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Monday, August 10, 2015


ABC Wednesday is brought to you this week by the Letter EE as in elephant, elevator, email, education, and elbow.  It is also brought to you by our creator, the endearing Denise Nesbitt and by our earnest yet efficient administrator Roger!  As well, don't forget about the enthusiastic team of bloggers who give of their extensive time to make sure every contributor receives some comments.

The word I have chosen to use this week is EXHAUSTEDI've been so busy for the past almost six months that I've started to feel the effects.  It seems that everything that has gone on is something that's on that list of "most stressful life events," too!  There's been a marital separation, injury (ankle again) that's kept me from enjoying any of spring or summer, and being diagnosed with osteopenia - the signs of osteoporosis.  These add up (apparently) to a moderate chance of illness.  No thank you!

Another life stress is that I'm planning to move.  So I had a carport sale to get rid of good stuff I didn't need anymore and the date chosen ended up being one of the hottest days of summer so far.  Even though I sat with my daughter in the shade the entire time, I ended up with heat exhaustion by the end.  My daughter put a cold, wet cloth on the back of my neck and placed the fan so I would get the easy breezy!  But you can see below that even the dog is exhausted!
Now that I can get around a bit better, I'm working on clearing my house of everything else I don't want to take with me to my new home.  It's a few months in the future, but I need to have everything "tickety boo" before the agents come in to take photos.  So...I've cleaned out my office, which was the biggest job.  I had two bookcases in there full of books and photo albums along with other odds and ends.  The shelf was crammed with Christmas stuff and the floor was full of bags and boxes that I had to sort through.  I sorted everything and packed it up in boxes that I'd dragged home from the local liquor store and placed them neatly on the shelving unit in the storage room - yes I have an actual room for storage! Then, I went through my clothes closet.  Now there are two big garbage bags full of really nice clothes that are going to the thrift shop.  I've rearranged and sorted out the linen closet, the other "guest" bedroom, and the two main bathrooms.  Still needed doing is the laundry room cupboards - there will be an extensive amount of junk found in there, I'm sure. 

My daughter Jaclyn and her husband Ryan have been helping me out with things I don't know how to do.  For example, Ryan replaced a doorknob on an outside storage cupboard (not the shed) and is going to re-trim the door.  He also dug up an exceedingly dead plant from the garden.  Jaclyn has moved two bookcases downstairs and into the shed and even loaned me a small end table that I had given her because it looks better than what I had in preparation for staging.

The goal here is to have the house staged and in perfect order so that I can get the most money possible when the time comes.  The market here is wicked!  Every house seems to go over the asking price and there are multiple offers on places that take them out of our reach!  So fingers crossed, we find the right place.
My other mantra has always been "this, too, shall pass" and although I'm being economical with my energywhich means it's taking me longer to do all this, all will be worth it in the long run.  In the meantime, I guess I'm getting some sort of exercise, be it lugging and toting or mentally enjoying the fruits of my labour.  More to come in the weeks ahead.  Have an easygoing and entertaining week, everyone!  Just one more shot of my "hot dog!"


Roger Owen Green said...

My parents-in-law have moved, and now their old house, which had been on the market, has sold. We were down there last weekend clearing the attic. (There's also stuff in the garage we haven't even gotten to.)

Yes, exhausting! I wish you strength!


Trubes said...

Hi Leslie,
you are having an Exceedingly busy time.
I do hope the heat subsides soon.
I used to love the sun but now I can't sit out in it
as I get a rash (due to medication).
Poor Tegan does look pooped, I suppose you can't really
hose her down because of the water shortage.
Good post,as ever.

Love Di.
ABCW team.

BTW> I've left a reply for you on my post about Edward Lear xx

Ira said...

That must be tiring!
At least your children are with you to share the burden. Good luck to you.

Unknown said...

I so can relate to you at this moment... about not being able to move around as one is used to...
My husband got a new knee 4 weeks ago and last Thursday my back said 'i don;t want to do anything'..... (backrpblems for 36 years now since i broke it when i was 16)

So we'll just have to give it all we've got ;-)

Althoug impossible, i would have loved to snoop around your carportsale ;-)

Hope you get well soon and have lots of luck finding a new home and selling yours for a wonderful price. Thumbs up!

Meldy (abc-w)

Ann said...

Leslie, what a job it is moving all that STUFF. Some always ends up being junk, I don't know why I collect so much of it. It is wonderful that your kids have helped in this enormous job. Hopefully you will get a handsome price. To answer about EST at our church, we have a large number of millennials along with our older people. Some of our older people have had a hard time coming around to the upbeat music and speakers but they are doing OK with it. It is our churches goal to reach the young generation but still reach everyone with the message.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Leslie , I was "exhausted" reading your post. I am not looking forward to this upheaval , I do hope that you manage to move. Don't mention the "most stressful things in life " .. Luckily you have daughter number two and hubby to help .. take care , I am going for a lie down :-) xx

Obsessivemom said...

You certainly have a lot on your hand. I got exhausted reading all of it. Moving is hard, moreso if you're not a 100 % fit. Take it easy and like you said, 'This too shall pass'. Good luck.

BeatAboutThe Book

Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil said...

Hey, Leslie, haven't read you in a long while. Yikes as to your health and the separation. I have been fighting some chronic stuff, including osteoarthritis, also a precursor for Osteoporosis, according to my doc. I eat calcium pills and nuts and other stuff, but hey, I'm 58.

You are getting a lot of support from family and your doggie, and doesn't that help a lot? But yes, it's exhausting. Be good to yourself, sweetie. You deserve a good break... Amy

photowannabe said...

Hi Leslie,
Seems I'm back at ABC Wed. again.
I'm sorry to red about your separation and the on going health issues.
I guess the best thing to do is just Keep On Keeping On.
Hope your home sells quickly and you can find the perfect place for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...you've had a lot on your plate the last several months. I can only imagine your exhaustion. After our son's wedding in 106 degree weather I was physically and mentally exhausted for the whole month oa July. The heat we've been having is not helpful at all.
Hope you recover and have the energy for all you need to accomplish soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you got my comment?

Photo Cache said...

I haven't done anything but read your post and I'm tired already. Take care and take it easy.


Nonnie said...

Your story wore me out- however that's the way I started today so it's not just that. I wish you well in your house-hunting and hope your home sells fast. I've forgotten your dog's name, but he does look exhausted.

Hildred said...

This too shall pass - and Things will always be Someway - two of my trusted mantras. I admire your cleaning up job and you inspire me to do the same!!! Look forward to September, - cooler weather, Leslie, and less exhaustion.

Rajesh said...

Wow! this is definitely very hectic.

Gattina said...

No wonder that you are exhausted after all this stress and work !

ABC Wednesday


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

With a girl out on her own 6 hours away from where we live and another one working on her degree, my wife and I have talked about selling our 4 bedroom home. However, the thought of culling through 16 years of stuff and packing makes me cringe. Good luck with your move, my friend! #46

Joy said...

I feel like a lie down myself after reading your travails. Best of luck on your upcoming sale.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

You've been hit by two of the highest stress situations life can throw at us. No wonder you're exhausted. You sound like a "give it your all" kind of person so you will get through this. Doesn't mean it will be fun, though. I like your motto and think it will be my new mantra.

Anonymous said...

I'll try this again!
Do you know why they take a break after an hours drive? Europeans are ingrained that you need to take a break every two hours. to stay alert behind the wheel. so every (good:) )European does that!
And their driving tests are horrid. My son had his drivers license from the USA already for about 10 years - in Holland he failed it now 3 times!

MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

Each one of those is stressful. Hope things are easing a bit. Exercise (especially weight-bearing) is great for osteopenia so might lifting boxes be a small silver-lining? No, probably not. Besides there are so many better silver linings to find. I wish you the best.

Reader Wil said...

You ' ve had a very eventful year, Leslie! No wonder you are exhausted now. When I get home by the end of this week, I shall have to clean my daughter's house, which hasto be sold. I am not looking forward to this.
Well anyway I wish you all the best with your ankle, and all the things concerning your new house and the sale of your present. house.
Wil, ABCW Team.