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Friday, January 22, 2010

January Jems

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I couldn't sleep last night so went on Facebook and noticed that D#2 had gone to Emergency in pain. So this morning when she called and said they were checking her for either a pulmonary embolism or gallstones, I immediately cancelled my dental appointment and rushed to her side. She doesn't look good, is very pale, and on a great deal of morphine. They'd already taken 4 vials of blood and done a chest X-ray, but while I was there, they took her down for a CT scan. A little while later, the doctor came by to inform her that he didn't have all the results yet, but that he highly suspects it's gallstones. After she got another injection of morphine, I came home to get a bite to eat (although I'm feeling rather nauseated and don't know if I can eat).

Update: Turns out she has huge gallstones and one just barely allowing bile to flow through. There is a major infection, too, so she has to stay in the hospital for 3 or 4 days to get the swelling down (gall bladder is 4X its regular size) and the infection under control. If they operate now, they'd have to open her up, but if they wait until the infection is gone, they will do the surgery the new way via a laparoscope in about a month - right at our small local hospital. In and out in one day. However, right now she's very hungry and depressed with this turn of events.

Entering the driveway, I noticed the tulips had sprouted and that there's new growth on some of the roses. So, to divert myself from my worries, I took my camera outside and snapped a few shots. The tulips are up in the front and back gardens, there is new growth on the roses in both the front and back, there are buds on the rhododendrons, the English poppies are greening up, and the heather is blooming. Also, my grandson's little wooden truck lay amidst the winter rubble of dry leaves, bricks, and weeds. For all of you who are still stuck in snow, Spring is not far away, and I think we might have to resort to fake snow on the local mountains next month. Enjoy this little taste of early Spring in in what we Vancouverites refer to as Lotusland.


Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Leslie, hope they quickly find what is the problem for your lovely D#2. Gallstones can be sorted these days with just key hole surgery or even non-invasive breaking up the stones. This beautiful girl has come through so much and is doing so very well that I hope the medics get things sorted out quickle for her.

Isn't it exciting to see the little gems pop up in your garden. I'm growing a few veg for the first time (at 45!) and an enthralled by it all.

Sending caring love and huggles to you and D#2, Michelle and Zebbycat - xxx and purrrrumbles

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Cannot believe you have blooms already.. it is still cold here in my village..:-( bring on the warmth.

Hope taht D2 recovers quickly, at least they got it treated.

Take care x

Rositta said...

If it's gallstones it will be an easy surgery and already being in hospital they will probably do it right away. I went through one year of off and on pain waiting for a surgeon. The one and only time I went to the ER they misdiagnosed it as a heart issue which then caused me untold grief (wrong medicine etc.). I had the gallbladder removed and the recovery was fairly easy. Good luck for D#2...ciao

Trubes said...

So sorry to read of your Daughter's gall stones and infection, I hope she will soon recover. She really has had so much to worry about with her recent health issues, it's little wonder she's feeling depressed.
What a worry for you all, Leslie.
Thoughts and prayers winging their way across the'big pond' to
D#2 and, of course, yourself.


Smalltown RN said...

Oh Leslie...your poor daughter. They are right though..it's better to get the infection under control so when they do surgey it is less invasive.

I love your garden. I was looking out my window today and saw the few heads of tulips on my window box...how crazy is that...ah spring is so far off and yet we see the wonders and the changing of the seasons right before us....

Mickle in NZ said...

Many thanks for the update on your dear D#2. Not being allowed to eat can be tough, and when you're there immersed in it all it is hard to see that the end result will make the hunger and discomfort/pain all worthwhile. I send special care and huggles to D#2, Michelle and Zebbycat - xxx and purrrrumbles from us