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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Men and Peanuts

What is it with men?

I think they have peanuts for brains.

I think it's because they must think with their peanuts.


I conducted an experiment. Remember when I put my face on all those different actresses/singers bodies? And my hair was all different? In a few, I was blonde, but in most of them I had long, dark hair.

Okay, so this is what I did. I chose one of the pictures that looked the most like me and placed it with an ad on a dating site.

I've been inundated with emails and been "favourited" by even more.

Naturally, I have not responded to any of them.

But this is what I'm wondering. Do they really think with their peanuts to the point that they just look at the surface? If they were to look carefully at the picture, you can see that "I" am standing in front of a wall with the name of a TV station on it. "I" am posed for the camera. I look HOT~! ! Do they really think someone like that would be on this dating site???

I feel like telling them they've been scammed, but I don't want to hurt their feelings - OR get into trouble. I'm just going to delete the bio and carry on as usual.

Oh, and by the way, I have a real bio posted there and have had two...count 'em...two contacts, neither of which I cared for. I'm deleting it, too.
I think I'll take up Harlequin Romance novels again. I hear they've become kinda raunchy since I read them as a teenager. lol


meggie said...

I have often wondered about those 'chocolate box' portraits. I never judge by the cover. I love to meet people, & find out what the real person is like.
On the other hand I have seen footage of some real life matches which seem heaven made, from internet meetings.
I find that word pictures are powerful, but are they secretly the Axe Murderers we have all been warned about??

sally in norfolk said...

Join a walking club better than a dating site......... :-)

Russell said...

Most interesting... First, I laughed at your comment about men thinking with their, uh, peanuts...!!! It is probably more true than not.

I remember a line from, I think, Jay Leno once. He said he heard that women think about sex maybe 4 times a day. Pause.... then he said "But with men, well, maybe there are 4 times a day they DON'T think about sex!!" What can you say?

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus - or is it the other way around? Oh well...

Before I comment on dating, let me say this. I know nothing about the dating services (so I have the confidence of ignorance!). My divorce was just final last month and, to be honest, I am just enjoying being a single person again and getting used to doing things on my own. I have lived on my own for about 18 months, but once you are legally, officially and actually divorced, well, it is a bit different.

Any way, here's my thoughts. Keep your mind open. There are lots and lots of nice men out there!! Really, there are! Sure, there are a lot of creeps and really awful men, too - but most people are decent. We may not have the same values or like the same things as someone else, but most people are decent.

I would take that big risk and meet some people - nothing risked...blah, blah, blah!!! OFTEN times you might meet some guy who is, well, okay - maybe not great - but he MIGHT have a friend or relative who is just right!

Remember the movie The Family Stone??! That is so, so true. In that movie Jessica Sarah Parker (or is it Sarah Jessica Parker?) was engaged to a man but she feel in love with his brother!

Remember While You Were Sleeping?? In that movie the star (I forget her name but I can see her) was fascinated with the good looking man who got on the subway every morning (she worked at a ticket agent). When she saves his life and pretends to be his fiance, well, she falls in love with his brother, too!!

The point is JUST START meeting some new people and, well, keep your heart and mind and eyes open. It is a beautiful world out there, really it is.

You seem like a wonderful person from what little I know of you. My guess is a lot of men would LOVE to meet you.....

Meet some new people. If you don't like them, well, hit them with a pipe or something!! But open up your options!

Take care...

Sorry for going on so long...!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

As a male, I could make a comment but I am chickening out. Instead, I'll just say that squirrels do not think with their peanuts. No, they think about peanuts.

nancygrayce said...

I suggest walking at a public park! That's how I met my husband. And he's the absolute greatest husband any woman is blessed to have!!!

Josie said...

Leslie, I couldn't open the picture. And I agree, you would be a great catch for some fellow! That website is just silly.

Katney said...

My friend and colleague signed up for one of those dating sites. (No picture on this one.) The first guy who contacted her was her ex-husband. She certainly didn't want to go THERE again.

jmb said...

You are a brave woman Leslie but good luck to you.

By the way are you coming to the Wet Coast Women get together on Saturday? I hope to see you there.
Oh I could not see the photo either. But blogger has been funny today, I have tried to upload photos several time to no avail.

leslie said...

Sorry, don't know why the photo isn't showing up. It's just Snoopy as "Joe Cool." A bit of irony, that's all. Joe Cool, they ain't! lol

jmb: No, I'm not coming on Saturday - Josie & I checked out the venue and it is absolutely not to our taste. But we'll meet another time. Have fun. :D

Smalltown RN said...

oh I don't think you should delete your profile just yet....lots of toads first remember...and as for the picture...I never believed in the picture...hence if there was someone that after corresponding with them that I thought I wanted to meet...I wold webcam with them first so I saw exactly what they looked like....cheesy maybe but then there aren't any surprises....

Hey I met my hubby through an online dating site....but like I said there were alot of toads....but just take it all in stride and consider it an adventure...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well done for this experiment, Leslie! Yep, that's exactly what they think with!!

Liz said...

My comment just disappeared in front of my eyes!

Liz said...

I looked at some of those sites (for research you understand!) and was amazed at what some men must see when they look in the mirror and describe themselves as handsome!