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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Beginning of Fall Colour

This is my favourite time of year, especially days like today that turn out to be bright and sunny. This morning dawned rainy, but by this afternoon the sun was out, the sky was sparkling blue, and the bright colours of fall tempted me outside. I decided to get a dose of Vitamin D as I strolled the neighbourhood while taking a few photos along the way. I'm practising with my camera to see if there is any chance at all that I might have any talent in photography. So I'd really appreciate it if you all would comment on which photos are your favourites and why. Some shots are what I'd call "scenic" and others are what I'd call "abstract" and just show colour and form. I'd also appreciate constructive criticism, too.I was fascinated by this tree because it was turning red and BROWN.

The leaves are already starting to drop.
These flowers were stunning, although subdued in colour.

In case you can't tell, these are cedar tree needles spread over someone's lawn.

Maybe this is artistic? Or is it just a dead cedar bough?

The leaves of this tree are just starting to turn colour and the sun was shining on them.

These actually looked prettier in person.

This is the little park in the subdivision where I live.

It's quite fascinating looking up into a tree.

This tree was absolutely stunning in its brilliance.


Josie said...

Leslie, these pictures are gorgeous...! My favorite is the sidewalk. It has energy.

leslie said...

Yes, I must admit I like that one, too. Thx

Sienna said...

I love the color, plus I am a big fan of nature....and what I love about a person's photography is *their* perception of stuff...

As usual I can't make my mind up between the lot, just the serenity you have captured on some of the tree pics and the color, the light...I am also autumn's biggest fan.

Okay, thinking and pushed for a selection I gotta say the dead branch hanging from the tree...just the sheer contrast, but also the leaves shots, I could wander around looking at those pics all day...and to actually be there with a camera in the Park would be well, goodbye Pam-seeya around midnight.


BTW I totally get the fascination of looking up the trees, the color and light on any given day can be surreal and so beautiful..enjoyed your pics (again-since I've known you, I must send you an email with some info)

Pam again

lindsaylobe said...

I like that "flame tree" the best. I remember seeing one last year on Gary’s blog from Nelson in BC who captured those equally brilliant colours.
I rememberer my 60th fondly, we had great night out on a boat. Splendid photos –! Welcome to the fabulous sixties!!
Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

These are beautiful Leslie. I love the angle of the one looking up into the tree. Also the bough in the fifth one is definitely dead but I love your perspective as an art piece. The color in the last one is astounding. Autumn truly is a beautiful season.

HeiressChild said...

hi leslie, i think they all look good. the colors are very captivating and beautiful. could very well be a great hobby for you.

in reference to the comments you left on my blog, i did know about your father. i sent you an email that nite, and left comments on your blogpost that you did about him and his memorial service.

leslie said...

Hi Sylvia, so sorry about that slip, but please understand I've been a bit discombobulated (don't know if that's a real word or not, but I use it when I'm "out of it.")

Thanks for the encouragement re the photography, though.

patterns of ink said...

Wow! Your trees are ahead of ours. It's been so warm here that the trees are just beginning to turn. They should peak in a couple weeks. I hope they stay on long. I like fall, but hate when the leaves actually do the falling.

leslie said...

Heya Tom, I think we're in for an early and bad winter this year because normally the trees aren't in such bright colour until later in October. The leaves are usually gone in mid-November. It's very unusual to have this much colour so early in the fall. Gotta buy myself a new warm coat this year!

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