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Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Welcome to ABC Wednesday and the letter D...as in dentist, daiquiri, diamonds, dungeon, drink, Dracula, and dachshund.  Last week, when I wrote C is for Country, I mentioned that Wellbrook Winery hosted the "Deja Vu Vintage Market" this year.  So I thought I'd bring you some images of the event. 

I had to park way in the back field near the greenhouses and walk past the blueberry bushes in order to get to the grounds where the market was being held.  I passed some antique John Deere tractors, an old, rusty tiller, and an antique thresher as I headed towards the tents.  People were milling around outside the barn and I joined right in, camera in hand.  There were many signs indicating that this was the "Deja Vu Vintage Market" and I came to understand that the people involved in the event (the vendors) seemed to know one another from other events they've held in the past.

There were so many fascinating things to see from antique suitcases, kitchen appliances, bicycles, old stools, pots, tools, and tables and ladders painted and shown in a different light (décor-wise), and in the barn were sterling silver decorations made from cream and sugar bowls, spoons, and small teapots.  One of my favourite displays was the antique doll sitting in an antique carriage. I couldn't believe how life-like she appeared!  Also, up in the hayloft was an antique buggy! 

Outside again, I came upon some antique signs and naturally, my favourite was the one that said, "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased."  And just today, a young lady (now at age 22) who was in one of my Grade 4 classes and now works with my daughter phoned to tell me she's engaged! How precious it is to  have a former student go out of her way to tell me about something special that's happening in her life!

But I digress.  Also outside were wonderful floral displays, an old bus painted aqua blue in which the owner transports her hand-styled and hand-painted T-shirts.  In my mind, I called it the "Aquabus."  I hope you enjoy the photos and the sort of kitschy music that accompanies them. I tried to find something that sounded "vintage."

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ABC Wednesday said...

You must have had lots of fun!! I know I would have, being there.
Many lovely things and indeed, that doll is very lifelike!

Have a wonderful ABC-wednesday / -week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ abc-w-team

Roger Owen Green said...

Fun, fun delving into items of the past!


Hildred said...

That looks like great fun! I have been to markets like this and they are a great temptation. Love the silverware and beads...

DeeDee said...

I hope you had a lot of fun there :-)

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Ann said...

OH my goodness that doll looks real!!! My sissy had a huge collection of china and porcelain dolls that filled her room. My kind of day out--junkin.

Joy said...

I like those spoon decorations, I might have been tempted into one of those. The lifelike dolls I always find a bit creepy. Looks a great day out, love that bus.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like wandering around vintage markets and seeing all the stuff I used to use or own. Never thought I'd actually get to the age where I see decades of things. lol
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Anonymous said...

nothing like fun

Betty said...

Definitely the kind of place I'd enjoy walking around.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

antique suitcases, not a suitcase but a trunk. Dad went to England and came back with a big trunk. We were silly and lock ourselves in. Dad had to remove the lock.