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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Miracle: any amazing or wonderful occurrence or a marvellous event manifesting a supernatural act of God.

I believe my family has experienced a couple of miracles in the past few days. First, my Dad made it through the surgery for his broken hip. Not only was the surgeon able to pin his hip but also was able to bring Dad out of the anaesthetic faster to minimize any possible brain damage.

When I visited Dad this morning, he recognized me right away, calling me by name. He spoke to me almost as well as he could speak before the accident, too. He managed to do some exercises for the physiotherapist who came in and he said to her, "I'll do anything I can to get out of here." Wow! And he proceeded to keep working his legs until exhaustion set in. About 1/2 an hour later, the occupational therapists came in and got him up on his feet and he walked about 4 steps before getting himself into a large special chair. As I left, he was focused on the sports section of the newspaper I'd brought him. I guess God isn't quite ready for him. Even though he's still very weak, he sure is one tough old guy! To me this is a miracle as no one, including the surgeons, believed that he'd even make it through the surgery.

Next, my son-in-law got the word that he does NOT have a hernia which means that he can start his new job as of tomorrow. He is thrilled, to say the least, because after more than a year on disability he has been so bored at home. Also, he and my daughter were feeling really stressed and under the gun financially because of the new baby coming in early March. His going back to work full time really takes the pressure off her, and hopefully she'll be able to relax now and feel better. This pregnancy has been a bit more difficult that her first one. This is also, to me, a miracle in that SIL was nearly killed in June 06 and has come out of it with an even better paying job!

There have been many many people praying for my Dad and for my SIL's medical situation. So whether you believe in divine intervention or not, I am certainly considering these two things as miracles. And I want to sincerely thank those of you who have actually prayed for them and those of you who were sending good thoughts/vibes.


Nancy said...

WOW, the power of prayer is a miracle- thanks be to GOD! My prayers will continue. Please keep us updated!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I didn't know of your family problems but I rejoice with you on their miraculous solution. Hallelujah.

Josie said...

Leslie, I believe you have had a third miracle this summer as well, and we have all been praying for that too, and I think it is working out wonderfully.

It's your turn...!!


leslie said...

It took me a minute to understand what you meant, Josie, but YES there definitely was another miracle with my younger daughter! Sometimes prayer does get answered in the affirmative. Thank God.

SusieQ said...

I am glad to hear of these blessings, these miracles that have taken place with your loved ones recently.

I believe that we are bombarded with miracles every day, but that we do not recognize them as such.

I pray for your dad's continued progress down the road to recovery.

Janice Thomson said...

How wonderful for you Leslie...but then good people always win in the end - right? I'm glad so much has worked out for you.

Morning Glory said...

I love the way God works. It's wonderful that these two situations have smoothed out for you.

Smalltown RN said...

Leslie...that is all wonderful news...I am happy for you all....your dad is a trooper...and yes what a wonderful relief for SIL and your daughter....don't your just want to go WHEW!!!

Cheers....oh by the way...I have tagged you for a peace initiative...I hope you will join in....cheers...

Sienna said...

This is such good news; your Dad is so brave and sweet...and great news for your daughter and SIL, just fantastic ..good on you all!


HeiressChild said...

i definitely belive in miracles. seen God do too many not to believe. glad things are progressing well with your relatives.

lindsaylobe said...

I think life itself is a miracle off sorts, but it’s a heart warming to hear such stories which are truly miraculous and re invigorate a joy for life.

Thanks for sharing with us.
Best wishes

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