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Friday, November 14, 2008

Defender of Faith

Happy Birthday to Prince Charles who turns 60 today. I can remember as a little girl wishing I could meet him one day and marry him. I mean, let's face it, what little girl wouldn't want to be a princess? Well, I'm sure he's a very nice man, all things considered, but I'm just as happy not to have ever met him. However, I do find the royal family interesting fodder and have followed all of them throughout my life.

Although Prince Charles has always had a reputation for being dull and boring, I think he probably has a good heart and has done his best to serve his country and the Commonwealth through his charity work. He's also become better looking as he got older.

It has come to light recently that he would like to change the monarch's present title of "Defender of the Faith" to "Defender of Faith." A small, seemingly insignificant change since the reign of Henry VIII when the pope bestowed on him the title for his early support for Roman Catholicism. Prince Charles hopes that this change in title will symbolise Britain's multicultural society and his desire to embrace all religions. Changes to the 1953 Royal Titles Act would be required before the prince could fulfill his wish.

The prince's birthday today recognises that he is the longest monarch-in-waiting. There is always speculation on when Charles will become king, but the Queen, now 82, took an oath to be reign until her death. While she has informally indicated that she plans to keep the job for life, she has given her son a strong personal endorsement indicating her confidence in his ability to serve the people.

And even if Charles never makes it to the throne, he can look back on his life and know that he was defined by his charity work. So Happy Birthday, Charlie, and long may you live.


nonizamboni said...

I watched the PBS birthday special for the Prince last night and realized what a humanitarian he has become. And I wanted to marry him too! Wow, time flies. Nice post.

Russell said...

Glad to hear you think the Prince is looking better as he gets older!! Heh!! It makes older guys like me feel good!!

I confess. I don't know a thing about the Royals. I am beginning to learn a little bit but am still completely ignorant overall. However, as I begin to learn bits and pieces about the Royals, they are becoming much more interesting. Certainly much more interesting than Presidents, I will say that!!

Take care.

Leslie: said...

Heck Russell, I think most men get more interesting in all areas as they mature! ;)

peppylady said...

Funny...I want to marry his brother Prince Andrew and actual or I told my oldest son he was name after my old flame prince Andrew (Sawyer real name is Andrew but we call him Andy)

At times I wonder why we don't here that much about other royal family.

Coffee is on.

Colin Campbell said...

Prince Charles is certainly interested in a wide variety of things. My godfather, Derek Hill, a well known portrait painter, used to go out painting with him.

I have a more irreverent take on his birthday.

DW in QB said...

Funny you should be mentioning Charles....I watch a biography on him the other night...it appears he was quite the joker and loved comedy...and always had a passion for
Camilla...but when Camilla got married that broke his heart...according to the documentary...he pined for her...hmmm....yes he was and is a very interesting character....I think William would make a better King than him.....

Smalltown RN said...

Hey Leslie...that was me dw from qb...I was on my hubbies computer....

Jo said...

Great post, Leslie! I have never thought of Prince Charles as dull and boring, and I think most people see him only in his “public” persona. In fact, he is quite the opposite. He has such a great sense of humor, he was once invited to join the Goon Show and also the Monty Python group. He and John Cleese wrote a skit together, which became famous.

Also, something which most 60 year-old men (or even much younger) cannot admit to is that his RAF uniform that he wore when he was 37 years old still fits him. He makes gin from the fruits grown on his farm, and he drinks it. He was one of the first organic farmers in the world. Everyone laughed at him then, but now we all try to eat “organic”.

In think in their private lives both he and Camilla are nuttier and more eccentric than a couple of hoot owls and have a wonderful time together.

The Queen herself is as dull as dishwater in her public life (God bless her...) but in her private life she is quite a character too.

I get a kick out of the Royals. People who want to get rid of the Royals say they don't have any value, but they generate $billions of dollars in tourism money for the British Isles. The Royals are so inextricably linked to everything British, that if Britain were to become a republic, it wouldn't have much going for it anymore.

Happy 60th Birthday, Charlie!

Anonymous said...


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