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Sunday, March 27, 2016

L is for LIVING

Welcome to this week! We are celebrating the letter L and I decided to show you a little of where I live now.  I'm still living in the village of Ladner, just south of the big city of Vancouver, but in a condo which in itself feels like a village within a village.  I've met so many lovely people here, a lot with dogs that Tegan and I see out in the big back yard. 
So this is where we head right after breakfast, mid-afternoon, and before bedtime.  We still go to Ladner Harbour Park to play Frisbee or to take a stroll in the forest.  I "could" play Frisbee with Tegan here because it is certainly big enough, but she gets so excited she barks quite loudly!  And I don't want people complaining!  Here are a few more perspectives of the area.
And this is where those of us who gather to let our pups play can sit and chat or just simply enjoy the sense of being in our own garden.  You can just see Ladner's town clock to the top left of the photo beyond the Safeway (beige wall).  I love to wander around the edges of the garden here and take shots of things that take my fancy...like the following:
There are 4 buildings in this particular complex and from the front, the whole area doesn't look that appealing, but as you can see, once you get into the area (which is gated and locked), you get a whole different feel.  There is one area just outside and around the corner from my particular unit with a huge courtyard surrounded by gardens with small to large bushes, trees, flowers, hedges, and even a giant gazebo!  There are some chairs out there, but all residents are welcome to bring their own chairs to enjoy the comradery that can be found out there in the spring, summer, and fall.  Here are a few shots I've taken recently.  First, the blossoms on a tree that I'm unfamiliar with (I thought these might be apple blossoms, but maybe someone out there can help me out.)  The first two shots were taken a week ago, and the last just the other day.
Here are more lovely shots of parts of the courtyard.
Tegan and I seem to have a good routine going right now, and she quickly figured out which door is for the back garden and which door is the elevator.  She sits nicely to wait for the elevator and sits inside for the ride looking up at me with those big brown eyes.  Then she likes to take her leash in her mouth and walk ME to our front door.  We are very happy here and I feel as though I've begun the next phase of life.  And finally, of course, a shot of one lazy English Labrador with a pine cone and stick within easy reach in the lap of luxury.
 With thanks to our Lady Denise (Nesbitt), creator of ABC Wednesday, and to our Leader Roger, who keeps everything running smoothly.  Also, thanks to the lively team of helpers who lighten the load for everyone.


Reader Wil said...

I am so glad that you reached your destination in such pleasant surroundings . Your photos show how happy you are being in this beautiful place .
Thank you for your comment . Could we call the Inuits the Aboriginals of Canada? Or are the Indians the Aboriginals of the north?
I admire the way they face the cold and barren country.
Wil, ABCW Team

GaynorB said...

So pleased that you are settling in to your new condo and are both enjoying your new neighbourhood.
Best wishes

Roger Owen Green said...

It LOOKS LOVELY, LESLIE. Glad you're settling in.


Reader Wil said...

Me again, Leslie. It's great that you changed the word Indians into First Nations. Very respectful, I think.
Have a great week.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Leslie, thanks for the tour. I was hoping that "L" would bring a pic of a lab, and you didn't disappoint! Looks to be a lovely home.

I agree with Wil on First Nations.

Your comment on Roger's blog - you should know that I sang from the time I was 5, and in front of people. Wasn't diagnosed with bipolar until I was 50, but truth be told, singing gave me a confidence I didn't knew I possessed. Tell her to keep it up. The rewards are fabulous, and she doesn't have to go into music as a career to reap those rewards. (Although I spent many years singing in clubs.) Cheers, my dear! Amy

photowannabe said...

I'm so happy for you Leslie. This truly seems like the beginnings of a new season in your life.
What a beautiful place.

Trubes said...

I am so happy for you Leslie,
What a lovely community you have settled into. (L for Leslie ).
I don't doubt you will make many friends, because you just LOVE people
and there's no easier 'ice breaker' than a beautiful LABRADOR...I loved the description of Tegan waiting for the elevator then trotting in and sitting gazing up at her Mama, what do you expect from an adoring English Labrador.
The garden looks gorgeous, and you don't get to dig it !
Happy times again my dear friend,
Love Di.
ABCW team. xxx

Melody said...

Wow Leslie how beautiful, i'm glad for you to may live and enjoy such a wonderful place, wishing you all the luck there ofcourse.

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday-day / - week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

ellen b said...

Leslie, so glad you found this lovely spot to move to. It really has some good character. Glad the people are friendly, too. Dear and I just spent a night in North Vancouver and had a nice time exploring Stanley park. Have a wonderful week!

carol l mckenna said...

You have found a beautiful place to live for you and your doggie ~ gorgeous photos and so happy for you ~

Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

Photo Cache said...

Almost seem like resort living. Hope you are enjoying it so far.


Murthy K v v s said...

Settled in a nice place..pics are awesome.

Janis said...

Thank you for the grounds tour of your lovely new home, they are just beautiful dressed for Springtime!
Vancouver is about to host their first Local Lego convention event at the end of April "Brick-Can" so I have talking to quite a few folks from that area!
I cannot attend this year but maybe next time after I have my passport renewed, turns out I know many people in BC!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I could spend hours in that garden taking photographs, sketching, reading, or just relaxing with the scents and views of the landscape. I love that gazebo, which would be a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. You and Tegan are blessed, my friend!

Ira said...

It looks lovely with all the greenery and flowers. All the hard work you put looking for the right place has paid off well. What more can one ask than serenity and peace!

Beverley Baird said...

What a lovely place!How beautiful are the flowers already!

Nora said...

I thought I commented on here but am so forgetful. Leslie I really enjoyed the whole series on your move, even if it was a lot of work for you it was fun to read about. I have scanned back to see what I have missed also and really enjoyed a morning visiting here. Your new place looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Nice neighborhood and love the landscaping! The first flowers in your post are my favorites! Thank you for visiting me:)

Unknown said...

good one
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