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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Congratulations to Obama. From his paid advertisement that aired tonight, it looks like he’s already placed himself in the White House. How presumptuous to appear as though he’s already there with the American flag to one side and a desk with a window behind him.
These will be my last comments on the upcoming election in my neighbouring country – I think. I have a lot of good friends who live in California, Arizona, Utah, New York, Maryland, Iowa, and Florida and we may not all agree on the candidates. But that’s okay – it’s what is great about both the USA and Canada – we’re democracies and we have the right to our opinions. So to Sylvia, Daryl, Mark, and others who are proudly supporting Obama, I apologise if it appears that I offend. That is not my intent. There are a few points that I’d like to make, though.
First, Obama spoke about the money that is being spent in Iraq and questions how many schools, hospitals, and medications that money could buy for the average American. At the same time, he takes the average American’s money to the point that he has more than he needs to spend on his campaign. What did he do with your money? He spent it on a public advertisement that caters to the emotions of the average American - you. Think about it for a minute – he took your money that you scraped to earn. You decided he needed it more than you did. You didn’t take your kids to that movie or that football game or out for ice-cream because you gave it to Obama. How many schools and/or hospitals could have been built with that money? How much medication could have been bought to ease the pain and suffering of those who don’t have any medical coverage? How many shelters could that money have built for the homeless? Or food to feed hungry children?
Next, Obama used regular folks to exemplify the terrible conditions that you average Americans are suffering. Well, I’m sure that the majority of you are not suffering that much. You’re living your average lives like most folks do. We work to pay the bills. We prioritise our needs and if there’s any left over, we get to have some wants. But as an example, Obama uses a Ford employee whose job has been cut in half (difficult, for sure) but at the same time films the entire family eating out at a restaurant. How many of you eat out at a restaurant when you’re complaining of not having enough money to live?
Another couple is now retired with their home entirely paid for and nice looking cars (plural) sitting out front. The husband went back to work for some years to help pay the bills because the wife needs to take quite a few different medications for her arthritis. I don’t mean to appear harsh or unsympathetic, but, isn’t that what we just do? There are no handouts in this world and nobody promised that life would be easy.
This leads me to another point. I keep hearing about how people need to earn enough money to give their children an education. Notice the verb – GIVE. Since when do parents have to give their children an education? The government provides public education for every child in the country. It is the law. If the child wants further education outside of high school graduation, why do the parents have to pay for it? Have they not told their kids to get a job to pay their own way? Surely, all parents want to help their kids out, but they also need to teach their kids that there are no free rides in life. I paid my own way to university by working from the age of 16 (when it was legal to work) and saved my money. I paid for my entire tuition and books, clothing, and residence fees. While living in residence I got a job slopping food on the plates of fellow residents and then worked the entire four months of summer vacation. I didn’t get to go to Florida or California or Hawaii to play during the summer. The summer was for working towards the next term.
I ran into a former student in the local grocery store last week. She is taking a year off to work full time in order to pay for her own education. She doesn’t want to be in debt from government loans. She wants to pay her own way in life. I think she is a credit to her generation. Another former student is now working as an apprentice in plumbing. Sure, he won’t make a lot of money for a while, and although he may not ever be "rich," he’ll be set for life in an honourable profession. Not every child needs higher education. Higher education should be for learning something that will assist people in making a good life for themselves. It could be at a trade school or a local college where they have courses in everything from legal secretary to shoeing horses, to electrician, to dog training. There are too many PhDs working at fast food restaurants because their degree is not worth a dime in everyday life. I know a woman who works on the counter of a delivery company and complains all the time because her PhD in Women’s Studies isn’t appreciated. I must say, however, that it is a shame that a high-school diploma won’t get a young person a decent job these days. Maybe that’s something else that Obama should be looking into – practical education programs.
Okay, the next comment is regarding Obama’s claim to ending the USA’s dependence on mid-East oil. I’ve already made my readers aware of the fact that the USA is not dependent on mid-East oil NOW…Canada is its #1 source of oil! I have not heard Obama refer to Canada ever as an ally or a source of anything for America. Granted, I haven’t heard every speech he’s made, so if anyone has heard him refer to his great northern neighbour, I’d appreciate knowing about it.
Finally, Obama is pandering to the emotions of Americans. He talks about the death of his Mom. Yes, that is sad but we all go through the loss of our parents eventually. And he says that he was formed more by the absence of his father than his presence. Yes, that is also sad, but how many others didn’t or don’t have a parent in their lives yet go on without giving the impression of "Oh, look at poor me!"

Obama is sucking Americans in through style without substance. He’s a great orator but really doesn’t "say" much. His policies border on socialism that would put Canada to shame. His latest public advertisement, paid for by you regular American Joe and Jane, is, in my humble opinion, disgraceful overkill. I hope those of you who get to vote in your wonderful country will think twice and hard before marking your X or pulling that lever or whatever it is you do to choose the president of your country.
And please remember that Canada has a Prime Minister, something that Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to know.


sandy said...

He is rather an arrogant individual, isn't he?

nancygrayce said...

Thank you Leslie. I hope you don't mine if I link to you on this one! His 30 minute PAID ad last nite made me want to vomit. He has blinded so many. I'm praying!

Needled Mom said...

Beautifully written.

Ruth D~ said...

I wish more Americans were as armed with this knowledge as you are, Leslie. The manipulation of thoughts and emotions is frightening.

Jo said...

::::APPLAUSE:::: Leslie, you have a lot of courage to put this up, because you may get blasted by the folks who support Obama, and there seem to be a lot of them. But you're right, I have noticed his campaign has been all about the style and very little about the substance. His (ahem) performance at the Democratic National Convention, in front of a backdrop that looked like the front of the White House, was a good example. He was a wonderful orator, but he said absolutely nothing of substance.

I read this quote in the Atlantic Magazine on line. “Underneath the megalomaniac is a con-man, and underneath the con-man is the guy with the delusions of grandeur. Sounds like a great combination."

The quote was referring to Obama.

You know, the thing is, I wanted to like Obama, because the US is definitely ready for a major change of administration and leadership, but he is just too full of his own grandness. That's never a good sign.

I have a feeling you and I may have to head for the North Shore Hills after this is all over, everyone will be so angry with us. But, when dissatisfaction with him starts creeping into the blogs a few months from now, we can come back to Blogland and say, "Well ... don't say we didn't warn you ..."

Louis la Vache said...


Again, hats off to you for having the courage to speak out about the sham the Obamessiah is!

The man is very dangerous for BOTH our countries. With full cooperation from the media, the depths of his connections to Marxists, Communists and terrorists have been hidden from public view.

God help us all if this man is elected.

Smalltown RN said...

Leslie....I started to write you a comment after I got home from work at 0400 this morning...but thought better of it.

After reading your post the first two things that came to my mind were senility and pompous.....

I have to be honest....I don't like either candidate...and I am sorry that is all they have to vote for.

I have said time and again, that I was and still am astounded at the multi millions of dollars that have been spent on this campaign. I look at how long we had to put up with the Hilary and Obama road shows...to me it was and is absolute silliness....monies that could have and should have been put back into programs or creating jobs....it's shameful.

Pompous...that is how I see Obama...I really don't like the oh poor me card nor do I like how (and I know I might get in trouble for this)... he plays the Black American act and hopes to get votes based on his race...that's just wrong....show me what you can do....show me how you are going to change things....get those jobs back....get the economy moving again...and then maybe just maybe I might have some faith in what you say.

Senility "senility , deterioration of body and mind associated with old age"...."The mental changes associated with senility include impairment of judgment, loss of memory, and sometimes childish behavior." Sorry but that is how I see McCain. Not for the life of me could I see this man running a country....again in my humble opinion he doesn't have what it takes...he would be far to dependent on his staff to "help" direct him....and although I can appreciate that this has been the case for all presidents...it's just that I don't see this man being able to make a decision on his own nor with the direction by his staff I also feel he could be to easily swayed by his staff....I have watched him in action....I wouldn't trust him to walk across the room with a glass of water without spilling it....never mind trying to run a country.

There is to much at risk to even entertain him as president. But again...what are their choices....

Jobs need to brought back to the American people and stop selling them off to foreign lands....health care programs need to be established so people don't lose their homes because they have had the misfortune of having a chronic desease....the children of the future need to be given a chance. They need and deserve a good education, with appropriate class sizes and resources given to the teachers to help make our children flourish.

Like you Leslie, I went back to school after my second daughter was born to become an RN...I paid my own way through school...I didn't get any government support....and like you I worked during school down time. No trips to Florida or sunny get a ways.....however with that being said...I did put monies aside in RESP's for my girls....just to help them get started...it is then up to them to make their choices.....and they know that....

However with that being said...sometimes people just need a little help to get started...a little financial support to get their foot in the door...I don't think there is anything wrong with that....everyone wins in programs like that...we help Susie or Johnny get their education...they then get employment in their feild and they start paying into the system...and so the cycle goes.

I am not sure why it has to be every man or woman for themselves...is there no room for a collective we? Don't we all benefit when we have a healthy economy? There are many components that make up healthy communities and with the fall out of a healthy community you have a healthy economy.

In healthcare we call that Prevention. If we put money into prevention...we save dollars in the long run. How you might ask...diabetes for example...if we put money in to education on diabetes the millions of dollars that are saved on hospital visits and surgeries is amazing...teaching a diabetic the right foods to eat helps keep their blood sugars uncontrol...no hypo or hyperglycemia...hence no emergency room visits and hence dollars saved.

That is just one of many many examples of where as a society if we put money into prevention...whether it be healthcare, education, social programs, environmnent,job market...we create a healhier enviroment.

So back to Obama and McCain...pompous or senile....hmmmm

I'm glad I don't have to vote in this one...but I will be watching.

Smalltown RN said...

Gosh I think I needed more sleep...sorry for the spelling errors...whoops no typo's...lol.....anyhow...I have linked your post on my blog today...you make some good points...I hope the debate continues...it is going to be so interesting to see what happens.

Daryl said...

Well, all that 'hard earned' money he's spending was gladly given to him .. he didnt steal or ask for it under false pretenses.

What I dont understand is why you never seem to want to kick sand at McCain? Do you honestly think this man who contually spews lies and changes his position on where he stands on what issue now vs last time he ran for office is a better fit for the office? A man who has cancer which he and his campaign people wont release medical records of and who is OLD and has a running mate whose claim to fame is that she was a small town mayor -- do you know that in the US a small town mayor's job is PART TIME? And her rise to her current job was because she took a stand against someone who was doing unethical things in office .. similar to the same sort of unethical things she did once she got elected. And that Plane she claims she sold on eBay? A lie. The Bridge to Nowhere she claims she stopped? Lie. Its financing was killed in Congress BEFORE she 'stopped it'.

Oh and this business about redistribution? Read this:

eight years ago, in January and February 2000, McCain was on the receiving end of similar criticism, as conservatives and Republicans accused him of engaging in class warfare by opposing tax breaks for the rich while advocating tax cuts for middle- and low-income Americans. That is, McCain was denounced in much the same way as he is now denouncing Obama.

Oh yeah. The backdrop of his speech .... McCain whined about that too .. he decried the attitude of looking presidential before Obama was elected and followed THAT up by saying WHEN I AM PRESIDENT I wont interrupt World Series games.

So tell me .. how come you only kick sand at Obama?


Deb said...

Leslie, I am so glad that we live in countries where we can speak our minds. But why is it so important to Canadians if Obama became president? I firmly believe that McCain = 4 more years of failed policies. Bush will be remembered in history as being one of the worst presidents in America's history. He is now a lame duck president, but honestly, he has been lame all of his 8 years in office. And to think I voted for him in his second term.

Obama did not take my money. I freely donated to his campaign. In fact, I made a donation right after his speech at the DNC in 2004and continued to do so right up until two weeks ago. As did all of his supporters...we gave freely. If it was only so easy to make donations to my government and say, here's my $50, spend it on health care. Like I wish it was that easy!

Yes, Americans are suffering. My family is suffering. My friends that are, in my opinion, well off, are making cuts, drastic cuts. Walk a mile in my shoes and then you may want to rethink that statement.

As for the retired man and wife, he is 74 years old and found the need to go back to work at WalMart. I cried for this man. He made his commitment to the world. Lived a good life. Paid off his house. And now what?

As for education, I think you missed Obama's point. Student loans have really tightened up. My 26 year old niece is already $75,000 in debt and she still had 3 years left. She is worried that next semester, her loans may not come through. Obama's plan is to provide those funds for students but in return, they do community service or join the Peace corps, which by the way, was created by J F Kennedy, another democrat. In fact, I must admit, that when the piece last night cut away to the life shot in Florida, I reminisced back to some of the JFK speeches.

To use the word "pandering" his emotions on the American public, I think that is absurd. I feel his intent was to convey his humble beginnings. His way of connecting to the general population. Remember, only 5% of the people in my country are considered wealthy.

And lastly, Obama is recommending tax increases for that 5%. Which is only returning the tax rates to which was in effect in the Clinton era. That's not socialism. I am part of those 95% of the people that need a tax cut.

I agree with daryl. Why no McCain bashing? He hasn't presented a well thought plan on any economic issue. I seem to remember in the primaries, McCain said he wasn't really well versed on the economy. Oh really! He hasn't a clue.

Jo, I am sorry you don't find Obama to be a warm individual, but rather a "just too full of his own grandness". Do we really know that for a fact? No. It is an opinion. An opinion that you are entitled to, however, I do not agree and I think you will find that next Tuesday, the majority of Americans will disagree with you as well.

OK, if I came across a bit harsh, it is just my opinions. If I offended anyone, please do not take me seriously for I am just an average American trying to live my life.

Josie said...

Deb, I don’t think you have come across as a bit harsh – at all. I enjoy a lively exchange of ideas, and I don’t take it personally, and Leslie doesn’t either. I think it’s healthy. No one should ever be afraid to speak their mind. What a boring world this would be if everyone agreed with each other!

Most of us in Canada are not as enamored of Obama as the folks in the States, because we are not as invested in the outcome of the election as you are. However, we are very (!!) strongly affected by whomever you folks elect as President, much, much more so than you can imagine. You would be amazed at how much Obama is disliked here in Canada, and indeed in many other countries throughout the world. He is regarded with a great deal of distrust and some folks find him scary. Also, just because we don’t care for Obama, it does not mean we are pro-McCain.

Tuesday night is not the end, it is only the beginning. If I am wrong, and Obama proves to be a good President, I will be the first to admit it. Only time will tell, but my belief is that history will have a different outcome.

Okay, so now I hope I have not offended anyone, but I probably have... I have not meant to do so, however, so I hope we are all still friends on Wednesday. :-)

Deb said...

we will all still be blog buddies on Wednesday morning. However, I am not so sure the cast of The View will still be speaking to one another!

leslie said...

Hi everyone. I echo Josie's latest comment in that I heartily welcome a robust exchange of ideas.

Daryl and Deb - just because I feel uneasy about Obama does not mean I'm pro-McCain. In fact, if Hillary Clinton had won the nomination I'd have been jumping up and down with joy and crossing the border to pump up the masses.

However, the more I've researched Obama, the more frightened I am for my American friends who are supporting him so strongly. I've always noticed that there is something about the way he speaks that concerns me - his hands fly around and he doesn't seem to look anyone in the eye. So I did some research and this is what I found out.

Apparently, Obama is using a technique called the Erickson Hypnotic Speech, a form of covert hypnosis. Now stay with me for a bit.

Covert hypnosis is not a sleep-induced hypnosis or what most people think when a hypnotist seems to turn a normal person into a quacking duck under their verbal command. Instead, it uses inconspicuous techniques to access the subconscious mind directly.

Hypnosis is actually a state of hyper-suggestibility brought about through a combination of relaxation, fixation of attention, and suggestion. When someone is in this hyper-suggestibility state it becomes much easier for the hypnotist to bypass that person's normal rational logical judgement and replaces those thoughts with the suggested selective thoughts of the hypnotist.

A skilled covert hypnotist doesn't appear to be doing anything unusual or secret and it's impossible to detect unless you know precisely what to look for.

Why would Obama use this technique? So that you feel like you've made the decision to support him. This explains why so many have such a passion for him that they can't explain as it comes from deep inside each of them and you believe in the unrational almost mythical aura about him. This passion is real to many people because of the transferance of deep feelings in that person's real life to Obama.

Here's an example: If you've watched any video speeches of Obama talking about JFK you'll remember that he was evoking fond memories of the former president and while doing so, created a hand gesture that seemed to hold those memories, and then moments later he brings that hand towards himself and uses his index finger and points to himself. This is a well-executed transferance technique.

Some say that Obama is a great speaker - he is! But it's because he's using very refined, sophisticated and psychological techniques, subliminal in manner, to specifically influence in a deceptive manner. Think back for a moment to your history lessons. Can you think of anyone who was able to use a similar type of mind control over his own people?

The other thing I've found out through my research is that Obama is far more leftist leaning than you all might realise. Here is a quote from Obama himself:

To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy. When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society's stifling conventions. We weren't indifferent or careless or insecure. We were alienated.
But this strategy alone couldn't provide the distance I wanted, from Joyce or my past. After all, there were thousands of so-called campus radicals, most of them white and tenured and happily tolerant. No, it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.

My feeling is that this relatively unknown man didn't come out of thin air, no matter how good a speech he can make and how many hundreds of millions of dollars he can raise to get himself into the White House.

No, I believe he was spotted years ago as a charismatic young man and was groomed and furthered by possibly leftist powers - and their media allies - to reach this exact point in time.

Maybe it's because we are not immediately affected by the American election that we can look on the whole situation from a different perspective. However, we are connected to some degree with our American friends because we really are just like you folks - we just live a bit further north, that's all.

I hope we're all still friends and if at the end of all this, I'm wrong - well, then that just great and I'll be the first to admit it.

leslie said...

By the way, if anyone would like the links to any of my research sites, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to provide them.


Jo said...

Leslie, Hmmm... after reading your comments, I found this

brneyedgal967 said...


Amen and well said!

I agree not on many points you made, but damn near ALL of them! I sooooo sooooo hope that the liberal media and Obama's HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS spent on advertising to convince voters the race is over before the ballots are cast won't work. I am afraid many McCain voters might decide not to vote thinking it's for naught... BUT DO - VOTE! VOTE! It ain't over til all the ballots are counted.

My 19 year old daughter lives on her own (with roommates), pays her own bills, works 2 part time jobs and goes to college full time on student loans SHE will pay back. That's the American way. Not a college trust fund. The kids I knew who had college paid for by their parents partied and made D's. When you pay your own way there's more value in it and when you graduate it's more of an accomplishment because you did it on your own, by God. Not that we won't be there or haven't been there to hand $50 to tide her til payday or buy school supplies when she's cash poor, but she's easily paying 95% of her bills on her own. And that makes me proud. Makes me think maybe I didn't do so bad as a parent, although at the time it seemed I was failing miserably.

And I'm thrilled that you had the cajones to post this. I've done some political posturing on my blog and watched certain Obama readers scamper away in droves. Fine.

Obama is all fluff and no substance. He has done NOTHING with the positions of power he has held to date except boost his own career and jockey for positions of more power. I mean he's written TWO auto-biographies (not one, but TWO) and hasn't authored ONE single bill as a Senator. Are you freakin' kidding me? This man of the people is not for the people but for ONE, Barrack Hussein Obama. Period.

I liken his followers to brain-washed cult groupies believing every word of drivel from their beloved leader. Think for yourselves people and look at the facts! They are there to be found if you move beyond the liberal media outlets.

Okay, rant over - thanks for allowing me to lend my voice to yours.

leslie said...

And this:
Barack Obama Using Covert Hypnosis

leslie said...

Welcome aboard brneyedgal...glad you could join us here. I think I've found the answer to the pied piper effect, so take a look at the video I've linked to in the above comment. It's quite eye-opening!

nancygrayce said...

Leslie, would you please come down and give speeches???? We need you! I meant to say I hope you don't mind if I like to you.

I think we all need to be very frightened of Obama. At least we know that McCain is a loyal American.

Thank you!!

Jo said...

And this!

That's why Obama followers are such glassy-eyed Obamaniacs.

Jo said...

Great minds think alike. I see we have both posted the same video. :-)

It's just in time for Halloween, hey?

leslie said...

I clicked on Anderson Cooper a while ago and I just couldn't watch any of this anymore! CSI is going to be more fun now...

Anonymous said...

Dear friends, and I address you as such because, on reading the comments it is painfully obvious that you are all living in a state of fear, some that Obama will be your next president and the others that it will be McCain.
First of all, as an outsider [but one who will be affected by which ever candidate wins]I must say that it never fails to amaze me how, a country with a population as large as yours, always fails to find a candidate or two with the 'right stuff'. Where are the moral men/women who have never put a foot wrong? Someone with enough experience, non-womanizer,non-extremist, neither too far left or too far right...WHO WRITES HIS OWN SPEECHES, takes a bus around the country for his campaigns and does not have his/her own agenda for total world domination?

We have had Socialism forever it seems, but we are not communists...socialism doesn't mean communism. We have a virtually free health service. No-one, not even illegal immigrants pay for treatment [we don't like that but have arrange reciprocity with many other countries. And when we have had enough we vote them out, as I am convinced will happen in the next election.That is not the communists way.
I have no right, as a non citizen of your fabulous country, to pass judgement on the candidates, but if I could vote it would be for Obama: mainly because Palin puts the fear of God in me but mostly because, even if he is acting like a demi-god, you have Congress and the Senate to keep him in line.

Please don't be mad at me.

Louis la Vache said...

Lesiie, I had not come across the information on the Obamessiah using the hypnotic technique. Very interesting.

I found a former Weatherman talking about how Ayers and others in the Weather Underground were talking about how they will need to establish 're-education camps' and that they estimated that 25,000,000 would resist 're-education' and have to be eliminated. William Ayers's only regret is that he didn't do more bombings. Ayers has never renounced his Marxism/Communism. The connection? Obama launched his Illinois political career in Ayers's home, served on the board of the Woods Foundation with Ayers as well as at the Annenberg Trust with him and shared an office building with him for three years. Now The Obamessiah has outlined a Civilian National Security Force. Hello? Who does this sound like? I pray our voters wake up.

Anonymous said...

Reading these well "informed" comments really brings home the damage of the last eight years. Fear, mysticism (Hypnosis, are you kidding me?) and brute ignorance. Obama, and McCain alike, are well aware that the visual media can launch and sink a campaign in an instance. Obama unfortunately understands only too well that in order to appeal to a country that traditionally has a low turn out on election day, he must play the game to a degree. Nancygrayce, what have you to be so afraid of? A black man, a muslim, a wolf in sheep's clothing, is this the angle? Leslie, hypnosis, your joking right? The article is wonderful, fanciful, and totally absurd. A little like hypnosis, btw, you might want to read Breuer and Freud, the fathers of clinical hypnosis. What are you so afraid of? That we will lose sight of our constitutional rights because the executive branch has no checks and balances? That a president will come along and take away the right to a fair trial, abolish habeas corpus? That he will pick a fight with a country that we armed, under false pretenses, squander trillions of dollars, run this country into debt so far (in order to line the pockets of the ruling elite) that it will take a generation to get back on our feet? That he will ruin the values and morals that we hold dear and the freedoms that made this country what it once was (like freedom of expression - Lawyers being fired, phones being tapped). That he would advocate the most appalling treatment of human beings by creating a culture of fear that another race, and that would be muslims or arabs to you, are degraded to the point that it is seen as a sub species, not even human (have you ever asked how many of these people have DIED in the last four years?) That he would arm and enable states to bomb and subject abject misery on their neighboring states. Think about that one, military aggression by proxy. That he would ruin our standing in the world to the degree that we are now, officially the world bullies, not the land of hope, and freedoms. That he would SPEAK IN SUCH A PRESUMPTIVE TONE, WITH A PAUCITY OF PHRASE THAT ASSUMES WHAT HE SAYS IS BEYOND REPROACH, and makes it so with legislation that covers his and his cronies from prosecution. Again, you need to go beyond the internet and FOX for your information. That he would whip up an ugly sense of jingoism to return the country to a Manichaean world view reminiscent of the fifties. It is interesting to see an underlined paranoiac tone to these blogs, the Manchurian Candidate comes to mind.
So why does this great orator speak in meditative tones, with clarity and confidence. Maybe because if he spoke like how millions of Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Africans, and Asians feel (because WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING at stake here, globalization springs to mind here, you know, the world outside small town USA), as angry and disillusioned as we feel, well how could he do that? So the question is where have you been, where is your outrage? WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE? You really and truly need to read up on policy, look behind the veil of deceit and get your fucking news OUTSIDE the US, and these short sighted blogs. I agree, all should have a say, none should be beyond reproach, Obama should be held accountable if need be, he should be treated not with kid gloves, and should be questioned if he takes a wrong turn.
As all presidents should be. So the question is...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS.
Every spectator is a coward or a traitor, does that mean anything to you? WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE, spectator, where have you all been?

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