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Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Wales to Westham Island

My visitors from Wales returned from Vancouver Island last night full of stories about their adventures. I cannot believe having lived here most of my life that I've not spent any time there. I mean, goodness gracious, I live 10 minutes from the ferry to Victoria! Although Cathy and I have had to postpone our trip due to my MRI appointment coming right after we were going to leave, we will get there one day.

So today we thought we'd go to Splashdown Park and have a game of mini golf. I remember playing there years ago when my girls were young and we'd take them there for the day. After getting tired of riding the slides, we'd saunter over to the mini golf area and have a game. So Don, Jane, and I headed down for our own little competition. Alas! They do not have the mini golf there anymore! Just goes to show how often I go there. Oh well, I put Plan B into action.

I drove them all through the farm land area of Ladner and we ended up on Westham Island where we were greeted by a sign stating, "Westham Island is protected by the Rod and Gun Club. Trespassers will be shot." I assured my guests it was a joke! Anyway, we meandered down the road all the way to the Reifel Waterfowl Refuge. This bird sanctuary is famous for the Snow Goose Festival in November when snow geese arrive and stay over for a while on their way south.

We walked along until we found the tower that both Don and Jane climbed. (I've been up several times and as I'd just had massage therapy this morning, decided not to wreck any good that had been done for me.) You can see all the way over to Vancouver Island from there. Here they are on their way down.

There were lots of photo ops and we had a wonderful time strolling along, taking pictures of the ducks, geese, red-winged blackbirds, and other sundry birds. It was so peaceful, not too hot, and few people around.

At one point, a certain duck decided it wanted to follow Don. It kept right behind us and every time another duck appeared to want to join in, this duck would fly at it in a rage and chase it away. They it would quack and waddle quickly to catch up with us. It was hilarious!

Here are Don and Jane reading one of the many signs along the way, explaining the different varieties of birds that can be found in the area.

At one point, I asked them to stop so I could take a proper portrait shot of them. They were more than happy to oblige.

Then, as we were getting close to the entrance again, I noticed that the duck was still with us.

I took lots of photos other than these of my friends and I'll share them with you all another time. But for now, I do want to share with you this one photo of a mother duck and her brood. I was able to sneak up behind them as they sat sunning on a log. At one point, one of the little ones hopped into the water for a swim, but the mother just watched it and stayed with the others on the log. (Be sure to click to enlarge the photo.)
Stay tuned for further adventures of the Welsh! Tomorrow we're off to the fishing village of Steveston, one of the local wineries near my home and to a salmon BBQ at a friend's home. Saturday, Don and Jane are going horseback riding at Campbell Valley Regional Park (I will not be participating in that or else my surgeon will break my neck rather than repair my spine!) and Sunday we're going up Grouse Mountain. They head home on Monday, July 21st. Boo Hoo!!!


Daryl said...

Lovely shot of those ducks on the log .. and your friends look as if they had a great time.

Helena said...

Such cute little ducks!!!

Anonymous said...

You should take them to Capilano Suspension Bridge.

leslie said...

Jamie, we might stop there on our way up to Grouse Mtn on Sunday.

Andrea said...

The duck is so cute. Looks like a nice place to walk too.

starnitesky said...

Sounds like you are having a good time, the duck is really cute.

Smalltown RN said...

Funny I should read this post today....my brother and his wife have just finished spending a year in Wales on a teacher exchange...of course during that time they travelled all over Europe...my brother tells me the are in Dubrovink, the homeland of our father....they will be home in a few weeks....I hope your visitors in enjoyed their stay....

I gather you won't be here in August boo hoo....guess I really am going to have to get my butt over there and have a visit with you....cheers my friend

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Love all the ducks, but especially that one following you! What a fantastic time your visitors have had there. Say a Welsh "hello - goodbye" to them from me in Sicily! xx