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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


How many of you remember lying back on the grass in the summertime and gazing up at the clouds? What did you see? Did you let your imagination go wild and watch the circus animals marching into town, sea creatures, bunny rabbits, and characters from fairy tales?
I was driving home this radiant spring evening just as the sun was smoothly sliding towards the east. I allowed my imagination to emerge, and I observed the shapes that the fluffy clouds took. First, I saw one of the three blind mice, probably fleeing the old lady with the carving knife. Then, I saw Nemo! Well, it was either Nemo or an orca with an underbite. Next came the Easter bunny, all fluffy and white hopping down the bunny trail. To my left, I noticed the big bad wolf, looking a bit grey from fright and tail flowing out behind him, running away from the lumberjack. Finally, an Air Canada jumbo jet, carrying a full load of tourists, headed south towards the warm sandy shores of Mexico.
What a wonderful drive. Sigh...


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

Josie said...

I see a horse with a rider on it. Gosh, I haven't looked for shapes in clouds for a long time. Wonderful!


leslie said...

This morning I saw a gaggle of geese flying west and a giant butterfly. Another glorious spring morning,fluffy clouds filled with stories.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the sun set in the west...? Ha ha ha! Jamie

leslie said...

You're right, Jamie, but that's the direction they were headed. :D

Sienna said...

I love clouds Leslie, forever lost in clouds, that one you have there, I see one of my dogs, baulking, been turned on by a sheep, she has propped..

I love the light that gets behind them, illuminates them...the sky and clouds and stars and the moon are a damn good reason to get more horizontal...great idea!

Thjis is something to do with purple brains? no?


Come to Australia, you will love the light and sun and color of the skies, if nothing else, but you will love all the other stuff too...we can have lunch at the little quaint old Pub near the native animal park, I promise they wont have kangaroo on the menu..

leslie said...

Oh Pam, you have no idea how much I wish I could just leave her for a while. Some day...sigh

Pennys from Heaven said...


Just talked with Sylvia, and I put a post on her site that she is still having DSL technical difficulties that may take another week to straighten out. I have diall up..so may stay with that!

GREAT pictures!! I seen your post on her site..so thought I would "hop" by and let you know, she is doing great, beautiful day where she lives,..and I must add..here also...which is a rare occurance in the midwest!

Until later

Spider Girl said...

I work with children and a cloud-filled sky is a perfect opportunity to lie down on the grass in the playground and point out the fish and bunnies I see. Life is good when I can do that for a living.

Pennys from Heaven said...

Hello Leslie....It is so relaxing to look at the shapes in clouds isn't it!!

We have thunderstorms coming in later today with high winds. But once that all calms down, I may just venture out with camera in hand and see what "cloud shapes" I can find!!


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