my tutoring work this week!
Today is Thursday and I feel like I've been run over by a truck! I hurt all over, have no voice (and for me, that is a great problem), am plugged up and have to breathe through my mouth causing my lips to chap, am coughing like a chain smoker, and can't eat or sleep.

I do not like this kind of party. It's time for everyone to go home!
... or else I'll have to join in by making myself a rusty nail.


Maggie May said...

Oh dear! I must say that you make your virus sound really posh! Picorna and Corona viruses! Sound much better than Swine Flu! (Only kidding!)

Hope you feel HEAPS better soon. Look after yourself X

Mickle in NZ said...

This is no good - the nasty cold and flu viruses should be doing their bit down here, not up in your almost Summertime.

I'd go for the Rusty Nail anyway - and I don't even like Scotch!

Sending you wellness wishes, Mickle and Zebbycat, xxx and purrypurrumbling

Liz said...

Poor, poor you. That sounds absolutely horrid. A sore throat is agony because you can't get away from it.

Hope your sweetie is staying well and being a good nurse!

Get well soon, leslie!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, Leslie, after all you've been through! I'm amazed that you can still keep your humour in this situation. Thinking of you. x

nancygrayce said...

So sorry! Hope you're well soon!

ArneA said...

Have all the ingredients for the Rusty Nail available. Will try it out later today
Get well soon

nancygrayce said...

Destin is gorgeous. I live 45 minutes from Destin in Panama City and we have the World's Most Beautiful beaches!!! It's true! The only bad thing is they have ruined our views building condos!

I do hope everything comes back really good!

Rositta said...

I haven't had a Rusty Nail since the 80's but it looks so good I might just go make myself one. We are sick in this household too and everyone else we know has some kind of bug. Sucks doesn't it...ciao

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