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Sunday, September 02, 2007

An Open Message to My Daughters

The photos above are two of my favourites from when the girls were little. D#1 on the left was about 11 and D#2 was 7 1/2. It isn't often that I actually say the words, "I love you" to them or to my son-in-law. But today I've been thinking about them because they're all embarking on a new course in their lives.

D#1 is expecting her second baby. She's exhausted from the first trimester, working full time and coming home to her husband and little boy. Her husband has been on disability for over a year now, but just as he was ready to begin work again he found out he might have a hernia which could delay his start date. So they're both worried about finances with a second baby on the way.

D#2 is moving into her first apartment and will be totally on her own for the first time in her life. Some of you may recall my post of July13th when I told about her being diagnosed with bipolar 2 and how she's had a really bad spring and summer this year. But she is now back at work part time and doing extremely well. But along with the excitement of having her own place, I think there might be a bit of anxiety as well.
And so, loving them as much as I do, I wanted to tell them right here out in the open how much I love each one of them and how much I pray for them. I pray for rest and renewed energy for D#1. I pray for my SIL that his health not be compromised to the point where he can't start his new job. For them both, I pray that their financial situation will improve. I also pray for the health of the new baby. For D#2 I pray that she will have an easy move and that she will feel no anxiety as she starts out on a new path. I also pray that she will continue to gain confidence in working again and that her energy level will continue to improve.

Those of you who are parents know what it feels like to have to sit back and allow your adult children to experience difficulties in their lives. We still think of them as our "children," and much as we might want to jump in and look after them, we know we must let them live their own lives, make mistakes and even experience some failure. Only in that way will they become truly independent and confident in themselves.

I am so proud of my girls (and the one SIL I have so far) and so I'm dedicating this song to them. As I watched it, I remembered them taking their ballet lessons and floating around the house in their little tutus - laughing and frolicking like little fairies, free from all the worries of life. May they listen to the words of this song and think of it as a philosophy of life. I love you all...
PS: Double click on the video and you can watch it full screen.

Monday: I don't know why the video isn't coming up - something's wrong with Blogger. I'll keep trying to get it back so you can enjoy it. It really is a lovely video.


Morning Glory said...

What beautiful words you wrote. I fully understand the desire to pave the way for our daughters and help them avoid the tough spots in life, yet we can't do it for them. I've dealt with this very issue this past year. We never stop being Mothers, do we?

Smalltown RN said...

Oh how lovely is that....I know what you mean about letting your children grow on their own...there have been many times I have wanted to step up to the plate for my girls but...by allowing them to do it for themselves the grow...and that as a parent is the best gift we could give them....

beachgirl said...

Hi Leslie,
I have not figured out the photo posting so far. Franny cooked dinner for my family tonight. One of her best friends from Chicago lives only 10 minutes away from me. She's a blast. So my family had a real treat tonight.
If you email me your email address I'll gladly send you a picture of us. carolannguzik@mac.com
Please keep Enid (belizegial) in your prayers this week. It seems Hurricane Felix is barreling straight for her tiny country at a level 5. That storm jumped from a small 2 to a 5 in a few hours. That is just crazy. They are anticipating a Wednesday direct hit. She and her family are heading for higher ground. Her city is below sea level. I hope it drops at the last second. Just a tiny fraction is all it takes to completely miss them. Hurricane Andrew was a level 5 when it hit Miami. It dropped just a fraction of a milibar or something at the last second and missed my house. We didn't get the core. Lots of damage for sure. But it hit a much less populated area than down town Miami. Huge difference.

Have an awesome weekend.

Sienna said...

This is so beautiful Leslie, I got so teary with pride! (reading this)...I wish them just the best too, to see their beautiful pictures and hear how you talk about them it's so much-to know them is to love them...

What a gorgeous family, facing their challenges-yes, but with wonderful spirit...and great big pat on the back to you Leslie..best gift!(smalltown rn sums that up so well)


the walking man said...

hey your nicer to your kids than I a to mine...see ya' don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out and uhhh, heres the last 20 I'll ever have to give you for gas today my children you are adults. Or something like that.

It worked for about three hours when the phone rang...every person has troubled spots on the way down the path but eventually they resolve and order comes to them again.

It's not like your losing them Leslie, they are just living life as well as they can, and they I am sure know that mom's will always be around with advice, encouragement and a couple of loonies if needed.



HeiressChild said...

leslie, what a beautiful tribute to your daughters. excellent song/video choice. i wish them all the best in life.

wanda said...

you are always doing something so beautiful, but this is special, I hope your daughters know just how much you Love them... I am sure they do~ silly me...
My daughters and I have such a close relationship, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
They have made the path on their own and asked advice along the way, sometimes not taking it, afterward wishing they had, but always living their own lives, I can Be the Mom, the Best Friend, The Rock when they need one, but most important always there no matter what, good and bad, just Loving them and they can always count on that.
yep sometimes it is hard to watch them make mistakes, but they learn as we did, and their children will do the same, Bless their hearts!
Well Sweet Lady My input really is no differnt than any other so God Bless, and Yes Keep The Prayers
Going for Our Dear Friend Enid,
Love and Hugs Away

leslie said...

Welcome back to the blogging world, Wanda. And yes, I do have Enid in my prayers as they hunker down for that hurricane. I'm sure she will let us all know when things calm down that she is fine.

Josie said...

Leslie, what a beautiful post. It is hard to watch our children setting out on their own journeys of their lives, and we are always here to help them when they need us. You're very fortunate to have such a good relationship with your daughters. As mothers, we all do our best, don't we, even if "our best" seems to fall short. But we all have to experience our own rough spots in life.

Lee-ann said...

Dear Leslie, the world may be round and we may never know each other, other then visiting on the blog here but you know I feel as you do and I hope as you do and it is wonderful to know that mothers all around the world do fully understand the feelings you show in this lovely blog post.

It is that bond we all have and it is wonderful........Your daughters are lovely ladies and I can understand your love for them and your hopes for their futures.

blessings this day to a lovely lady with a beautiful family.

jmb said...

Lovely tribute Leslie, to two very much loved young women. I too wish them all the best for their future. Life has not been smooth for them but hopefully it will turn around.
Lovely photos of the two of them.

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