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I took very early retirement from teaching in '06 and did some traveling in Europe and the UK before settling down to do some private tutoring. As a voracious reader, I have many books waiting in line for me to read. Tell me I shouldn't read something, and I will. I'm a happy, optimistic person and I love to travel and through that believe that life can be a continuous learning experience. I'm looking forward to traveling more some day. I enjoy walking, cycling, water aerobics & and sports like tennis, volleyball, and fastpitch/baseball. I'm just getting into photography as a hobby and I'm enjoying learning all the bits and bobs of my digital camera. My family is everything to me and I'm delighted to be the mother of two girls and the Gramma of a boy and a girl. I may be a Gramma, but I'm at heart just a girl who wants to have fun.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Speaking of Youth(age)

You will never guess what my girl friend sent me via email tonight! Three photos from our high school graduation - 1965!!! Just for a hoot, I thought I'd share mine. Looking back, I think we were both kinda cute, even though at the time I thought I was fat, homely, and too tall for the boys. Talk about perspective. Anyhoo...here I am in all my glory at age 17. I would love to put her photo in, too, but she'd kill me! lol


Jo said...

Dana Delaney

You're her double!

Leslie: said...

You keep saying that, but I don't see it. The link won't come up, but I'll try again in the morning.

Michele said...

Oh wow.. that's super cool!! You are totally cute in that photo! I don't think you're fat in that pic at all... gotta luv the hairdo! =)

Jo said...

Leslie, try this link.

Daryl said...

Lovely Leslie! I graduated in '65 too .. but I was a teensy bit younger than you .. AND you are more attractive than Dana Delaney, she has this sort of cold look to her that you DO NOT share!


Leslie: said...

hmmm...Josie, I opened the link but I guess I just don't "see" the resemblance.

Michele - thanks re the "fat" but I have this round face that makes me appear rounder than I actually am. And it's the face people see. Yeah, isn't that hair something? The 60s sausage-roll flip! At least it loosened up in the 70s when my hair flipped so much nicer and more softly.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You look lovely.

Ruth L.~ said...

You were/are beautiful . . . Youth. Sigh. We never see ourselves for what we are and our potential.