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I took very early retirement from teaching in '06 and did some traveling in Europe and the UK before settling down to do some private tutoring. As a voracious reader, I have many books waiting in line for me to read. Tell me I shouldn't read something, and I will. I'm a happy, optimistic person and I love to travel and through that believe that life can be a continuous learning experience. I'm looking forward to traveling more some day. I enjoy walking, cycling, water aerobics & and sports like tennis, volleyball, and fastpitch/baseball. I'm just getting into photography as a hobby and I'm enjoying learning all the bits and bobs of my digital camera. My family is everything to me and I'm delighted to be the mother of two girls and the Gramma of a boy and a girl. I may be a Gramma, but I'm at heart just a girl who wants to have fun.

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Men in My Life

Just thought I'd try to attach a couple of photos of the current "men" in my life. Go ahead - laugh!

Childhood Memories

I just thought it would be nice to get away from the "romance, travel" mode for a bit and think back to when we were children. One of my fondest memories is when my family went camping in the Banff area (border between Alberta and BC). I was about 5 or 6 years old and loved to slide down the HUGE slide at the campsite. I slid all afternoon and literally wore a hole in my pants. Then, that night, a bear came into the campsite. My Dad (macho man) took a broom and chased it out of the area. Through the canvas of the tent, we could see the shadows of the bear with my Dad chasing and yelling at it. Another summer when I was about 8, we camped at Wasa Lake in BC (hot! hot! hot!) and spent most of the days in the lake floating to stay cool. In the early evenings, we read comic books like Little Lulu and Archie and Veronica, and then we roasted marshmallows on an open fire. Good memories. Let's hear yours.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

First Post - and it's not even by the blog owner!!

So my mom needed help in figuring out how to 'blog' and called on my computer prowess to get her started. Basically, I'm the one who came up with the cheesy name - The Pedalogue - because my mom, as she has already said in her profile, is a teacher (pedagogue) and I'm corny that way...something I got from HER side of the family ;)

So this entry is pretty much to make sure I've set things up properly for her. I'll tell her in the morning if it worked or not...well I'll tell her tonight as I head up to bed, but I'll EXPLAIN it in the morning.

Enjoy blogging away!!

Leslieinvancan's daughter, metalxmonkey (my LiveJournal handle)