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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Iced Lotusland

The city of Vancouver is nicknamed "Lotusland" because of its remarkable beauty and its remarkable weather patterns that keep the city and the surrounding areas very temperate. It seldoms goes below 8 or 9 degrees Celsius or in the 40s Fahrenheit.
However, *sigh,* we are currently experiencing extremely unusual weather in that it's very cold (below zero C) and it's been snowing since around midnight last night. It snowed last Saturday and that snow had not had a chance to dissipate so this snowfall is on top of that. I phoned the school early this morning to check if it was open - it was, so I gingerly made my way over - but their Christmas concert this evening will probably be cancelled. Weather reports predict it's going to continue to snow until Friday when the sun will shine for two days before another snowfall on Sunday. But our two days of sunshine will be in the minus 17C range and if it's windy, it'll feel more like in the minus 20-30C range. Yikes!

I know that lots of people like snow for Christmas, but when it snows in Vancouver everything stops. People stay home instead of driving to work. The transit system slows down to a crawl and schools close. Snow brings an inordinate amount of stress to workers, parents who need to find alternate daycare for their kids, and seniors who can't get out for groceries. I hate going out in it for fear of falling and making things even worse for my poor back (which is SO looking forward to getting fixed in less 3 weeks).

Ah well, I'll stay inside and look out at the pure white of the neighbourhood. I'll make myself some hot chocolate, put on some music, and read my book. Then I'll snuggle down in my flannel sheets and try to dream of a warm beach somewhere.

Here are a few shots of my neighbourhood and garden. I must say I think the heather looks rather pretty peeking out from under the fallen snow. (Click to enlarge)


JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

hi Leslie,
How are you doing,
What an intersting story I loved reading it, weather is always a point of discussion, you made great shots,

I also showed it with Frozen Nature, and snow pictures too.
Happy and MERRY CHRISTMAS wishes

Greetings from JoAnn/Holland

Yolanda said...

It looks remarkably like here.Have a Happy Holiday and stop by for a visit sometime. I love your blog.

CherryPie said...

It looks wonderful!

nancygrayce said...

The snow is so beautiful. It would be too scary for me though, it is short sleeve weather here in Florida!

Country Girl said...

Yes, it does look pretty, but I know what you mean about things slowing to a crawl.

peppylady said...

Oh baby it cold out there. We been having below zero.
I was going out this evening but the weather change my mind.

Coffee is on.

Powell River Books said...

Hi Leslie - Thanks for the visit today. We lucked out and got a good travel day yesterday before the snow arrived. Now that we are in Powell River "Let it Snow." -- Margy

jmb said...

We sure come to a halt when it snows, don't we? And I hate this cold.
But it is beautiful. Let's hope we don't lose power.

Three weeks till your surgery? You must be pleased about that.

Russell said...

Goodness! It looks like Iowa! Heh!

The nice thing, though, is that your snow will be gone before too long (I hope!)

There is an old saying that goes "Snow before Christmas is a welcome visitor. Snow after Christmas is a guest who has worn out their welcome!"

Take care and, well, what the heck? Maybe you will have a white Christmas!

Jo said...

Leslie, it looks beautiful, doesn't it, but it is so c-o-l-d....! Aren't you glad you have those lovely heated seats in your car????

It was Phinnaeus's Christmas concert last night, and I got a video of him playing "Good King Wenceslas" on the trombone. Life is made up of such wonderful moments, isn't it?

Susan said...

I am so happy for you in your rekindled romance.
Enjoy the Season and festivities. All the best.
Ill be thinking of you and hoping your back holds out over the holidays! wHAT YOU MAY GET UP TO TO THROW IT OUT i dont know!

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