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I took very early retirement from teaching in '06 and did some traveling in Europe and the UK before settling down to do some private tutoring. As a voracious reader, I have many books waiting in line for me to read. Tell me I shouldn't read something, and I will. I'm a happy, optimistic person and I love to travel and through that believe that life can be a continuous learning experience. I'm looking forward to traveling more some day. I enjoy walking, cycling, water aerobics & and sports like tennis, volleyball, and fastpitch/baseball. I'm just getting into photography as a hobby and I'm enjoying learning all the bits and bobs of my digital camera. My family is everything to me and I'm delighted to be the mother of two girls and the Gramma of a boy and a girl. I may be a Gramma, but I'm at heart just a girl who wants to have fun.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


First of all, I'd like to send thanks to the lovely and likeable Mrs. Nesbitt, the creator of ABC Wednesday, and to the loyal and lion-hearted Roger, our current administrator for their leadership on ABCW.  Also, I lament the passing of Mrs. Nesbitt's loving little Ernest, her cockerel and mate to Mabel, one of Mrs. N's hens. I met them all when I visited them last summer and unofficially adopted Ernest as my little buddy. I am so sorry he passed away suddenly, followed unexpectedly by one of Mrs. Nesbitt's hens, May.

Lately, I've been thinking that we need to invest in a life-preserver for Tegan! When I researched life-preservers for dogs, I was amazed at the variety available. Since she's a water-loving dog, and since we've already had our first experience with her running into the river with another Labrador, I think it's appropriate.  I was having fits of panic that she'd get pulled along in the muddy waters, but she stayed near shore with Buster (the instigator of this adventure) and emerged looking exactly like him - BLACK!

It's a good thing Lorne had his camera handy, although I had to holler at him to take photos before she drowned!  Thinking back on it now, it was quite ludicrous, but at the time it was horrifying!  I had images of my lovely little Labrador puppy drifting off down the river and out to the mighty Pacific Ocean, only to become a luscious meal for some sort of sea creature! Of course, Lorne thinks I should lighten up and just go with the flow. (pardon the pun!)

Of course I put all the photos together to make a little slideshow for you all.  I hope it gives you as much of a laugh as it does us - now!  And be sure to turn the music up loud 'cuz it really helps set the mood!
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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Two weekends ago, I took Tegan to meet her "cousin" Angus - my sister's West Highland Terrier.  He is now 11 years old and we weren't quite sure how the two dogs would get along.  But, they hit it off and had a great day!  It was like they were kindred spirits right from the start.

As soon as I got to my sister's place, they both hopped in my car and off we went to Cates Park over in North Vancouver.  It's a really beautiful park with lots of woodland trails.  On about half the trails, dogs are allowed to be off leash, but on the other half they must be leashed.  We started at the off leash section so they could run off some energy before having to abide by the rules.  We ran into a friend of my sister's, who had four more West Highland Terriers with her.  So there we were - three ladies with six white dogs (5 Westies and 1 Lab puppy) running tightly-knitted along the trails.
I not only took photos of Tegan and Angus, but also of some of the area in the woods.  There are lots of giant cedars, Douglas fir, and big-leafed maples with bright green moss growing at the foot and other trees with tangled, knotted-looking roots growing above the ground.  There are gorgeous views over Indian Arm that leads to Burrard Inlet, sandy beaches with miles of waterfront trails, a great playground for children, picnic shelters, and a display of native totem poles.

After walking for about an hour, we decided to head back to my sister's place for lunch and let the poochies play in her yard.  Her yard is completely fenced and is so big it's like a private dog park!  We kept checking on them, but they were acting kooky running around playing before finally resting together on her huge patio out front.  I think you'll enjoy the photos I put together in a story format and don't forget to turn up your sound for the ambience. And you'll see why I titled this post "Kissin' Kuzzins."
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

J is for JOY

Hello, my name is Tegan (aka Rhossili Breeze) and I have recently come to live with my new family.  I am so joyful that they chose me, and every day they tell me how much joy I give them.  Since I'm still just a baby, I need to learn lots of things - like how not to jump up on people or furniture, not to jerk the person on the other end of my leash (especially my Mommy because she has a bad back), and not to use my jaw on people's hands.  I have already learned to sit, stay, shake hands, and come when called.  But sometimes, when there are distractions, I like to joke around and don't obey.  I guess they're justified in being cross with me then. After all, I do know better!  I wake up jolly early in the morning, but I jolt everyone else awake.  They are not too jubilant with me then!  I love to cuddle anyone, but when Mommy and Daddy start cuddling each other, I get really jealous!  Oh well, they both take me out in the car and we go to the dog park where I have fun with Buddy, Ruby, Tuna, Zadie, Finn, Turner, and Daisy.  We jump on each other and joust with each other and jog the trails around the park.  
Here I am first day in my new home.
and here I am just the other day on the trail in Boundary Bay Park.
Mommy  asked me to be sure to give joint kudos to Mrs Denise, the creator of ABC Wednesday and to Mr. Roger, the administrator for their jazzy efforts at keeping ABCW going!  She also put together a slideshow so you can see how much JOY we give each other.  By the way, she calls me her "Brown-Eyed Girl."
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Saturday, March 09, 2013


Round 12 and we're already at the letter I...implausible, wouldn't you say? I know I've already introduced you to my new puppy Tegan, but let me tell you about her introduction to the stairs, shoes, movies, going for walks, training, puddles and especially to the local dog park.

The first time at the dog park was very exciting for all of us.  There are trails around this particular dog park that run along one of the river's tributaries and it's also right at one of the local marinas.  With the feel of an island, we've strolled this area often, taking photos and commenting on how incredible it'd be to bring our own puppy to play here.  Upon arrival, I noticed a group of people with dogs gathered in the interior of the park.  As I approached with Tegan on her leash, I asked if there was a class in session.  "Oh, no!" someone said.  "We're just chatting!"  So off the leash she went and very politely, (i.e. sniffing a few butts) she introduced herself. It's funny how some dogs act like idiots or imbeciles while others are very intelligent with interesting personalities.  I guess they're a lot like humans!  Tegan says she'd like to give a shout-out to Tuna and Buddy, two of her new best friends!  So far, she's only met one small breed dog who has not been at all friendly, and Tegan found it inconceivable that this dog didn't like her.

Tegan is growing like a weed and it seems every morning when I let her out of her bed, she's bigger.  When we brought her home, she weighed 13 lbs and now she's just shy of 26 lbs!  The vet tells us she's very healthy and increasing in size at the proper rate.  Up to now, she's also been very good on the leash; however, lately she's started to pull me a bit.  So it's time for formal puppy classes to teach her to heel.  I can't have her pulling me with my bad back.  Hopefully, she will obey since she's very smart and will already "sit," "stay," "shake hands," and "bring it back" on command.  There are times, though, when she acts quite impish.

I've illustrated for you how much fun Tegan's been having with the inevitable slideshow. Hope you enjoy it.  Also, incalculable thanks to the indomitable Mrs. Nesbitt, the creator of ABC Wednesday, and to the indescribable Roger, our administrator.
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Sunday, March 03, 2013

H is for HORSES

Last week was all about the new puppy, but since I figure I'll have lots to tell you about her in the future, I'd bring you another handsome animal - the HORSE!  I'm not that familiar with horses because when I was about 10 years old, I had a non-too happy adventure on one of these hoofed creatures. I was staying with my aunt and uncle in the Okanagan Valley and their neighbours owned an old nag that the kids would ride.  So of course the "city girls" had to have a few rides, but one day we ventured into the sagebrush hills where the horse heard a rattling sound!  Now, as a person who has a horrendous phobia of those legless creatures, I'm sure between sensing my own fear and its own, that horse took off at speeds never before recorded. I did manage to hang on, though.

I never got on a horse again after that, but one summer my daughters insisted they wanted to go horseback riding.  I did not want to go and even watch, such was my fear!  So husband took them.  Later that afternoon, I got a call from him telling me they were at the local hospital and the younger daughter was being taken to Vancouver Children's Hospital!  My God, it's a wonder I didn't get stopped doing 80 in a 50 zone!  Long story short, she had been thrown from the horse as it galloped back to the stables and then suddenly halted.  Her arm was broken right at the top of the humorus bone where it attaches to the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder.  Surgeons attached it with pins and then she had to spend the entire summer lying on her back in traction.  The poor thing was centimeters away from being either killed or ending up a quadraplegic!

Suffice it to say I don't have much to do with the horse now.  Except that when I was in Wales visiting one of my best friends (Jane) she informed me that she was getting a new filly and when Lorne and I came back later in the summer, she'd be there.  Hmmmm....how was I going to cope with this?  As it turned out, very well.  Of course, I was extremely cautious around her because, at only 3 years of age, she was still being trained.  But after visiting her for several days and, heeding how Jane handled her, I was brave enough to pat her nose, lead her along the path in a forest where King Henry VIII used to hunt for deer, and down the lane back to home.  Jane is training her to be a Grand Champion race horse!

I also took many photos of the horses along Mrs. Nesbitt's lane when we visited her one day.  I must admit they are handsome creatures, but I still don't think I will ever ride one again. I also enjoy taking photos of the horses I find near my home - there are quite a few horse farms that offer riding lessons around here and a bit farther out, the township of Langley is considered to be the "Horse Capital of B.C." because there are over 5,000 horses in the area.  Jane actually went riding out there when she visited in 2008.

Enjoy the slideshow and remember to turn up the music for a bit of country ambiance.  Also huge thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger for their heroic efforts to keep ABC Wednesday at popularity heights!  You know, we're getting over a hundred posts each week now!  It keeps those of us on the team hopping! By the way, have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Roger, on Thursday!
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Friday, March 01, 2013

First Bath

Okay, so it's 5:40 AM and I start hearing yipping coming from downstairs.  AAAGGGHHH! Not so early, puleez!  I ignore it for a bit waiting to see if "you-know-who" would wake up, but NOOOOO. So up I get up to put herself outside.  At least she had the good grace to take a loooooong whiz before I emphatically put her back to bed in her crate.  Yip-Yap....NOOOO! I yell at her!  So I creep back upstairs and get nice and comfy back in bed for about 20 minutes when she starts yapping again.  Himself has been exhausted from work lately, so I get up and put her out again for another quick whiz. I get her her brekkie, but no she doesn't want to eat - yet. So I do my usual...make a cup of coffee for myself and settle down with the morning paper.  She seems to have learned that that means no playing, just settle down.  She wanders idly over and nibbles at her brekkie and then wants out again.  So I watch to make sure she does her "thing" and, both of us relieved, let her back in knowing that I can relax with the daily crossword.

Herself settles for a while, but then wants out again, so I let her out to run around and chase the birds.  Then I notice she's digging!  GASP!  It's wet out there and she's going to get filthy.  Ah well, himself said he'd be doing the bathing - outside with the hose!  Finally, "she" decides she's had enough and wants inside so jumps at the patio door with her filthy wet feet yapping loudly.  By now it's 9:30 am - I haven't been able to get dressed or even brush my teeth, let alone have any breakfast of my own.  I tried grabbing her as she came in and tried to wipe down her feet, but herself is so hyper she starts biting at me (in fun, of course). So I throw her back out and upstairs I go, leaving a yapping animal at the door and tell "you-know-who" it's time to get up because "you said you'd bath her outside with the hose."

So himself comes downstairs, takes a look at herself and says "I'm going to have a shower."


The neighbours are going to complain and I say, "Take your shower AFTER you bath the dog!"

So, grumble grumble grumble....he takes her upstairs (me offering to help, but getting an emphatic "Don't bother!")  He gets her all clean and then she runs around all excited again before I lock her in the office with me and get her calmed down.  Letting her up on the one nice soft lazy-boy chair with her stuffed dog Scotty, she settles down and goes to sleep.

By now, I'm half dressed and have managed to brush my teeth while himself bathed her.  Then "he" comes in and gets mad that I'm letting her up on the furniture.

I can hear him downstairs with her now and he sounds more like himself...lol...aha he's taking her for a walk!  Ah, peace at last!  Now look at this photo...how can I stay mad at her for long? I wish himself hadn't been so cranky when he was bathing her so I could have caught a photo!  Ah well, I'm sure there will other baths...soon.  *sigh*