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Friday, October 31, 2008

Jamie and Madonna

Daughter #1, Jamie, has always adored Madonna and one of her biggest dreams was to see her live in concert. Her dream came true last night when 55,000 adoring fans attended the Queen of Pop's final leg of her tour right her in Vancouver. Born in 1976, Jamie was the perfect age when Madonna rose to fame in the 80's. I remember when Jamie was about 8 or 9 years old, she'd put the boombox on a log in front of the cabin at the lake and turn up the music. She and her little sister would dance around to Madonna's music until they were exhausted. As she got older, she'd buy the Pop Queen's music and eventually her videos, too. I'm not quite sure which ones she has right now, but I can recall her talking about "Like a Virgin," "Material Girl," "Blond Ambition," etc. Jamie's love of Madonna and her music continues to this day and all day yesterday Jamie was so excited about the concert she was going to attend.

I understood from the news media this morning that the concert was fantastic for Madonna fans. She didn't disappoint anyone and Jamie agreed. I popped over this morning for a quick coffee with her and to take Noah his Halloween treat so I heard all about how great the show was and the crowds and the noise and how all the fans seemed to be greeting each other as friends!

I found the above photo of Jamie at age 11 in 1987 when she dressed up as an 80's punk for Halloween. It's been a lifetime since she was dressing like this and dancing on the sand to Madonna's music. She's now a married woman and an excellent mother of two adorable children. Madonna has also gone through a lot of changes. I'm so glad Jamie had a great time last night and that her dream came true. It didn't even matter that she's tired today from lack of sleep after a late night out.

Jamie and her friend Cathy had fantastic floor seats and the following photos from the concert are couresty of Cathy.


holly said...

i'm pretty sure madonna supports obama. :)

that's about the only reason i like her at the minute.

i don't like her £150 much, though. i could see 5 rufus wainwright concerts for that kind of money.

boy did i love her when she first came out. back then tickets were way cheaper, but i lived in a trailer.

when i get ridiculously rich, her tickets will be the price of a small planet.

when i own a planet, her tickets will be the price of life. yes, i will have to die in order to afford her tickets.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow and Wow..what a great night your daughter must of had!!!! So pleased she got her dream of seeing her live! When I was a lot younger Diana Ross was my fav, and I saw her live in Essen Germany..in 1982, got photos and it was billiant. And then in 2006 saw Pink Floyd in Magny Cour France and the Grand Prix..that topped the lot for me !!!

Anonymous said...

Yes she supports Obama. She flashed his picture during one of the songs, and the crowd cheered madly!

My ticket to sit on the floor was $110. We were in the middle of the middle of the floor - great seats! Friends of ours who sat in the front near the stage paid $170. Not at all out of reach for an amazing, once in a lifetime concert. This was the first time EVER Madonna has come to Vancouver.

Well well well well well well well worth the money. The best birthday present I ever bought myself!


sally in norfolk said...

wow what a great night for your daughter... and the photos are good too ... i used to love madonna maybe its time to go through her c/ds again :-)

Trubes said...

Hi Leslie:
My eldest daughter,
Kirsten is a great fan of Madonna and many years ago, travelled all the way down from Liverpool to London, with a friend, to see her in concert.
Unfortunately her friend had a panic attack and they had to leave the Arena just as the concert began.
Kirsten was absolutely devastated and was quite mad with her friend as she just didn't understand the nature of her illness.
I suppose that was an understandable attitude for an eighteen year old, in robust health.
People generally have little sympathy for those with illnesses of the mind.
Sad but true!

I know Kirsten, when, she realised how sick her friend was, felt rather guilty about the way she felt at the time.

However she has seen Madonna, in concert, several times since that

Her friend hadn't told her about her fragile health, so, they didn't stay friends after that, sadly!
I have learned recently, that her friend is now in good health and is the proud mum of two lovely children.

Glad your Daughter and her friend enjoyed the concert.
Although I am not a great fan of Madonna, I have to admire her for her stamina alone, particularly that she's just had her 50th birthday, incredible!

Hope you are keeping well leslie, any news of your 'op' yet?
I see that Welshcakes has got another post up, so, hopefully she's 'on the mend'!


Country Girl said...

Good memories!!

I always liked her. She was controversial, she was different, and her music was fantastic.

Casdok said...

Great photos! Ive also seen Madonna live and know what a great performer she is.
Wonderful when dreams come true!

david mcmahon said...

I thought you would have gone too, Leslie ....

leslie said...

David, I'd have loved to go, but I wasn't invited. ;)

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