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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lazy Dayz

Yesterday felt like Saturday because Lorne had a day off between the regular Olympics and the Paralympics. Plus, because it's spring break here for the schools, I didn't have any students to tutor.

It dawned sunny, so we decided to head down to the beach (Boundary Bay) for a long walk along the trails. Although we've been there before, I'd never taken him as far as the little bridge that spans a marshy area full of bulrushes or cattails.
It was a bit cold and windy by the water but as we went a bit further inland, it was a really very pleasant stroll. We paused a few times and each took some photos. I never tire of this area and when we get a dog (one day...don't rush me!) we'll take her there to sniff out the wild rabbits, mice, and birds. Here is a taste of my area on an early not-quite-spring day. Be sure to click on each photo to get the full impact.

The Duck Pond was full of ducks but no chicks yet.

The bridge through the marsh full of dried bulrushes.

Lorne heads onto the bridge amid a sea of dried bulrushes

The fence zig-zags through the area.

Berries trying to survive the winter.

A lonely willow tree blows in the wind.
A lonely lookout point waits for visitors.
At the end of our walk, we decided to head to Mario's Kitchen to use up the rest of some Christmas gift certificates. It ended up being an early supper and we brought home leftovers for later. So all in all, it was a lovely lazy day spent getting lots of fresh air and sunshine.


Mimi said...

Leslie, I really enjoyed your marsh pictures- what a lovely walk!
And gift certificates from a restaurant are such a good idea for Christmas gifts- I must hint to that next year!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Lovely pics.

Ann said...

Those bull rushes, are there any use for them? I remember in Singapore, they are used for decoration.

Liz said...

It looks lovely and how nice to have your man for a lazy day and yummy meal.

Shrinky said...

How lucky you are to have places like this accessable to you. I think restaurant gift vouchers are a solid winner, you know who ever gets it can eat at their favourite place, a guarenteed treat!

Powell River Books said...

Kind of nice to have a break between events. Wayne and I enjoyed them via TV but you were more in the thick of things. Must have been lots of fun. - Margy

Smalltown RN said...

Leslie your photos are lovely...I can see you are really loving that camera and have learnt so much with it....