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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spring Garden

Spring is in the air and the back garden is in full bloom. The rhododendrons are now in bloom and the bright yellow California poppies make a sharp contrast to the purple irises. The lilies are just starting to bloom but will soon add white to the reds, yellows, and purples. Two weeks ago, I had the entire front garden ripped out as it was far too big and burdensome and had no lawn. It had become a mini jungle and was too much for me to care for (bad back and all). Now there is a lovely lawn area and a small plot that I can easily tend. Yesterday I planted a star jasmine that will eventually twine its way along the overhang of the front doorway area and will give off even more of its intense aroma. I also added three purple heathers and a few bright orange begonias. I may add more annuals as the summer advances. This morning I walked along the beach and found one interesting piece of driftwood to add to the stone edging along the driveway and will go back one day and find more to enhance this area. I posted some photos of my garden last year at this time and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so thought I'd do it again. Have a great day everyone! :D


Josie said...

Omigosh, that looks wonderful. I had no idea your back garden was so nice.

Bring on summer...!


leslie said...

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to get out there and yank the rest of that GD ivy that's overgrown the side by the house. I've got 3/4 of it out now, but always have to do it bit by bit 'cuz of my back. But it does look nice when I get it cleaned up.

patterns of ink said...

Beautiful! Your gardens and flowers are a few weeks ahead of ours in Michigan.

TomCat said...

Lovely garden, Leslie. I didn't see anything growing there that could get you in trouble, either. ;-)

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful yard Leslie. Love those California poppies...ours are just starting to bloom. We have a small rhodo park here where every color size and shape can be seen...it's so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this with us.
PS: my jasmine didn't survive last winter's huge amount of snow so will have to get another one :(

leslie said...

Everyone around here has rhodos and azaleas in a variety of colours. I see red, yellow, pink aqua, and mauve right from my window. My irises are all in bloom but I'm so sad they don't last long. They're SO gorgeous!

Morning Glory said...

Absolutely beautiful!! What a cheery sight these pictures were.

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