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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Baby's New Blog

I'm happy to announce that my daughter has started her own blog. She was the one who set mine up about 3 years ago and actually gave me the name "The Pedalogue." She has titled her blog Random and Interesting Things and goes by the name Jay.Cee.
Feel free to go on over and visit her and let her know you're a friend of mine. Her first post is about our town of Ladner, and her most recent today is about a new book on the market called "My Beautiful Mommy." It's quite the read - and be sure to keep going back because she is a prolific writer and poet and has a lot to offer. She's also a fantastic photographer, artist, and jewelry designer and I'm sure she'll be posting photos of her work eventually.
In June, she is entering several of her "pieces" in the South Delta Art Show entitled "Frames of Mind," so hopefully she'll share about this valuable artistic outlet for those who suffer from a mental illness. Speaking of which, I'm so proud of her for working hard over the past year to overcome a vicious illness that could have had tragic results. This will be a life-long battle for her but I know she will do well with all the help she has.
So go visit her - she's an intelligent, articulate, and artistic individual who has lots to offer in terms of writing skills. (Oh, and if any of you have a son or nephew or know a nice young man between the ages of 25 and 35, let me know. She's a fantastic cook, too, and makes THE BEST chocolate chip cookies. She'll make some lucky man a great wife one day! ;D Of course, she'll kill me for writing this. But I think she'll realize it's just 'cuz I love her so much.)

This is Jaclyn the day Eden was born. Notice Eden yawning.
And with Noah one of the days he slept over when Eden was still in the hospital with her Mommy. Jaclyn absolutely adores these two children!


granmal said...

My daughter got me started blogging also. Best wishes to your daughter and her new blog.

Katney said...

And I follow in the blogging footsteps of my son. (He's engaged--sorry.)

jmb said...

What a proud mother and grandmother you are Leslie. I did go to say welcome to the blogosphere.

leslie said...

Gee thanks, jmb, for going over to welcome her. And Katney, too bad your son's already taken. lol
Granmal...thanks for the good wishes for my daughter. :D

Daryl E said...

Oh Leslie.. how lovely she is and happy Noah looks w/her .. off to read her blog! Daryl