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Saturday, April 07, 2007


For those of you who've read my previous post, you'll remember my cute little cocker spaniel and the problems we've been having with his desire to be the boss.

Unfortunately, last night with no provocation, he lunged at me not once but twice and got my hand in his mouth. I ended up in emergency having my hand x-rayed to see if he'd broken any bones.
The pain from a dog bite is inexplicable. Although Robbie didn't break the skin, my hand immediately swelled up and turned blue. I had to clench my teeth against the throbbing pain that welled up and down my arm and into my finger tips.
What causes a sweet little puppy to turn evil like this? We have had several dogs in the past and loved them deeply. At 8-weeks of age, we were thrilled to bring Robbie home and to make him a member of the family.
We thought we did things right. We fed him only the best food, took him for professional training and grooming, bought him toys and played with him, took him for daily walks, etc. Maybe it was inbred and just his true nature that finally emerged as he became an adult dog.
I am heartsick, but he is now toast. May he rest in peace.


Neva said...


Thought you might enjoy this.

Happy Holidays


Josie said...

Oh, Leslie, I'm so sorry! Omigosh! I had a feeling that might happen. Sometimes you just can't train a dog.

I'll phone you.


beachgirl said...

Hi Leslie,
I am so sorry about Robbie. My late Pomeranian had an evil streak in her. She nipped, would get what we called her gremlin behavior. She would growl and go rigid. But not attack like your dog did.
We all loved her to death. We lost her last Nov.
I now have sweet little Izzie. She is as sweet as Zoe was wicked. Your next dog should be a shi tzu. They have no aggression, just flop on their backs for belly rubs and lovings.
It sounds as if the dog had turned a corner with that bite. Not good for sure. Sometimes these breeders inbreed them too deep. One never knows.
Have a better week.

HeiressChild said...

wow leslie, i am so sorry to hear that things got worse with robbie. i hope your hand and arm heals real fast with the pain and throbbing. you have to do what you have to do with robbie. i know you feel bad about it, but you can't take chances on him doing something much worse. take care, and i'll check back in with you.

Anonymous said...

Thx Carol and Sylvia, it was so hard to do, but it was necessary. The swelling in my hand has gone down but it's going all different colours now and is still very tender. I finally had a good night's sleep last night and feel a bit better. I appreciate your concern. Hope you're both having good days.

leslie said...

That's weird - I came up as anonymous, but you know it's me. lol

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