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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Welcome to D week, D as in dainty, demagogue, dishes, dentistry, and dumpster.  Today, I'd like to deliver you to the Druids Temple near Ilton in North Yorkshire, England.  Usually, when one hears the word "druid" one automatically thinks of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.  And for sure, "lurid tales of religious ceremonies involving human sacrifice, presided over by a strange class of mystical priests, have come down to us. Often, these stories take place inside one of the stone circles, or "temples." While we don't know about the human sacrifices, we do know that the megalithic structures were constructed long before the first reports." http://www.britannia.com/wonder/michell2.html

The Druids Temple that I visited is a bit different.  It was created in 1820 by William Danby who owned nearby Swinton Hall. He created it in order to generate work for the local population who were paid 1 shilling a day.  A local Baroness even wrote that "One Sunday afternoon, my secretary was going for a walk with a friend when she found a pig's head sitting on the altar, which gave her a terrific shock. It is thought that there has been Devil worship there."  She continued on to explain that "On another occasion, I had to leave home early one morning. Just outside Masham, I found a small group of Leeds University students who had spent the night at the druids temple. They were cold and frightened. With the night shadows and the country noises, such as owls hooting, they had fled. As I was going towards Leeds, I gave them a lift. They told me that they had had a terrible experience."

I visited the Druids Temple on a beautiful sunny day in July with my friends Jill and her husband Phil and their adult son Jack.  We drifted up the wide pathway to a forested area where Jill had us follow her through towards this divine area. She advised me to not deviate from the path as you never know what might be waiting for you if you get lost!  Yeah, right Jill!!!  She is such a comedienne. 
Upon seeing the site, I was delirious with joy!  It was absolutely delightful and I couldn't wait to get started photographing it.  We had a dreamy couple of hours going in and out of the stone settings and Jill even laid down on one of the flat rocks and raised her arms to the sky!  We told her to be careful or she might be transported elsewhere!  Jack climbed up one of the hills where there was a giant pile of flat rocks overlooking the circular temple below. And then he and I took turns pretending to be the dazzling "King" and "Queen" of the temple on another rock formation that appeared to be designed like a throne.

It was such a deliriously delicious day unhampered by any devious or diabolical devil worshipers, but then as I said before, it was a beautiful sunny July afternoon.  I'm not sure if I'd be so comfortable had it been in the dark of the night or even if the moon was shining! We might have run into the three witches from "Macbeth" dancing around their pot and chanting "Fair is foul and foul is fair:/Hover through the fog and filthy air." Act 1 Scene 1 Lines 10-11

I hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the Druids Temple - only 20 shots but one photo just doesn't do it justice and it was one of the highlights of my trip.  This post is dedicated to Jill and Phil and Jack with great thanks for delivering me to this idyllic spot.  Be sure to turn up the music for full ambiance as you watch!
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Melody Steenkamp said...

A lot of d's beautifully used Leslie!

You should be a best-seller-book-writer in Travel-books ;-)
The wat you tell it makes me want to pack up my bags right a way and go!

Photo Cache said...

Looks mystical.


carol l mckenna said...

Oh how fortunate you were ~I am fascinated by Druids ~ and wonderful post and photos for D ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful week ~ ^_^

Hildred said...

Wonderful choice of music in your creative smilebox, Leslie. Stirs your imagination...

Roger Owen Green said...

I LIKE it when you're DELIRIOUS with joy!

LindyLou Mac said...

Calling by from ABC Wednesday. an interesting post thanks.

Klara S said...

Mystical place!

Joy said...

I love Victorian follies, this is certainly one on a grand scale.

Trubes said...

Most interesting piece Leslie, it's not a place I am acquainted with so it was a relevation to read all about it.
Great shots too,
Love Di.
ABCW team.