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Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Star Is Born

I had SUCH fun tonight goofing around with a function I found on Facebook! Below are photos of me as music/movie stars. Can you figure out who I look like? It is exactly the same photo of me with different hairstyles and clothes. I wish I could say it was my body in them all, though! So counting from left to right, left to right to the end, here's what I think:

1. Renee Zellwegger?
2. Tina Turner
3. ??
4. Liz Taylor
5. Salma Hayak?
6. ??
7. Jennifer Lopez?
8. Holly Golightly?
9. ??
10. Dana Delaney
11. Brigitte Bardot?
12. Jessica Alba?
13. Amy Winehouse?
14. Ivanka Trump?

So who do you think the others look like? Which one do I suit the best?
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

And finally, for a bit of a laugh dedicated to all my American friends...
scroll down
keep going

you'll die laughing

So, do I look Presidential?

Isn't it amazing how a hairstyle can make a person look totally different! This was so much fun and I think I'll take the photos to my hairdresser and see what she she can do for me! If I could afford to have a personal hairdresser come and "do" me every day, I might go for some of those more intricate styles. As it is, I think I'll stick to my safe old-faithful.


Sienna said...

These are gorgeous!!

Hey, seriously, a lot, (most of) those hairstyles suit you....that is fun, I think sometimes (read me) get so set in what we think is right for us, we just forget to have fun..the Hillary pic just didn't gel, but I love your hair how it now-also! The best part is Leslie, your smile, I honestly don't think I have seen a pic of you (or your family) not smiling.

I think that is just beautiful.

The scenery pics look dreamy and beautiful, the family "kiss" photos are family classics and treasures!

Noah and Eden are so beautiful they make my heart ache (no! no more babies here tho') :)

I just get very clucky, I love the part where you haven't changed a nappy; LOL!

Also read with great interest about the sexes and some men's feelings/attitude toward women. That was really interesting reading. I have a great interest in people, and the why's and wherefore's.

Ok, if pushed to a choice, I think I like the girl pose laying face in camera, arms part crossed and resting chin? But many of the others I liked too, just can't get a handle on the names.

Momma said...

I love the Dana Delaney look on you :-)

Peace - D

Josie said...

Leslie, you look like Dana Delaney even without the mock-up. That picture you have in your house looks EXACTLY like Dana Delaney. You should scan it in and post it.

These are so much fun!!!!

Ellee Seymour said...

I think your warm smile is your best feature too, and Hillary Clinton isn't a patch on you. Facebook comes up with some great gems.

Anonymous said...

That Hillary photo is a gas! I look SO ugly in that one! But I just had to post it for a laugh.

leslie said...

Hey, that was ME - I think I clicked something and it posted.

As I was *ahem* saying...

Ellee: a smile is an instant and natural facelift so I just keep on smilin' all day long. It's much cheaper and less painful. lol

Cedar said...

There were two pictures there where the hairstyles were perfect for you.

Cedar said...

OH and Dang you changed your Meme, I peed before I came over here just because...

leslie said...

cedar Gawd, you make me laugh! Oh well, you coulda stayed longer then! lol

Oh! which ones were good styles for me?

Country Girl said...

I like the Dana Delaney look for you, but I think you'd also do justice to the Brigette Bardot! Dana style is just a tad bit too long.
This was fun!

leslie said...

I agree, Kate, about the Dana Delaney look. Actually, Josie told me the other day I look like her anyway, so when I saw myself in that hairstyle, I knew she was right.

Russell said...

Love the photos!! NOW that looks like fun!! Yes, it is quite amazing what a hair style can do to a person!!

Maybe someday we will be able to step into some sort of little room like that use on Star Trek to transport people (beam me up, Scottie!) and dial in our physical and facial look for the day!!

That would be fun! Today I could be a tall, handsome man in a nice suit and ready for court and tomorrow I might be a short, stocky fellow ready to go to work on the loading docks!! Fun idea!

leslie said...

Yes, Russell, that would be great instead of having to spend hours at the beauty salon, manicurist, pedicurist, or with the makeup expert. Let alone the esthetician! lol

Anonymous said...

The 9th pic is Shania Twain (the black dress, hands clasped to the side). I know this as DH loves her! Jamie (Dtr #1)

Yer Kid, the crazy one. said...

I like the Dana Delaney one...you've gotten thin again, so you might want to try a little longer look!! Remember, you can always cut it back short if you don't like it.

leslie said...

Dtr#1 - yes, I see Shania Twain now, except for the glasses.

crazyone - yeah, I like long but it's so hard to keep it looking good. I like it right now short and kinda wavy.

I'm getting more blonde put in at the end of May. Maybe I'll look even better as a blonde.

geewits said...

Hey you can do the Dana Delaney easily and it looks GREAT! This is so weird because I like to copy people's pics and do "makeovers" in Photoshop. It actually looks like Jessica Alba. Grow your hair long. You can pull that off easily.

meggie said...

These are fun! How different you look in all the pics!
I much prefer the real you, with your own hair style!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I like the third one from the bottom on the right-hand side..not too long and not too short :-)

Liz said...

Number 7, Jennifer Aniston. That's you. Or number 10. I don't know who Dana is but that style suits you too.

Cedar said...

I like the one that is shoulder length and then flips under. Also the woman in white with the red back ground next to her with the short blood hair. But I think the shoulder length flipping under really would look good on you.

Not that I know a thing about hair styles.

Nancy said...

I'm back in the blogging world after a very busy schedule and I couldn't wait to go to my "favorites". What a great post to come back to! What fun... and being one of your American friends- You look much better Canadian! I will catch up on your other posts later... this was a great one. THANKS!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You look fab in all of them, Leslie [well, maybe not the last one!]

nancygrayce said...

That first blond hairstyle is really you! But please, Hillary!? NO :) This American friend is no friend of the Clintons!