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Friday, July 07, 2006

25 Signs Showing You Might Be Canadian

1. You're not offended by the term "HOMO MILK".

2. You understand the phrase "Could you pass me a serviette, I just
dropped my poutine, on the chesterfield."

3. You eat chocolate bars, not candy bars

4. You drink Pop, not Soda.

5. You know what a Mickey and 2-4 mean

6. You don't care about the fuss with Cuba. It's a cheap place to go
for your holidays, with good cigars and no Americans.

7. You know that a pike is a type of fish, not part of a highway.

8. You drive on a highway, not a freeway.

9. You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.

10. You know that Casey and Finnegan were not part of a Celtic musical group.

11. You get excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.

12. You brag to Americans that: Shania Twain, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and many more, are Canadians.

13. You know that the C.E.O. of American Airlines is a Canadian!

14. You know what a touque is.

15. You design your Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.

16. You know that the last letter of the English alphabet is always pronounced "Zed" not "Zee"

17. Your local newspaper covers the national news on 2 pages,but requires 6 pages for hockey.

18. You know that the four seasons mean: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road work.

19. You know that when it's 25 degrees outside, it's a warm day.

20. You understand the Labatt Blue commercials.

21. You know how to pronounce and spell "Saskatchewan". (Sas-KAT-chew-w'n)

22. You perk up when you hear the theme song from 'Hockey Night in Canada'.

23. You were in grade 12, not the 12th grade.

24. "Eh?" is a very important part of your vocabulary, and is more polite than,"Huh?"

25. You actually understand these jokes, and forward them to all of your Canadian friends!!!! and then you send them to your American friends just to confuse them...further (hee hee)


Josie said...

Hi, Leslie, well I don't think any of the American folks will "get" your list, but I think it's really funny, and so true. I laughed, they just mentioned Vancouver on the Simpsons (yes, don't tell anyone - I watched the Simpsons tonight). Well, a girl's gotta have some downtime, eh?


beachgirl said...

Hi Leslie,
That reminds me of the test my girlfriend just forwarded to me. I passed it. How to tell your from The Jersey Shore. I guess being born and raised there helped. Even though I moved 28 years ago.
I had a good laugh.
Have an awesome day!

Ian Lidster said...

But, Leslie, how many Americans would know what the PR refers to when ascribed to lemon gin? This was funny, even though the snowsuit reference is to Sa-skatch-ew'n and not balmy BC.
Thanks for brightening my day.


willemina said...

I actually "got" some of those...by the way...what is a touque?

leslie said...

Hey Willy, it's a wooly cap that people in MOST of Canada wear in the winter. However, you don't see too many of them in the Vancouver area because we have such balmy weather all year.

Josie said...

Hi, Leslie, I have some more pictures of my little neighbourhood...


willemina said...

Hi Leslie
Thanks for explaining touque for me...Josie also did so on my blog. I could have used a touque on my visit to China in February 2004...BRRRRRRRRRRRR
I have never been so cold in my entire life!
My word for the day here is osaczroo...Is that a type of animal? Maybe an offspring of a kangaroo?
No I'm not drinking wine at the moment...just having fun.

Josie said...

Hi, Leslie, yes I bought a cruiser. It's very pretty. Silver grey with hibiscus flowers on it. (I'm such a girl...) It's perfect for around my neighbourhood, and for going down to the beach. I love getting outdoors on these summer evenings.

Gosh, your dinner sounded yummy...!


Tai said...

"You know that the four seasons mean: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road work."

I always say there's only two seasons in Vancouver...winter and road work.


Josie said...

Hey, Leslie, I like your new photograph. Very nice...!


leslie said...

thx Josie, I was being silly and acting like a flirt. But then, that's ME! LOL

willemina said...

Cute picture Leslie :)

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