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I took very early retirement from teaching in '06 and did some traveling in Europe and the UK before settling down to do some private tutoring. As a voracious reader, I have many books waiting in line for me to read. Tell me I shouldn't read something, and I will. I'm a happy, optimistic person and I love to travel and through that believe that life can be a continuous learning experience. I'm looking forward to traveling more some day. I enjoy walking, cycling, water aerobics & and sports like tennis, volleyball, and fastpitch/baseball. I'm just getting into photography as a hobby and I'm enjoying learning all the bits and bobs of my digital camera. My family is everything to me and I'm delighted to be the mother of two girls and the Gramma of a boy and a girl. I may be a Gramma, but I'm at heart just a girl who wants to have fun.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a Wonderful World

Yesterday my friend L picked me up at noon for our day's outing. We headed for Lynn Canyon deep in the North Shore mountains. When the park officially opened in 1912 it was only 12 acres in size, but now there are 617 acres of hiking trails. We crossed the suspension bridge (scary!) and followed the Baden Powell trail through second growth forest in a drizzling rain. Most of the oldest trees are 80 to 100 years old and you can see evidence of logging in many large stumps, complete with springboard notches. (see photo at right) Cliff jumping is popular with Lynn Valley youth in the summer. The series of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis both use the area for filming.

Over the suspension bridge we continued through the forest and along the boardwalk. But it wasn't long before we were wending our way through tree roots and pine needles that were strewn in the path. Finally, we reached a steep set of stairs that wound down to a viewing area to the twin falls. Because it was very wet, the stairs were quite slick so I had to be very careful not to fall. L was very kind and made sure I was okay. We continued on to another bridge, this one a regular solid one, and I took a few shots of the rapids far below. Because of the rain, I was holding an umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other. So my photos aren't very clear, but I still think you can get an idea of what this rainforest is like. (photo below)

The view was wonderful and L pointed out the spot where even he would leap from cliff to cliff in the "old days." We continued on to another bridge, this one a regular solid one, and I took a few shots of the rapids far below.

L had totally forgotten about all the stairs and was really worried when suddenly we were faced with the steep climb back up. But we made it, both of us a bit puffed from the exertion.

Part 2 of our afternoon's excursion was a drive over to Horseshoe Bay to meet his best friend and wife. Wonderful people and very happy to meet me. We chatted over wine and admired the view over the bay where the ferries go in and out to the Gulf Islands.

On the way home, we were listening to one of L's cd's and Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" came on. I couldn't help but think that it truly is a wonderful world when one can reconnect with a lost love and realise that things just might (and probably will) work out this time around.

Well, I know you're all just dying for details, but all I will say is that we had a lovely dinner at my place and spent the evening snuggling by the fire getting to know each other again. Both of us admitted that we're scared to death because it's been so long since we've been with anyone, let alone each other. So, we're going to take things slowly - but we both know this is "right." This afternoon he called to thank me for a wonderful evening and said he'd cook for me next Friday night. *sigh* What a wonderful world.


MedStudentWife said...

:D So happy for the both of you !!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog - looks like you live in a beautiful part of the world.

Like you I'm widowed (my husband died of cancer way before his time in 2003) so I relate to that mix of fear and excitement you describe. My partner is not a lost love but a wonderful new one.

Cheers and enjoy!

Carolyn said...

I meant to leave my name and URL.
Cheers to you and L.

Anonymous said...

He can Cook!!!! ;0)

pleased you had a good day.

Country Girl said...

Beautiful sights. So happy that your evening went well and am sure you're looking forward to Friday!

jmb said...

How wonderful for you Leslie, my best wishes for you and hope it works out for you. Sometimes life is truly surprising.

peppylady said...

What a beautiful place for a hike. Nothing wrong with your picture.
Even sound like both of you had a great time.

Coffee is on.

JR's Thumbprints said...

As you've mentioned before, statistically, the odds are in your favor. Good luck! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Cedar said...

I think when I was to Canada for a wedding I went to that park. Or do all your parks have winding bridges, stairs and waterfalls?

For some reason I really like stories about rekindled love...maybe some things are just meant to be.

meili_lo said...

i love the way u describe yourself in your profile =) yes, being a gandmama doesn't hinder you from being a girl who can have fun =) so i hope you DO have fun... especially with the kids.

saw you on meggie's blog and thought of inviting you to my site.

hope to exchange links with you if it's ok.



mrsnesbitt said...

Oh Leslie, I am so so thrilled for you.



Leslie: said...

Morning all...I just woke up realising I was thinking of my new/old friend...*sigh* Thanks for all the good wishes.

Now to try to get on with my day - go to school for my ESL tutoring session and then prepare for my other students after school.

By the way, my legs started to seize up last night so I had to put the heating pad on them. And today they're SO stiff!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy Days...so pleased for you :-)Hugs x

Jo said...

I love that part of the Lower Mainland. It reminds me so much of where I grew up. Aren't the ferns gorgeous? And the tees? And the waterfalls? And new / old love?



Clarice ♥

CherryPie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun will be coming your way :-)

Leslie: said...

Oh yes, Cherry! And REALLY looking forward to each and every day. :D

Leslie: said...

Clarice - yes, new / old love is wonderful. We don't have to go through all those awkward moments. ;)

nancygrayce said...

What a beautiful place! That place alone would make you fall in love, well, except for the rain! I'd be thinking, ah, my hair is going to go flat! I have a lot of self esteem! :) I'm so happy for you.....I just knew the right one was out there! I can't stop smiling!

Leslie: said...

Hi Nancy, well my hair survived the rain because it was really just heavy mist but later that night the hairstyle was gone. *hee hee*

Powell River Books said...

What a wonderful tale and experience for you. It is a wonderful world for sure. The park looks like a great place to hike and stroll (at least in some parts). - Margy

Trubes said...

Hello Leslie: What wonderful pictures, you are so blessed to live in such a lovely partof the world.
I am so pleased to learn of your rekindled romance.

It's a funny old life, you just never know what's around the corner.



antigoni said...

Perfect world and awesome photos.

meggie said...

Delightful post. Good luck with new beginnings!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh my, i love this i think it is so neat that people can get back together after time. Being in the motel business and the busy body i seem to be about asking questions people always feel like they want to share with me and i love hearing these kind of stories. I had a couple in there 90's that had been together in there early yrs and then they lost both there spouses, they started writing to each other for about 2 yrs and finally they decided to get back together here at the motel. She lived in Bend and he in Calif. They were soOOOOO cute together. Before he had to leave he told me that he was doing his best to talk her into moving to Calif. I have always wondered who ended up moving were. .
So happy for you and L What else do you have but time now. enjoy each other.

Always smiling said...

Ohmgosh... Leslie, what a wonderful to happen to you! Mike and I married 2 years ago I was 63! He cherishes me a way I never was by my first husband and it is a wondeful world!
Spend lots more evenings cwching up,(cwch is a welsh saying for cuddle!) its a lovely way to spend an evening
Chris xxx

holly said...

i love these shots. i want to do this walk just to get some similar pictures.

i so wouldn't. i'm crap at getting shots that don't involve fairies or polly pockets.

david mcmahon said...

So much to admire about your beautiful country, Leslie.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, what beautiful countryside. How can you fail to find a picture there?

Rachelle said...

I followed David here!

wow, I felt Like I was hiking right htere with you- *huff-puff* whew.... can we take a break? :))

Seriously beautiful country you live in, thanks for sharing it with us!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh Leslie I am so pleased for you, it all sounds wonderful. And Wonderful World is one of my all time fave songs in the world

Anonymous said...


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