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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm writing again

Writing a book is tough work but writing a memoir full of tragedy is tougher. It takes a lot of strength to go back in time and relive history without getting bogged down in the emotional mire. I've managed to work two full days on my book this week and I've finally finished up with my childhood, university days, and the beginning of marital "bliss." What is to come will be a struggle of being honest about my own faults and failings as I journeyed through years living with someone with mental illness. It will take me back to a place in time when I learned to rejoice in my sufferings in order to produce endurance, character, and faith in God.
Even though I'm working at home and alone, there are so many interruptions, too. People email me and I simply can't ignore them. The phone rings, the mail arrives, the newspaper crossword puzzle beckons. The sun calls me to go for a walk. But I must push on, because I have felt called to do this book for so many years. It will be cathartic for me and if published, may help someone else to know that you can survive all this and more. Wish me luck.

A friend emailed me this site and I want all my online friends to click on the link to see how I feel about you. :D



Janice Thomson said...

It is tough but keep plugging Leslie. Not only will it be wonderful to see your book but it will be so good for the soul to write life's experiences.
It's a journey worth taking. And I do wish you the best of luck.

Susie said...

I can only imagine that reliving some painful memories might make this a difficult project. Sounds like one that will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment, though..
Best wishes!

Smalltown RN said...

it's tough to write....I have started a personal journal....I have a long ways to go...the best time for me to write something like that is when everyone is sleeping or I have time to myself....good luck....I can hardly wait to read it...

leslie said...

I'm at a difficult part right now and I keep thinking of other things to do instead. It's so hard to go back and relive some things, but I will persevere. Thanks for the support.

Ruth D~ said...

You nailed it when you said it's hard to be honest, objectively honest, about your own failings. That takes courage, and more courage, to unveil the cover you've protected yourself under. As I write about my son, I find the same thing. It's hard to admit some things that make me sound awful, or awful to me, but most likely quite normal.

It will be worth the effort. I wrote to someonne today that it takes more energy to "procrastinate" then to just do something, but still . . .

JR's Thumbprints said...

I know all too well about daily interruptions. In fact, I have to do most of my writing after midnight. It's kind of tough, knowing that 5 a.m. is just around the corner. Good luck with you writing, and I hope your much more organize than I am.

jmb said...

Good for you Leslie. I'm sure it's very difficult to write but it will be worth it in the long run.
I hope we get to read it some day because it has been published.

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