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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Living in the Sticks

As most of you know, I live about 1/2 hour south of Josie in a small village called Ladner. We have all the major conveniences here, but if I want to go to the city of Vancouver for anything, it's just a short drive. We have the "village feel" with lots of countryside surrounding us and on a clear day you can see Mount Baker in Washington State, the Coast Mountain range to the north of Vancouver, and in the west you can see the rolling hills of Vancouver Island.

My Humble Abode

You might think that all the houses around here are sort of average, middle-class, country-style. Well, yes, some are, but you just might be amazed at what else you'll find around here. One of my girlfriends is a real estate agent, and she just managed to nab quite the listing. If you check on her website, be prepared to enjoy some of the most beautiful homes for sale in the area. I was awestruck! The one that has just been sold on Westham Island was the home of some friends of ours and I've been there. It's stunning! And I think I've driven past the other one (on 28th) that's on the market for $4,500,000 but never realized what was behind that front view. So sit back and indulge yourselves for a few moments of viewing and listening pleasure. http://www.wendybetts.com/

Note: This is by no means any advertisement for my real estate agent; it's strictly for fun.


HeiressChild said...

hi leslie, nothing humble about your abode. it's beautiful. i love the view. i'm ready to move.

beachgirl said...

Hi Leslie,
You can check out my pictures at
carolannphotography.com go to images
Now they are not updated. My web guy is a total slacker and i need to update it before next Saturday. Now if I could just get the site to cooperate.
I was going to have a friend of my sons totally change the layout. But alas, he's not cooperating either. Go figure.
I will get it done before the show somehow.

I am off to check out a singles social club. It's called Events and Adventures. They do everything from horseback riding to white water rafting, bowling, golfing, etc. Now lets see how much it costs. It has to be better than on line dating for sure. At least here you see who they really are.
The kids idea.

Have an awesome day.


jmb said...

I don't think that abode is so humble Leslie. But not $4.5 million for sure. I have a friend in Ladner and the prices have certainly gone up since she moved there many years ago.

Ruth D~ said...

Beautiful area to live in, beautiful home. It's nice to see how the other half-- of the country-- lives. :>)

How are the winters out there. Moderate?

Janice Thomson said...

Oh very nice Leslie...and not humble
at all...Love the scene you get...such a beautiful mountain.

the walking man said...

nice house ugly car

JR's Thumbprints said...

Nice home you've got there. But where's the yard? All I see is a little patch of grass. I will say this: the mountain view sure is beautiful.

leslie said...

Hey Mark! What's wrong with my car? I LOVE that car - so comfy and lots of oomph in it for the highway!

Hey JR, yes not much lawn area as my place is what they call "bare land strata." Individual homes on very small lots. I have a back yard with larger lawn and garden (you may recall...or not...my post about my garden in the springtime. I had a HUGE garden at the front but it got so overgrown and hard to care for that I had most of it ripped out and had the grass put in. I haven't finished the "look" of the front yet (lack of $) but want to put up a half high trellis effect between the black posts and make the front step area large enough to have an adirondack-style chair out there. This fall I'm putting in daffodil and tulip bulbs so the garden will look fuller. I've also thought of putting in either a hardy palm tree or a weeping birch. The whole front has been sort of a re-do this year. And yes, the mountain views are great.

Nancy said...

Leslie- you make me want to come visit. What a beautiful area and the mountain view is breath taking! We spent one night there years ago waiting for our cruise to Alaska and it was one of the prettiest places we have ever been. I WANT TO GO BACK! Lucky you.

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