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Monday, January 16, 2017


As promised, I'm taking you to the Beatles Museum in Liverpool, England!  The first time I went to Liverpool, I was excited to see it because it was located under the hotel on Albert Dock where I was staying.  Unfortunately, it just happened to be the 50th anniversary of the band's formation and there were celebrations going on all over.  Thus, the museum was stuffed to its limits and I didn't want to battle those crowds when I only had one afternoon and a day in the city.  But...in 2016, I returned, stayed at the same hotel on Albert Dock, and things were much quieter in the museum.
I must say there are pros and cons to the museum - at least for me.  After buying my ticket and picking up the obligatory headphones, I headed downstairs.  It was very dark with people hunched against walls listening to their headphones while looking at the displays in each room.  I have to say it was a tad creepy as the whole place was made to look like dark streets with stages, a submarine, and displays - all things that made me feel rather claustrophobic.  I felt as though I were walking down gloomy alleys in a bad part of town expecting a barrage of bruisers to approach at any moment. Although cool from the air conditioning, there was a distinct oppressive atmosphere.
That said, though, with my bad back aching badly after a while, I found the display that encompassed a set of seats from a jet with the story of the Beatles' first trip to "America."  There was a screen on the wall and when a seat became available, I was able to sit down and breathe easier for a bit.  I ended up listening to the end of the tape on the headphones so that I could continue meandering the museum unencumbered.
Anyway, I clambered up out of the "dungeon" to the gift shop (de rigueur at any tourist spot, of course) and took a brief look around.  As usual, things were pricey and I didn't have much room in my luggage for anything other than essentials.  So I passed and went back downstairs to the charming little restaurant to get a cold beverage before rising again from the darkness into the sunny afternoon.  That's when I went over to the Liverpool Wheel across from the hotel.  (see last week's post)

Just a few photos to give you an idea of what is in the museum - so much more than this and, no matter what I felt about the atmosphere, it is definitely worth a visit.  And when I went on the Hop On/Hop Off bus the next day to see the whole city of Liverpool, we went past the famous Cavern Pub but I didn't get off to go inside.  The street didn't look, shall I say, savory? But I did get this shot from the top level of the bus.
And this one of me with the Beatles' statues at the front of the Mersey Ferry Docks.  A stranger very kindly took the photo of me and I reciprocated by taking one of him and his wife.  I wanted to be in the photo because it's the only way to show how big it is - (I'm about 5'6 1/2" tall).  The bronze sculpture weighs 1.2 tonnes and reflects a real photo shoot of them walking along the Mersey.
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LindyLou Mac said...

Another post to tempt me to Liverpool, must go soon.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

How wonderful that you got to go! It is on my bucket list of places to visit. Also thought it would be fun to take a picture marching across that famous street. Have a great week!

Melody Steenkamp said...

How wonderful then you went a second time!
Must have been a gorgeous and very impressive trip.

Although I am not a fan of the Beatles I ofcourse know about their impact on the music, the industry and the world. I would love to visit that museum too.
Maybe someday I will cross the water and see it for myself ;-)

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

Trubes said...

Hi leslie,
You completely grasped the whole idea of the exhibition as it was based on the Cavern club(not a pub) no alcohol allowed.
To enter the Cavern you had to go down a very gloomy narrow stairway in to a dark gloomy cellar.... until the small stage at the back suddenly the lights came on.... there were The Beatles... the room went crazy It had a wonderful atmosphere.
You certainly did a lot whilst you were there, so glad you enjoyed yourself too..love Di xx
ABCW team.

photowannabe said...

Delightful and interesting post Leslie.
I really like the statues with you in the photo. Had no idea they were so big.
I'm not a huge Beatles fan but I would have enjoyed seeing all the things at the museum.

Photo Cache said...

I would love to see that!


Hildred said...

Great post, Leslie. I love the statue - they all look so relaxed and happy. The Beatles have grown on me, as I've aged and I quite enjoy their music now.

Roger Owen Green said...

As you know, I have NO interest in the Beatles whatsoever! Ha!
There was a Final JEOPARDY! question on this past week I bet you (and TRUBES!) could answer: Of the Beatles songs on which Ringo Starr sang lead, this one charted the highest, reaching No. 2


carol l mckenna said...

Oh thank you so much for this delightful photo tour of the Beatles Museum ~ great post ~ great shots ~

Wishing you a Happy Week Ahead ~ ^_^

Rajesh said...

This museum is surely a treat to the Beatles fans.

Trubes said...


Roger Owen Green said...

Trubes - I was disappointed that my wife and daughter didn't get YS, which, OF COURSE, I knew.

Lea said...

I like the Beatles more now than I did in the 1960s. It must be my age - the music of my youth is much more appealing than what I hear on the radio now.
I would love to see the sculpture
Hope you are having a great week!

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

As a child of the 60s I loved the Beatles Museum. Went to The Cavern, not great as there was a band competition going on and some were not very good.

But dran, I don't think that statue was there in 2010!

fredamans said...

This is a visit I know my husband would love to take!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

The Beatles are such icons, that I know I would love to visit the museum, but I would probably feel overwhelmed by the environment just as you were. That's the way I felt when I visited Elvis Presley's Graceland, in Memphis, TN. Blessings, my friend!

Lady In Read said...

always enjoy reading your posts.. like others have said, they tempt me to make a trip

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, I would love to visit this museum. Thank you for giving us a great idea of the atmosphere and for taking those wonderful photos. Oh.. By the way, I Believe you and I are about the same height. :) Sure hope we get to meet one day. The Buzz is our favourite café - if you are ever in Yaletown and have a bit of time, do let me know. Bill and I would love to take you there for a Bite to eat.

DeeDee said...

Wow...this is real good...thaanks for the journey

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