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Thursday, October 11, 2007


We said good-bye, farewell, au revoir to Dad today. I did the "eulogy" which I basically called "Memories of Dad." The day turned out to be lovely, clear and sunny and warm enough not to need a jacket. However, we did have the fireplace on in the reception room as it made it much cozier. The food was fantastic, the wine mellow, and the guests happy to share their own memories of Dad. Everyone was having such a great time we had to eventually start putting things away to give them the hint that it was time to leave. In a way, that made me feel good that everyone was comfortable and enjoying the ambience. It still doesn't seem real yet but I guess I'll get used to him not being here with us. It's strange to think of myself as an "orphan" at my age and as the "older generation." But I guess this is the way it is supposed to be. I have my children and their children to watch over now and they will take care of me when the time comes. Such is life. To the left is the photo we chose of Dad and in front of the photo is his favourite hat. He wore it all the time when he was at the care home, even inside, because he said his head was cold. He loved that old hat. If you double click on the photo to the left, it will enlarge, but I don't know why the others won't.

Dad was born in Vancouver, BC to Joseph Henry Jones and Mary Catherine Davies. He lived with his family, which included his brother Art and sisters Catherine and Josie at 11th and Nanaimo and graduated from Vancouver Tech School in 1939.
As a young boy, Dad was always on the soccer field and won his first medal at the age of 11. He was a popular player throughout his youth, and the Vancouver Sun published many articles about his prowess on the field. He later went on to play for the St. Andrew’s Football Club, which won the Dominion Cup in 1947. The team was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 1986. Dad never lost his passion for soccer and became a linesman and referee, and ultimately the Northern Commissioner for the sport in the 1960s.

Dad joined BC Tel right out of high school and left to serve in the RCAF during WWII as a flight trainer on the East Coast. After the war ended, he returned to the telephone company and retired after 41 years of service.

Dad was also an active participant on the golf course and enjoyed many a round of ‘flog’. He remained active in golf even after his retirement and played with the BC Tel Pioneers. He and Mom enjoyed many years of travel across Canada and to places like Morocco, Greece, Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, and especially to Spain where they returned many times to visit good friends they made there.

Dad always wanted the best for his family. We came first and he never wavered in that regard. We will remember him for his feistiness and his strong sense of right and wrong, and whenever we needed him, he was there for us. He will be greatly missed.

Flowers from my church family and Dad's retirement scrapbook.

The Memory Table

Dad's RCAF medals and memorabilia plus wedding picture

Dad's soccer trophies, medals, and memorabilia


geewits said...

What a lovely tribute to your Dad. Like I told Lone Grey Squirrel, you will miss him the rest of your life, but the sadness will mellow into something else. My Dad's "deathaversary" was on Tuesday and it has been 9 years, so I know what I'm talking about. It sounds like he had a very rich life and a wonderful loving family.
Share him with your grandchildren and he will live forever.

HeiressChild said...

a beautiful memorial tribute to your dad leslie. i'm sure he'd be pleased. the reception atmosphere sounded real intimate and cozy.

beachgirl said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I hope it was a peaceful time for family and friends.
How nice that you had your Thanksgiving during this time, it was a nice balance. And I'm sure a much needed just your immediate family time.
I recharge my batteries by being around my family from time to time. I just sit back and laugh at the antics and the interplay.

And the peace and quiet is always nice after they leave and the cleaning has been done.

Have an awesome weekend.

leslie said...

Geewits thanks for your lovely comments. I did go over to LGS' site and commented. As you know, I do know exactly what he's going through right now.

leslie said...

Sylvis it really was a lovely day and I think he would have approved. The place was nice and cozy, yet spacious at the same time. We were able to go out on the balcony and look out over the water fountain of the golf course. Such a beautiful autumn day, too!

leslie said...

Carol Yes, Thanksgiving was a nice day with everyone here. I have a small family so it wasn't overwhelming. But we all talked about how Dad was here last Thanksgiving and how well he was doing. Such wonderful memories.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Dear Leslie,
Thanks for your words of support especially at this time when you are experiencing your own loss. I have never taken part in a "celebration of life" but it is a great idea and you seem to have done it very well. I'm sure your dad would be happy.

Your dad certainly had a full life. We should rejoice in that and cherish our memories and share them with the next generation.

I, too am suddenly aware that I am now in the oldest generation!

beachgirl said...

I hope you had a fantastic birthday. The big 60 is a big milestone. You've had an eventful year for sure.

Have an awesome weekend and start to unwind a little.


Sienna said...

Ah this is such a beautiful tribute, I've got so teary, sort of the tears you have for such a wonderful family farewell to their Dad and Pop-Grandad-friend..

Just such an interesting man too, with his soccer! the service...your folks travelling...it is an honor and privilege to share all this about your Dad, Leslie...I can so envisage him wanting to put on his cap to keep his head warm..

He may not have the physical presence with you anymore but I have no doubt whatsoever his spirit is watching over all of you.

Everything just looks so beautiful, so peaceful how you set everything out, the eulogies can be a little tough just at the end, eh. We manage. For them.


jmb said...

A good sendoff Leslie. I'm glad everything worked out in this regard.

Smalltown RN said...

what a wonderful tribute to your father....it is through these moments that you can reflect on such a full life he had and the memories he made for you...you are in my thoughts...

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