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I took very early retirement from teaching in '06 and did some traveling in Europe and the UK before settling down to do some private tutoring. As a voracious reader, I have many books waiting in line for me to read. Tell me I shouldn't read something, and I will. I'm a happy, optimistic person and I love to travel and through that believe that life can be a continuous learning experience. I'm looking forward to traveling more some day. I enjoy walking, cycling, water aerobics & and sports like tennis, volleyball, and fastpitch/baseball. I'm just getting into photography as a hobby and I'm enjoying learning all the bits and bobs of my digital camera. My family is everything to me and I'm delighted to be the mother of two girls and the Gramma of a boy and a girl. I may be a Gramma, but I'm at heart just a girl who wants to have fun.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Welcome to the Ladner Village Market, held every 2nd Sunday throughout the summer. People flock from miles around and we see lots of tourists here, too. Later on this summer we'll be having the annual antique car / quilt show along this same street. Stay tuned for photos of that.

The band welcomes everyone to the market. People can sit on park-style benches or stand to listen. Children dance to the beat.

This is just outside one of my favourite shops. Today I got a bargain! I bought a $110 Jones New York dressy top for just $25!!!

It was a beautiful day, hot, but with a good strong breeze to cool you off. You can just see the trees blowing a bit.

There is lots to look at/buy from all sorts of artisans - jewelry, photography, paintings, garden decorations, bronze sculptures...

fresh fruit, food and drink, home baking, jellies, jams...

flowers and plants...the lady in the apron is a friend who owns property on Westham Island where she and her husband have a nursery.

And of course there's the ever-popular original ice-cream truck!

Well, that's all I could get on one posting. Now I think I'll enjoy my shady patio and read the August issue of Oprah. Stay cool, everyone! Happy summer.


Josie said...

Leslie, that looks lovely. You're brave soul to be out in this heat. We were out for a while today, but it just got too hot. Beth says she feels this heat more than the heat in Abu Dhabi.

Stay cool.


Josie said...

Leslie, I meant to ask you, is that a new photo of you? It's very nice. I think it's my favourite one yet.

Keeping cool?


Okay, there is NO way I can read the word verification. I think it's lmiqjnuw.

My gosh, I was right...

leslie said...

Yes, just recent. I've been trying to do my hair in different ways - flipped, tucked, under...this is easiest. Thanks.

willemina said...

Hi Leslie and Josie :)
Yes, cute picture Leslie...
Your Market looks very similar to the markets we have here on the Central Coast. Our biggest one is in San Luis Obispo on Thursday evenings.
Josie, who's in Abu Dubai?
I remember years ago when I was a telephone operator for Mountain Bell in Colorado Springs...I made a person to person call to a Prince in Dubai...it took a while to complete the call as we had to track him down. I don't think many people make person to person calls anymore as phone calls are so inexpensive now. Would you believe that people would place a person to person call using their dogs name just to get a message to someone that they've arrived safely or whatever? Like we didn't know what they were up to? I know Leslie can relate as she was also a telephone operator. This is how the call would go. "I have a person to person call for "Gruffy"...sorry, Gruffy's not here, can I take a message? Sure, let Gruffy know that I made it back to New York and I'll call him tomorrow." FREE CALL...of course now we all have cell phones and rarely use our home phones for long distance...except Ada who has a great plan :)
My word looks Dutch: vookjgzm

Josie said...

Hi, Leslie. I have forgotten the link to Franny's site. Can you tell me how to get there? I was actually looking for it a few days ago. Thanks.


leslie said...

Sure - here it is:


Add it to your favourites cuz there's always a lot going on there. Thank God it's cooled off today!

Josie said...

Yes, it's quite nice today. Today is our company barbeque. I took pictures.... hah.

Thanks for the link.


I always get the neatest word verifications on your blog. Today it is gemotoks.

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