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Saturday, March 19, 2016

K is for KAYAKS

Another repeat as I'm still so over my head with details from my recent move.  Hope you enjoy this post from March 2014.

A kayak is a small boat with a covered deck that is used for paddling on open waters of lakes, bays, and oceans.  There are always kayaks around my neighbourhood and always lots that you can rent if you don't own one.  I'm a bit nervous about them because you have to know exactly what to do if you go over and find yourself hanging down into the water.  Also, I don't have great upper body strength for paddling, but I do have enough upper body strength to take photos people kayaking.  Here's one of a young boy paddling his kayak and later on, both he and his Dad went paddling past me together.
Then one day in September after I'd broken my ankle and was already tired of my four walls, a friend took me for a drive down to Harbour Park and settled me in a deck chair.  Trusty camera in hand, I spied a couple of yellow kayaks coming towards me.  Here's one shot I caught as they silently glided past me. 
It all looks so relaxing, doesn't it?  When my friend Jane from Wales visited me a few years ago, she rented a kayak and paddled all around the tributaries nearby.  She loved it!  Any of you kayak?  Anyone ever tried it?  I wish I could, but I think I'd be much safer on shore.

Hope you like the photos but most of all I hope you like the fact that Mrs. Nesbitt was very keen on creating ABC Wednesday many years ago and that it's still going strong!  And we must remember to be thankful for the kind-hearted Roger who took on administrative duties when ABCW became too large for one person to handle.  He and his team of kindred spirits keep things rolling along each week!  Have a killer week everyone and see you next week with the letter L.


Liz Hinds said...

I have kayaked. I found it quite hard work! But I didn't fall in. Almost did but Mike saved me! It is very quiet and a pleasant way to potter about though.

Melody Steenkamp said...

i haven't done that... i don't think i would dare ;-)

Take care and let things come as they roll out.

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

Reader Wil said...

I have done some paddling for only a short ride, but my daughter in Australia does it every year with the children, the younghest of them was then 3 years last summer. She loved paddling very much.
I wish you a wonderful easter week.
Wil, ABCW Team

Mascha said...

It looks like fund and dexterity too.. I've never coult try this sport, we haven't water here in our area :-(

Thanks for your visit and comment: Russian songs sound often very sad and elegic... that's the soul of this nation -

Happy Easter time from Germany

carol l mckenna said...

Sweet and colorful shots and great choice for K ~

Happy Weekend coming to you ~ ^_^

Photo Cache said...

I would love to try this, but at the same time I'm scared stiff.


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I went kayaking once when I was in High School. However, I wasn't very good at it, so it wasn't relaxing for me - LOL! Happy ABC Wednesday, my friend!

Murthy said...

They must have enjoyed greatly..Thanks for sharing the post.

Janis said...

Great sports photos! I am not sure I could right myself once I went over so this is one I don't think I will be trying!

Roger Owen Green said...

I am AMAZINGLY bad at kayaking!


Shooting Parrots said...

I did once try my hand at kayaking, but it was many years ago. My abiding memory is that it was cold and wet!

Powell River Books said...

The first two times we went kayaking, I was better able to paddle than Wayne. That's a rare thing. He is much stronger and has more endurance than I do in all other activities. - Margy

Trubes said...

I can't even keep a rowing boat upright on a very shallow
boating lake let alone a Kayak... bit of a landlubber really.
love Di xx
ABCW team.

Beverley Baird said...

I've seen people with them but have never been in one. Great shots!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Wonderful shots. I've been kayaking twice, both times in a double-seated vessel. You might like that. Paddling together with someone. Think of all the wonderful different angles you'd see from a kayak.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Andrea Wilkins said...

I tried kayaking in Hawaii while on honeymoon in 2009. It looked so easy until we hit some fast-moving water and it suddenly got really hard. At that point, as novices, we should have turned back but I pressed on. My husband unfortunately capsized and then went down with a stinking cold as a result. What a honeymoon!

Andrea Wilkins @ Get Away Outdoors