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Friday, September 28, 2007

How To Look Good Naked

Do I have your attention now?

Sorry I don't have all the answers because God knows if I thought I looked good naked, I'd be in that state most of the time. However, I even wear panties with my nighties and in the winter if it's cold, I wear socks! When my husband was alive, I always made sure I had pretty nighties or satin jammies and there were no old makeup smudges under my eyes. Now, I must admit that I sleep alone so I don't have to worry about "looking good" in the dark for anyone. I do, however, attempt to look presentable during the day, especially in public.

There's a new TV program (from England) called "How to Look Good Naked." I saw one episode and just might take another peek at it. Maybe in one show Gok Wan will focus on tummies that need tucked or muffin tops that need suctioned - both areas I'd like to improve. It's actually quite a fun show and takes you through the transformation of some rather blah-looking British women into quite stunning-looking goddesses. Their self-esteem blossoms to the point where they're able to pose naked without having had any surgical procedures.

My self-esteem is still at the "voyeuristic" stage - I'll watch and learn but don't think I'd ever go on a show like this. Would you?


JR's Thumbprints said...

I hope you're not converting over to one of those sex blogs. I'm afraid my wife wouldn't be very happy. As for "How to Look Good Naked"--undress in the dark.

Leslie: said...

Love it!!! I'll remember that if anyone ever comes over. lol

beachgirl said...

Hi Leslie,
It's not how to look good naked girl. It's how to be comfortable in your own skin.
Any time I feel a little displeased with how my body is aging. (hey I'm not 18 and cute anymore). I go to the beach with a friend. Take off all my clothes and spray on tons of sun tan lotion. Yup, you got it. I love nude sun bathing. Now this experience will make you realize what fantastic shape you are in. Especially down here in South Florida. It's a very freeing experience for sure.
After you get over the initial thoughts of "I can't do that". You never want to wear a bathing suit again. What's funny is everyones really nice, naked and not hitting on you, staring at you, etc.
Now I happen to be fortunate that the only official nude sunbathing / clothing optional beach in the USA happens to be 20 minutes from my house.

Have an awesome day. And now you know the one place I do NOT take any pictures.

jmb said...

I though this sounded a pretty stupid program when I heard about it, but maybe I'll preview it on your say so.

heiresschild said...

hi leslie, in answer to your question on the front, no, i'm not ashamed of my body at all, but i'd never bare it all on t.v. or out in public.

Jo said...

Leslie, like Beachgirl says, it's a matter of feeling comfortable in your own skin. Why do these shows always concentrate on women? There are some pretty freaky looking naked men out there. My goodness! :-)

the walking man said...

Seeing as how I look like the shaved ass of a dog I don't base my self esteem on how I look so ergo no I won't be a contestant on any of these or any other show.

jmb said...

Nowhere else to put this but have a great birthday celebration with your family and friends this weekend.

TomCat said...

Not unless they have a very wide-angle lens. When you go on it, take Josie. ;-)

Unknown said...

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