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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Monochrome Weekly

The November rains are taking a toll on all of us right now. We've been inundated with pounding rain, tiny hailstones, and thunder and lightening. Apparently, it's not about to let up any time soon. It seems as though it's dark all day and by 4 pm, we're deep into the twilight time with pitch black coming by 5 pm. *sigh*
So in choosing a photo for today, I went back to my photos from Italy where I had the trip of a lifetime - at least so far. I thought this one would work in black & white as it's an ancient fortress on Sicily. Just revisiting this area warmed my soul and gave me a new lease on the day. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Hope you like it.
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abnsigoslady said...

Very pretty photo. Makes me want to climb up there and explore. We lived in Germany for a while, but we didn't make it to Italy. Maybe next time.... Thanks for sharing. laura @ the mansion

Aileni said...

I see Quasi Serendipita got you into nostalgic mood.
Much goon mono to be had from old stones.

Mimi said...

Sicily is on my "to visit" list, and I'd love to see this fortress.
We've had loads of rain here too, storms, floods too. It's a pain.

Marie Höglund said...

Lovely. Breathing calm and quit.

Michele J said...

It's nice to reminiscent about those days and look at photos when the weather turns so sour as it has. It is indeed a horrible system out on the coast and you folks are getting hit so bad.
We are getting spurts of snow out this way and wind but nothing compared to what you must be experiencing... hang in there!


kden said...

So much more detail when enlarged. I'd love to visit Italy some day also.

RuneE said...

Italy must be a dream for a photographer - you seem to have utilized your opportunity well.

Daryl said...

Nice shot .... stone is so very lovely in monochrome

Kitty said...

Loving the atmosphere! Is it Roman?

The first of my shots was of a shell that had been cut breadthwise to show the inner structure. It struck me as an awesome piece of architecture!

Have a great week :)

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis», being a WWII history buff wonders how much this fortress saw of the battle for Sicily.

«Louis» understands your despair over the dark, rainy days. He doesn't like this time of year when it is dark by 5:00 either, with the rain adding to the gloom.

What "Global Warming"?

John`s Photography said...

Nice mono shot, Leslie!
The old buildings will not be restored but to be demolished.

awarewriter said...

Nice photo. You capture the Mediterranean light without losing texture and detail.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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