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Monday, May 28, 2007

Ladner May Days

Yesterday (Sunday) I took #1 daughter and #1 grandson to the Ladner May Days parade. We had a great time and Noah was happiest playing on the slide and climbing equipment in the playground.It was lots of fun for both of us when we bounced on the teeter totter (made safe nowadays by just having springs under each end so neither end goes way up). Noah also really enjoyed watching the baby chicks and was thrilled to be allowed to hold one of them.
I couldn't believe Noah's attention span during the parade (over an hour long!) and he kept calling out "Hi" to everyone in it. At one point, someone was handing out candy on the opposite side of the street and he noticed, calling out "Hey, candy for ME!!!" It was so funny! He DID get a sucker, though, and was thrilled. He loved the tractors, the fire engines (old and new), the police pipe band, the kids on decorated bikes, the balloons, and the gymnasts. Whenever a float went by with kids dancing, he started dancing right there on the sidewalk. He was so cute! Here he is with his Mommy watching the parade. She didn't hold him up there the whole time - mostly he was just at my feet being such a good boy and not wandering off.
After the parade was over, we went back to the fairgrounds so Noah could have a ride in a paddle boat. It was hard for him to understand that he had to wait his turn in the lineup, but after explaining it to him, he was very good about waiting. After his turn was over, he was rather distraught that he couldn't have another turn, but his Mommy managed to calm his tears.
We were all getting a bit tired by then, so we walked back to where we'd left the car, over a bridge where we stopped to watch the ducks. Noah loved to see the ducks, after having had a visit to the bird sanctuary the week before. All in all, it was a lovely day watching the world through the eyes of a 3 1/2 year old again.


jmb said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Young children have so much energy it makes me feel tired just looking at them in the playground.
He's a cute young man with his curly hair.

leslie said...

It was so much fun watching him having fun! :D

Smalltown RN said...

OH it sounds and looks like it was a wonderful day.....yes to be able to enjoy life through the eyes of a child....it's disturbing to think that it takes some of us until adulthood to appreciate that...I try as often as I can to just sit back and enjoy to just appreciate the simple things life has to offer....

We seem to have something in common...my mother had Alzheimer's as well...and my father passed away from a stroke...isn't that odd that we should share such similaritie that way...have you seen that movie...oh what is it's name....Grace or Eve something like that...and it is about a woman who is in the early stages of dementia...and how her husband and family deal with it...and her in particular...how she sees her life...it was a very touching movie...I bet you have seen it...If I remember the name I will let you know...and if you know it...please jog my memory....


leslie said...

Is the movie "Iris" starring Judy Dench as the older woman and Kate Winslett as the same woman but younger? Yes, it's amazing how we find people through these blogs who share similar joys and sorrows.

Susie said...

Hi Leslie,
What a delightful day you had. Grandchildren are such a joy!!

patterns of ink said...

Days like that are wonderful. Literally full of wonder!

leslie said...

I get to spend time alone with him on Saturday - that is if I haven't contracted Josie's cold. Keep those fingers and toes crossed. I have such plans for the two of us - the bird sanctuary, the water park, the library, and then Sara's ice cream shop!

the walking man said...

hey can that kid spare some of that hair, I am getting a bit thin on top and through the middle of the back?

beautiful smile on that boy.

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