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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How did THIS happen?

My baby turns 30 years old today! How did this happen?

Yesterday, she was just learning to crawl, starring in an ice show, playing soccer and tennis while learning ballet.

And now here she is a grown up lady with a life of her own.
We celebrated by having lunch together at her favourite restaurant - the White Spot - and finished off with their special lemon tart!

She has a wonderful weekend planned with some of her friends! I dropped her off at work after our lunch, but this evening is party time with friends, tomorrow she and a girl friend are driving to Kelowna, then back Saturday for an all-day beach party, and Sunday she's going to the Cloverdale Rodeo. Whew! I guess 30 years ago, I could have managed all that in one weekend, but now? Not very likely!

The last decade was a bit rough for D2, so here's hoping and praying that things will only get better for her. I love her tiara - she's going to wear it all day and night, even at work! It took me a long time to decide what to give her for this milestone birthday, but I finally decided on the pearl necklace that her father had given me many years ago. She was pleased and I know she'll treasure it the rest of her life.


Beverley Baird said...

Happy birthday to your dear daughter! She looks lovely! Love the tiara! Hope all her dreams are fulfilled!
My dau. is 26 and my 2 sons are 31 and 21- I sometimes wonder how they got so old! I don't feel that old (well - most days!)
Hope all is well with you and yours! Have a great long weekend!

Amy said...

Happy Happy Birthday! My baby turned 30 in December '09. She has her whole life ahead of her and she is blessed to have a great mother.

Shrinky said...

Happy Birthday, D2! Leslie, she is your double, isn't she? Gosh, I know what you mean about how it seems only a blink back in time, she was your precious new baby. I love these photo's, she has a smile to light up any room!

Trubes said...

Happy Birthday D2 and wow, what a birthday weekend to enjoy!
Just love the tiara, very regal!

Love to you and DL, Leslie,


Powell River Books said...

I never had kids of my own, but I remember when I was about thirty I went through a divorce. My parents dropped me off in Merced California and I took a bus into Yosemite for a winter holiday on my own. I was to meet them at the bus station back in Merced on a certain date. When I wasn't on the bus and a little late, my dad freaked. He told the station master that his little girl was missing. They had visions of a little girl lost in the woods. When he said I was 30 things calmed down a bit and then I arrived by car. I guess I was always my dad's little girl. - Margy

nancygrayce said...

Oh, so sweet! She will cherish that gift and pass it on to her own daughter someday! Happy Birthday!!

Belizegial said...

As a baby, she was cute as a button and her pretty smile is always present in the pics shown here. Happy Birthday to this special girl of yours. All the best and happy weekend.

Liz said...

What a lovely gift to give her!

Great tiara!

Hope all is going well for you.