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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Desperately Seeking........

.....an Ikea makeover for Daughter #2's apartment. Click on the following link to take you to her entry in Ikea's "Any Space Can Be Beautiful" contest, see a photo of her living room and what she has to say about it. You can vote for her right there at the site and even make a comment if you want.

D#2 has worked so hard the past two years to become a functioning and contributing member of society after discovering, accepting, and working to conquer her disability. Like most young people starting out, she had to accept hand-me-downs to furnish her apartment. But because the government disability plus her take-home pay working half-time (mandated by her physician) barely makes ends meet, she can't afford to save for the niceties of life. Niceties like a new sofa, or a second chair for her 2nd-hand dining table, or a TV large enough to actually see what's going on in the show.

So if you have a moment, click the link and vote for her to win an Ikea makeover. Vote every day, too, because each vote gets her another chance in the draw for the grand prize, which takes place on September 3rd. The grand prize is a $15,000 makeover by CityLine interior design expert Karen Sealy.
Thanks, everyone~!


Liz said...

I tried Leslie but it says I need the latest version of Flash and we have had all sorts of problems with Flash and it simply refuses to work on my puta! I hope she wins though!!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

sorry, I tried too but it wouldn't budge beyond telling me it was Ikea.

Russell said...

Good luck to your daughter!

I have been to the IKEA store in Minneapolis and it is BIG! Whoa! And busy! But I found some great glasses for 50 cents each that are heavy glass -- and I use them every day.

IKEA is one of my daughter's favorite stores. Even though the Minneapolis IKEA is literally across the street from the Mall of America - which is beyond huge - IKEA seems to be the favorite!

Take care.

Rositta said...

I will vote every day even from Greece, promise...I hope your daughter wins, she deserves it. I'm going to do a little shopping at IKEA in Athens myself. Our new home needs some stuff to make it homey...ciao

Leslie: said...

Thanks to everyone, whether you're able to vote or note. I know your hearts are good! :D