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Monday, August 03, 2015

D is for DROUGHT

Here in greater Vancouver, brown is the new green!  "How could that be?" people ask.  Vancouver is a beautiful city known for its lush green forests, beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains, and perfect year-round weather.
Think California drought...not as bad here, but getting there.  It's been so hot and dry here that we have reached Stage 4 (out of 4 conditions) for drought.  No one is allowed to water their lawns at any time, wash their cars or do any hosing of driveways, windows, patios, etc.  Flowers pots and flowers in the garden can only be watered by hand.  For example, I take a bucket out and douse my pots but in no time at all, they dry up.  Fortunately, the flowers are surviving so far.  Oh!  and people with pools or hot tubs are not allowed to top them up, either.  My friends have a hot tub, but they've turned the heater off so they can use it as a "cool pool." 
Farmers are losing their crops, which will affect our economy.  
And fires are out of control in the forests, with about 200 fires burning across the province.  To view a brief video about the forest fires from Global TV, click here
Actually, for a couple of days in July there was ash floating in the air all around the city and its suburbs - even out to my village!  An air quality advisory came into effect for several days that was compared to Beijing! Here is a shot of a section of Vancouver during the day when ash was floating everywhere. 
I take Tegan out early to play Frisbee at a local park where I found some morning shade in one corner.  She lasts no longer than 10 minutes, needs water, and pants her way back to the car.  Right now she's crashed on the hardwood floor and probably won't get up for at least an hour. 
It's so hot, I often sleep downstairs on the sofa because it's "only" 80 F downstairs!  People in this area don't normally have air conditioning in their homes - it's just not needed.  But boy oh boy do I wish I had it now!  It seems all I do lately is find ways to stay cool.  Now don't get me wrong.  Some people absolutely LOVE this weather.  They're the kind of people who go to Mexico in the winter and love to bake on the beach.  But I'm not that type - I just feel sick! 
This is actually quite a scary predicament with fires coming too close for comfort and thousands of people being relocated  from their homes.  So much of our beautiful province is being destroyed, even on Vancouver Island and towards the north.  The last time we were at Stage 3 was in 2003, but I don't remember ever having a summer like this one in my lifetime. Maybe I'm feeling the effects because I'm getting a "bit" older.   Anyway, just for fun, here's a photo of my sweet Tegan feeling the effects. 
 Many thanks to the divine Miss Denise, creator of ABC Wednesday, and to the dapper Mr. Roger, our administrator.  Also, thanks to the delightful team of volunteers who drop by to say hello to all the contributors and to leave dazzling comments. 


MERYL JAFFE, PhD - parent, psychologist, teacher, author... said...

Oh, poor dog... although she still looks so wonderfully happy! We're lucky where I live... (East Coast) our summer's been relatively mild with some scorchers, we'll probably pay for it this winter.

Melody Steenkamp said...

Dramaticly.... we over here in The Netherlands rarely experience that kind of weather... i can't imagine how it must be to be ordered not to use water in a spilling sense..

I do skimp on water but for another reasons... first (ofcourse) for our environment and second its quit expensive... one can not spend more money then they have ;-)

However... i wish you luck and that kind of weather wich makes you the happiest.

Rajesh said...

That sounds really extreme hot climate. It is a mix here. Some parts of the country experience hot wave while other experience flood.

Roger Owen Green said...

Seriously, I saw a picture of goats sent off to eat the dry grass in central California. The fires there, as you know, are even worse...


Leslie: said...

Yes, Roger, and they're in a smaller area. As you know you could fit the entire United Kingdom in British Columbia more than 7 times! California could fit it in 3.5 times!

Anonymous said...

These temps and lack of rain in the Pacific Northwest have been very challenging for me. I do not enjoy the heat and seem to melt in it. I'm not one to head for hot zones for vacations. We prefer the coolness of Great Britain... I love walking on the beaches in the winter!
Our grass is brown and I need to get out there right now and water our planters. We do not water our grass. It's nice and brown!
Have a wonderful week!

Photo Cache said...

Here in NorCal we don't have airconditioning either because it's not needed typically. We've all been saving all our rinse water for watering the plants.

Murthy said...

Great photos and description.Have a nice day.

Reader Wil said...

A drought is absolutely devastating f or humans and animals. I saw it llast year when I was here in Australia. It is also frightening to think that a fire is easily started.
I hope you will soon get some rain!
Wil, ABCW Team

Lmkazmierczak said...

Chicagoland has had a nice summer temperature wise...So sorry you are in an area of the country seeing drought conditions. It seems every year some place sees flooding or tornadoes or drought that effects the local economy and can impact the nation as a whole. All the best to you and Tegan♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/deconstruction/

Hildred said...

We are conserving water here in the Similkameen, too, - not as drastic as the Coast though. I do remember summers as hot as this, (but then I am much older than you!!!) When we had a small apricot orchard in amongst the apples and other fruit I remember one day it was 117F when we were out picking!! Now that was hot! But we were all younger....

Ira said...

The nature has it's ways to teach us lessons.
These forest fires, droughts and floods are nature's fury. We have had flood like situations this time in places that had high temperatures during summers...

Trubes said...

Gosh Leslie,
It is awful for the verdant colours of BC to be
destroyed by drought. We must have some of your
rain, the weather has been awful here.
At present a gale is blowing and again, more rain is to

Poor Tegan, I bet she wishes she could take her coat
off, though I bet she likes her Momma sleeping downstairs.
Lots of licks and snuzzles!

Your picture are very good and really illustrate the horror
of spreading fires, such a worry.
I hope you and Tegan stay safe,

Love Di.

ABCW team.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Bless your heart! Tolerating the heat is not easy, but the fires sound extremely dangerous. I have asthma, so the smoke alone could be a major health hazard. I'm praying that you get some rain soon. Blessings to you, Tegan and the whole community. #39

Joy said...

Wow tough times, California seems to take all the headlines but it sounds if it is a continent wide problem. Conversely we are still waiting for summer to start here, the temperatures have been unusually low with lots of wind.

Ann said...

I really wish we could have shared all this RAIN we got this year. Seems like mother nature does this at times.

tulika singh said...

This is so distressing. Droughts are terrible specially for farmers.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Your post really brings home the reality, Leslie! The most Devastating Days in this part of town were the ones when we could SEE and SMELL the ashes but reminders all about us like water fountains turned off and brown grass keep us aware that water is not to be wasted. I hope you and Tegan will find a way to keep cool (80 degrees F - yikes!) and I'll keep my best rain dance going for sure.