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Sunday, August 23, 2015


One of my favourite places to visit in Greater Vancouver is Granville Island
It's a peninsula and shopping district located on the south side of False Creek across from Downtown Vancouver between the south end of the Granville and Burrard Street Bridges.  In my humble opinion, "Bridges" (the yellow building top center) is one of the best restaurants on the island and I've had the pleasure of dining there many times.  When Liz (from Swansea, Wales)(of http://liz-and-harvey.blogspot.ca/) came to visit, we had lunch on the patio right by the water. Not only did we get a photo of us, but also of the gargantuan blueberry shortcake dessert!
Another wonderful restaurant on Granville Island is The Docksider that offers casual fine dining in a stunning setting.  Set right on the water, floor to ceiling windows allow panoramic views of downtown Vancouver all the way to the mountains beyond. There's gracious and friendly service, a glorious menu, and desserts worthy of a gourmet
Check out what I had when I took my daughter there for her birthday lunch!
The Public Market is the jewel in the crown of Granville Island!  It showcases the finest of gastronomic delights like seafood, warm baked goods, fresh plump fruit, cheeses, flowers and more. 

Granville Island is, without a doubt, a must-see destination if you're visiting this gorgeous city!  Park your car and simply walk everywhere.  Aromas abound from the bakeries scattered throughout and  you will want to pop into the brewery, the book shops, the art shops, the kids' building, etc. But if you feel the need to sit for a bit, simply go over to the water's edge and hail an aquabus.  You'll really enjoy the ability to view the scenery from a different perspective.

If you embark or disembark near Bridges Restaurant, you will also see buskers performing for locals and tourists alike.  Also, you'll see other free and glorious entertainment throughout the area.  Watch out for sea gulls though - they are almost tame!  Here are some shots that may give you a giggle.
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Liz Hinds said...

That was a gorgeous day! Lovely to meet you in person. Wish I'd had more time to explore the market too.

Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE open-air markets. Looks like a great time.


Trubes said...

How lovely to read about GRANVILLE Island and see two GORGEOUS
ladies enjoying some time together, along with a GOOEY pudding.
I had to laugh at the GREEDY GULL eating crisps, when he's surrounded by Ocean teeming with swarms of fish..

Another place to put on my bucket list!.
In my dreams !

Best wishes,
ABCW tea

Unknown said...

Wonderful entry with beautiful photographs, of wich some make me want to eat ;-)

Have a nice day,
Melody (abc-w-team)

Reader Wil said...

I think I would also like Granville Island. It looks so lovely! Thanks for sharing.Have a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team

Hildred said...

A wonderful spot - I have many happy memories of being there on visits to Vancouver, and dear friends had a fruit and tomato stand in the market for many years. Great pictures!

photowannabe said...

Absolutely love your photos, especially the chip eating GULL.
Brilliant colors.

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm in Vancouver I hope to get to Granville! Great photos Leslie! How fun to meet up with Liz!

Anonymous said...

The views of the harbor and the market are so festive with all these bright colors!What a fun outing:)

Nonnie said...

Granville looks like a Grand place to visit, shop and dine! The dessert looks quite scrumptious!

Photo Cache said...

That would have to be included in the travel itinerary to Vancouver.


Deepa said...

Lovely pictures

Ira said...

Even the gulls seem to be addicted to chips!
Nice Clicks!

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous gorgeous pictures. I love the fruits and the flowers and those desserts were absolutely mouth-watering. They made me hungry.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful island. I would love to be there.

Snapperoni :: Photography said...

Sounds like a lovely place. And the desserts, delectable.:3

Snapperoni :: Photography said...

Sounds like a lovely place. And the desserts, delectable.:3

Ann said...

Everything about the area is GORGEOUS. You're dessert looks heavenly and the yellow color stands out wonderfully. I got a real chuckle from the last picture.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Thank you for the relaxing and inspiring morning virtual tour. Those shots about the hungry seagulls at the end made me laugh too, which I needed. Blessings, my friend!